“Why do you still care about her after what she did to you?”

“Because it doesn’t work like that. Giving a shit about someone that you give a shit about, doesn’t just evaporate the second that they fuck up.”

—  the magicians

i think we shouldnt forget to thank all the artists, gif and graphics makers and video editors that took the time and effort to make content for this years bts’ anniversary. all of you are immensely talented and the boys would be honored to see all the wonderful creations you put your heart into and everyone in this community should be honored to share a fandom with such creative people as well💕

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i've seen a lot of people saying that they are a bit disappointed in gina's character development because it seems like she is always bullying others. and to a certain extent, i absolutely agree but i think we shouldnt forget that on some instances, she has developed, for instance when she said that she will take care of the boyle's new mother dough because charles was his brother which is so unlike her kind of character.

Exactly!!! She has gotten so close to Charles and his family, she’s been going to night school to finish her bachelor’s degree, she used to talk about how much she hates everyone in the precinct but after she won the Halloween heist this year she literally said “I love you losers”!!! Like she has had so much growth and I’m so proud of her

moments of perfection may be worth all of the confusion and anxiety. tiny windows of time when all is well and good is more important than all of the hardships only because we really shouldnt forget how temporary fear is. the time between not knowing and learning seems like too long but the moments of contentment and happiness and blessings, the moments completely saturated in gratitude and peace make life rich and make it meaningful. all the people in your life have adorned it like jewels, intricately and deliberately. all those who have left or been grown out of have been used as a lesson. they leave craters more fitting for whats to come, eroded and weathered just enough to make way for the future, for your growth. i dont have anything figured out but what i do know is when to give thanks to this life im able to briefly live. and i can forever mark my spot on this earth and in this universe. i am individual, my life is specific, it is my own and it matters.