Shlohmo - Tomato Smash

brb also seeing Shlohmo live.


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Listen to Tory Lanez & WeDidIt’s collaboration EP “Cruel Intentions” on Nostalgic Jams


Yo followers, i’m going to be posting production sets by my favorite producers.

First off is Jonwayne. This nigga is magic. Get his new album today.


Shlohmo - Just Us

brb seeing Shlohmo live

One of the few things as cool as projectors is stacks of TVs.


Lil’ sneak peak of what’s to come from electronic producer Groundislava. This is sick, and goes down so smooth. This track is the alternate version of “Final Impasse” off Groundislava’s debut LP, that didn’t make it onto the record. If this is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, the world better make room, cuz Groundislava is drilling, and he won’t stop until he’s carved a nice lil’ spot for himself in between 80’s style synthesizers and video game, spaced out electronic beats. 

Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava’s previous self-titled release was in heavy rotation all summer, so if you haven’t please give it a spin. This guy is one of the next big names in new wave electronic music, a big part of that is that fact that he throws it down in a very big way during is live show. So crucial, when trying to differentiate yourself from the thrones of solo electronic projects hacking away at new beats from the safety of their bedroom. Oh and he’s best friends with Shlohmo.

Download Groundislava’s “Final Impasse Take 2” HERE.

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Gluttony Is The New Black

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Shlohmo live at Low End Theory.

One day i’ll be able to go there. That day is coming soon.

Groundislava LP (releasing via Friends of Friends) on vinyl and digital in April! Free EP for now!

Just wanted to let everyone know my full length Groundislava debut on Friends of Friends drops in April on both digital and VINYL… to celebrate this announcement I have also prepared a FREE EP of unreleased stuff for everyone, which I’ve included with this status update! Enjoy! 2011 is gonna be the shit! 

Groundislava - Book of Tech FREE EP
Source: www.wediditcollective.com


D33J - How Selena Gomez Feels When Lying Awake Alone, 2 High 2 Sleep

We knew this would happen again– shootings, racists and symbols of hate.

Each time there’s a shooting, I think “I can’t believe this is happening again.” But I’m kidding myself, and so are you. I knew this would happen again. You knew this would happen again. If you’re white, it’s more gun violence. If you’re black you expect that a cop is involved. And if you’re a minority of any type, you dread that it’s another hate crime.

Playing our part, we ask, “how could this happen again?” As if since our last collective gasp we actually did something about it. As if we did something about racism. As if we did something about guns, or mental illness or rape or…

What did we do last time? There might have been a few states that passed laws closing gun show loopholes. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe a gun rights activists or a racist official said something something that made them look stupid. Something we could all point at and cringe together– to cry shame, cast fury and all that.

Hell, I said some shit on Twitter. And you did too! We were all so horrified and angry, we looked for comfort or answers… maybe an ally.

And thank goodness you good people are right there in my timeline because I got too much going on IRL to be active in my local community. That’s not to say that this online community of ours is any less valuable. It’s simply different. We opt in.

We point each other to excellent posts, resources or places to donate. We react together, fave, like and heart each other and it’s beautiful. We are supportive, myriad and unique. But it won’t be enough to stop this violent erosion of our culture if we are not emboldened by the support and the distributed smarts of our online communities and use it in real life.

Every time we see something racist, or sexist, or discriminatory, say something. 

Out loud. 

Directly to the person. 

“See something, say something” can no longer be about suspicious looking brown people. Instead, say something about bigotry and hatred everywhere we see it. It has to start somewhere. Call it out. It has to start in our own circles of family and friends.

Through our social channels we’ve managed to get stupid people fired, stopped SOPA/PIPA and elected a Black president two times.

This time South Carolina stopped flying the Confederate battle flag on state grounds.  Even now there are questions about removing the Stars and Bars embedded in the Mississippi state flag. What should have been common sense may have taken over 150 years and a tragedy, but that white supremacists’ flag is not flying over Columbia tonight. That’s worth something.

And there I go being optimistic again. Will these symbolic changes, these tweaks do something, or matter? I don’t think so. Not if the only place we demand change is in a timeline.