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I’m sorry I haven’t been on here that much but some things happened!!!

Soooooo I’ve been *best* friends with this guy for like the past 3 years. He’s literally the same person as me (aka petty) and he sends me the good memes and he’s been there through some dark times. We never ever ever even considered dating bc that’s just not how our friendship went? Anyway like 5 or 6 months ago I was watching this show on tv about someone’s wedding and he was bitching b/c it was so dumb bUT I LOVED IT SO MUCH so to annoy him I talked about how I wanted my wedding and I kept saying it HAS to be on December 3rd bc that’s the date I’ve always wanted (idk why). And like most of our random ass conversations I instantly forgot about it. BUT. YOU GUYS. On Saturday (aka December 3rd) he was like I know you wanted to get married on December 3rd but how about being my girlfriend instead. Obviously I said yes but like I, actual garbage, don’t deserve a person like him 😭

EXO OT12 Reaction: You slap him so hard you leave a hand print

Anon said: “Can you do ot12 reaction to you slapping so hard it leave a handprint. Thanks, much love.”

Xiumin: *gives you death glare* “Did you just really?”

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Luhan: “I can’t believe you”

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Kris: *angered* “Don’t you ever do that again. Got it?”

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Suho: “Don’t even apologize. I don’t want to hear it”

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Baekhyun: *walks away* “we’ll talk once you cool down.”

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Chen: “I’m going to leave you alone so you can think about what you’ve done.”

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Chanyeol: “That was really uncalled for…”

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D.O.: *gives you silent treatment*

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Z.Tao: *freezes in shock*

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Kai: *walks away without saying a word to you*

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Sehun: “What’s wrong with you?”

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I’m literally sick and tired of the people who hate Negan hating on the people who do love him bc first of all; HE’S NOT REAL. Second; NO ONE should have to be told to go kill themselves over something petty, especially over something they happen to like! Third; WE DON’T CARE if you don’t like him!!! So please for the love of Negan and his fans, SHUT UP. Nothing is going to stop us from liking him, okay? He’s a fictional character! We all can make our own choices. We all have different reasons on why we love him so much. Regardless of what you think it is.

So get off your high horse and let us enjoy the awesomeness that is Negan aka JDM.

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(this is before they started dating) what if both of them came out to star (as whatever) at the same time?? Like marco and tom confess their feelings and they both decided to tell star together? I don't think this is reALLY GOOD :/ I LOVE your blog btw; you're so talented :D

Omg! You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for the submission! I liked this one! Here you go, enjoy!


“How are we going to do this?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged.

“Are you sure Star won’t be mad? I mean… she doesn’t like me too much.” Tom reminded. Marco shook his head.

“Don’t say that. I really think you guys have come to better terms.” Marco nudged him.

“Yeah, but she may not be too happy to hear that I’m dating her best friend! Remember what she did when you went on that date with Jackie!?” Tom reminded. “I am seriously afraid of what she may do to me.” Tom admitted. Marco stood up a little straighter and gave Tom a kiss.

“Don’t worry about it.” Marco assured. “I’m nervous too but… Star’s our friend! She’ll understand.” Marco promised. Tom nodded.

“Okay, I trust you.” He said, with a little bit of difficulty. They had told each other their feelings three months ago and have been dating in secret. Tom had had a big crush on Marco for a while now, not knowing Marco felt the same way. They were both being nervous dorks who couldn’t read each other. Seriously, Tom payed no attention to the way Marco would talk about him. And Marco didn’t notice how nervous and stupid Tom got whenever he was around him. Finally Marco had found out how Tom felt, on accident. At a certain point Tom just blurted it out. He didn’t mean to, but it was all worth it when he saw the ecstatic look Marco had on his face and he told him he loved him too.

Marco opened the door to Star’s room. “Hey Star.” He waved. Star looked up from her phone.

“What’s up guys?” She asked.

“We um… we just…” Tom trialed off, leaving Star looking at him oddly.

“Yeah?” She urged. Tom fell silent and just looked down. Marco sighed.

“Star, do you know how I don’t really… go on dates much? Or anything?” Marco asked. Star nodded.

“Yeah, you just seem not interested in anyone.” Star shrugged, she wasn’t putting it together.

“That’s because I’ve been dating Tom in secret… for the past three months…” Marco muttered. Star dropped her phone and her head shot up.

“You have been dating WHO for HOW LONG?” She demanded. Marco and Tom cringed and Tom raised his hand.

“Me. For like… three months and some change.” Tom admitted. Star got up and swiftly punched Tom in the gut, and then gave him a big hug.

“No wonder Marco has seemed so happy lately!” Star mused. She hugged Tom tightly to the point that he couldn’t breath. “I’ve noticed how much better he feels about himself! You do that!?” She smiled, but then got an angry look again and started hitting him. “YOU. DO. NOT. DATE. MY. FRIEND. WITHOUT. COMING. TO. ME. FIRST!” She screamed and wacked his head.

