• *Me in the school library*
  • Guy:I see you every day studying so hard, no wonder your so smart. Don't study too hard now.
  • Me:*laughs* I just try my best
  • Me inside:studying? What is that, I come in here to read fanfiction, but ok.
USA vs. Canada Hockey Prediction

Okay, I’m not the biggest hockey nut in the world but I have watched all of Americas games and 2 of Canada’s Olympic hockey games. With that being said America looks fast, strong, and united as a team. USA looks unstoppable and coming off a convincing 5-2 victory against the Czechs all the momentum is swinging towards the boys in red white and blue. Canada is a different story, our northern neighbors barley escaped Latvia in a 2-1 victory. Crosby hasn’t scored yet but you know he is gonna step up in this big of a game, this scares me. Kessler and Parise are the two key players for the Americans need them to rise to occasion. Quick needs to withstand the rocket shots coming from an electric Canadian offense. They might not have been living up to offensive expectation thus far, but this is the playoffs, winner is most likely the eventual gold medal winner. USA vs Canada. Love it, lets bring it home boys. WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR?!?!      


He came to stand in front of the door, heaving a sigh. He rather hated this, if he was honest. But he didn’t really know how else to make money. He was a college drop out and an immigrant to boot, and he supposed he should just be grateful that he had any job at all. Especially when he remembered he was a cripple as well. Really he was surprised that he was so well liked in this business, but apparently he was good at his job. And he wasn’t going to complain. Not when he had a son to raise. Money was money after all.

He knocked on the door of this new client before clasping his hands on his cane and trying to give off a suave look. Apparently it worked, or so said some of his other clients. He always felt like it fell flat. But so long as the new client didn’t think so, he was fine.

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