A collection of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Cards.
Number One, as always, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore.
Happy Valentine’s Day.


Boy, We’re Gold
Cowritten with @dontyoudarestiles
Explicit. Completed. 

There’s a slight chill in the air that day, different from the usual temperate warmth they’re used to, and Credence uses it as an excuse to wear Mr. Graves’ letterman in public for the first time. It sends a strange thrill up his spine, to have the heavy protective layer cloaking his shoulders, as if his Mr. Graves is draped around him, a sense of ownership and belonging that Credence adores only because he knows Mr. Graves is his as well.

In which Credence falls in love with his girlfriend’s father.

BTS Run Episode 22
  • Namjoon : Minimalism is thE thing. I didn't break anything see? No wait..
  • Seokjin : See Finding Nemo! Cameraman Hyung nim I love you
  • Yoongi : Yum Yum~~ Taehyung come here hold hands we should hold hands
  • Hoseok : I'm winning bish see that? We win J Luck is back~ Would anyone like some Choco and Mayonnaise?
  • Jimin : Pointy toes there because I'm a dance major *tone change* Jungkook vote for me *tone change again* Jin Hyung YAAAY
  • Taehyung : I'm done. Why are we even doing this anymore. I don't care anymore. The fuck did I eat. I love ARMY <3
  • Jungkook : Golden boy back we'rE winning thiS shiT. I could do a Songpyeon business ya know but lamB SkeWerS
on the charity livestream
  • mark: this video was made out of fun!!!
  • mark: just bc we're making fun of it doesn't mean we're mocking it!!
  • mark: it was all out of fun!!!
  • mark: fun with dark egos!!
  • mark: fun!!!!!
  • dark:
  • mark:
  • dark: *twitches his neck*
  • anti: *glitches*
  • mark: *sweats* please don't hurt us, we're young, bouncing baby boys not ready to die yet, we love you pls dont hurt us
  • Jimmy: Are you guys getting along still? It seems like usually like after the fourth season is when successful shows, the stars of the shows turn on each other.
  • Jared: We do get along. We get along really well. Jensen Ackles and I are the two brothers in the show and we're both Texas boys. He's from Dallas. I was born and raised in San Antonio. We both actually live in Austin. We're both married to...
  • Jimmy: The same woman?
  • Jared: Yes. We're in a commune.