Good things in this world:


Children’s smiles

Determination when acting on a new idea

People making faces at themselves in mirrors when they think nobody is looking

Random acts of kindness

Random compliments from strangers

Immediate responses to natural disasters being to help each other

The fact that each of us has been in such pain yet puts on a smile to cheer someone up; the strength that is behind that is remarkable

You. Your existence.

Gentle first kisses for those who seek them

Sparkles in the light

Stars above being millions of lightyears apart yet still creating constellations

New scientific discoveries

The feeling of victory when one finally achieves what they’ve been working towards for so long

The amazement in the eyes of someone seeing what they’ve always dreamed of

Happiness on someone’s face when they see someone for the first time in a very long time

The consistent hope in the face of all kinds of outrage, the belief that maybe we can do good despite everything around us

People who go out of their way to help a complete stranger

The patient understanding of a friend you had an argument with when you come together again and finally apologize

The years of research going into bettering the lives of millions

The resources distributed between friends when it would be so much easier for one to keep it all for themselves

The look of delighted surprise on someone’s face when they see an animal unexpectedly 

The little happy dance people do when their favorite food is in the cafeteria unexpectedly

The support students provide each other in the toughest of times

People who provide comfort at vigils 

Warming stations opening in winter to help the homeless and commuters alike

People who pitch in an extra dollar/pound when you’re just short of the needed amount

Gatherings of people across the land to help 1 person find their dog, child, cat, or something else important to them

Random gifts, random “this made me think of you” moments


Looking back at old photographs, smiling and remembering how you felt in those moments along with what those moments taught you

The fact that we’re always learning- we never stop. Be it from books, new jobs, or just learning little things about one-another we are always gaining new knowledge

The fact that this list can even be created

The fact that there is always a reason to hope

Another thing I will never be over is how Riza loses it when Lust tells her she killed Roy. Like… the cool, calm, unflappable Riza Hawkeye I had seen for 18 episodes straight up just breaks down, sobbing and crying.

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She never does it again for the rest of the series. There’s just that one moment and that’s it. It was just so unnerving in a way seeing that, but so powerful too.

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