People As Places As People
Modest Mouse
People As Places As People

To answer a question 
It’ll probably take more
If you’re already there
Well then you probably don’t know
Well we were the people 
That we wanted to know
And we’re the places that we wanted to go
It’s hard to get hold of
And hard to let go
Always something we look for
From the day we were born
Instead we’re the people that we wanted to know
And we’re the places that we wanted to go

Always asking a question
And I don’t want to know
Like the wind across strings
That had finally let go
And the people you love
But you didn’t quite know
They’re the places that you wanted to go
Bark at the neighbors
And then bark at the dog
Sniffing the wind
Whimpering for someone to know

It was not the intention
But we let it all go
Well it messed up the function
And sure fucked up the flow
I hardly have people that I needed to know
‘Cause you’re the people that I wanted to know
All this scrambling around
Hunting high and then low
Looking for the face love
Or somewhere to go
I hardly have places that I need to go
'Cause you’re the places that I wanted to go

Parting Of The Sensory
Modest Mouse
Parting Of The Sensory

Parting of the Sensory- Modest Mouse

“Who the hell made you the boss?
If you say what to do, I know what not to stop
If you were the ship, then who would ever get on?
The weather changed it for the worse
And came down on us like it had been rehearsed
And like we hope, but change will surely come
And be awful for most but really good for some
I took a trip to the exact same spot
We pulled the trigger, but we forgot to cock
And every single shot

Aw, fuck it, I guess we lost

Someday you will die, and
Somehow something’s going to steal your carbon”