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.” Tom repeated. Star turned to Marco with fire in her eyes.

“And YOU! How could you not tell me!?” She demanded angrily. Marco shuffled.

“I was afraid you’d do that.” Marco said, motioning to his boyfriend on the ground, holding his head in pain. Star nodded.

“That… is fair.” She helped Tom up. Her face turned back to joy. “But I’m just so happy you two found each other!” She chirped. Star stood the two boys next to each other and just looked at them. “I’m so happy for you both! But Tom, I swear on my life hurt this boy in ANY way and I will destroy you.” Star threatened. Tom gulped.

“Yes ma’am.” Tom saluted and Star nodded.

“Yeah that’s what I thought.”


Never again!
No matter what your friend would tell you about how hot and awesome a guy would be, you would never again go on a date that she had organized for you.

Yes, this guy was hot but he was so much in love with himself that you weren’t sure if he even knew that you were there too. He even flirted with other girls, while you were standing right next to him.

You only wanted to leave but he grope your arm, stopping you.
“Where are you going?”
“Home. I’m not feeling so well”, you lied but he didn’t let go.
“But we have so much fun!” You rolled your eyes. Was he really that self-absorbed?
“I still want to go!”
“You should be lucky I’m spending my time with you!”

You weren’t sure if you should punch or kick him, so instead you just looked angrily at him. Thinking about your next move, you didn’t see the other guy coming closer until he took a hold of the guy’s wrist.
“I think she made it clear that she wants to leave. Now.” he explained in a dark and calm voice that made you shiver.

The guy you were with made a whining noise and his grip around your own wrist stopped. Instinctively you started rubbing your skin, ignoring the asshole and looking at the new guy. He was pale but had something fascinating on him, almost unhuman.

“Thank you”, you said honest. As much as you wanted to know more about your savior, you really wanted to get away from the creep, so your turned to the exit, leaving the smoky club.

Out in the open you breathed in the cold air, trying to calm yourself down, when you heard the deep voice again behind you.
“Are you okay?”
You turned around, looking in the dark eyes of the mysterious guy.
“Yes”, you nodded and smiled. “Thanks to you.”

“I’m glad you’re okay. I’m Raphael.” He gave you a small but very cute smile, that made him look younger. But his eyes were still these dark oceans, that seemed to fit to an older person, who had seen too much.
You definitely wanted to see this smirk again.

“I’m (y/n)”

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Hey! I was just wondering, you usually refer as "we" so I presume there are several admins? And if yes, what are your septet are accounts? I'd love to follow them ^^ (sorry if you've already answered a similar ask)

Oh yeah! There’s me, Mod Crimson, I usually answer the questions unless I’m too busy, in that case, Mod Juju takes over for me. She is amazing at queuing posts, so thank her for those!

My personal blog is pretty much humor, so here! @trollshima

Mod Juju’s account is a multi-fandom blog, so here! @jessizara


Andreas Wellinger | Klingenthal 2016

Andi is such a sweetheart. After congratulating the others, he came to the fans. This guy is a sunshine, seeing him really made me smile. I asked him for an autograph and of course he said yes. When I told him how proud I was of his team, he smiled and said “thank you so much” in the most adorable voice ever. We talked a few words and I’m so glad I had the opportunity, he’s amazingly kind! It’s so hard to choose a fave off the German team because I love them all way too much but he is one of the nicest and friendliest guys out there - so definitely one of my favourite jumpers. Also probably the cutest puppy ever.

It is really sad that J-Hope who is so loving and supportive of his fellow members gets so little respect from the ARMY. 

J-Hope who works his ass off. Who shows so much love for ARMY as a whole and he is pushed to the side so often. J-Hope shouldn’t need Jimin, Tae, or Jungkook to keep a Live Stream going. And I will never get over the fact that people had the audacity to push for them to be on there with him. If you want the Maknae Line then wait for them to do a Live Steam otherwise hush up.

We honestly don’t deserve the Hyung Line. Through all of this they continue to thank us ARMY’s when people have proved we are not as deserving of it. 

Bean court this morning.

A lot of feelings.

It is SO HARD knowing nothing is happening right now but it could in the future. So much could happen.

Sometimes I wish I had participating bios in any of our three cases. All we have is ghosted bios and some relatives. I don’t know what it’s like to return a kid to parent and that shit looks hard from where I am but this isn’t easy either.

Bean, I love you. I cannot stop comparing you to Boo at this age because you two are so alike. I remember walking out of the hospital with you. You spent so much of your early life with your head on my chest. I desperately want to keep you forever.

I am trying to stay focused on your birthday. Love you, baby girl.

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my fp told me today that he puts me ABOVE his best friend who he's known for 5+ years!!! he's said im a lot more interesting to talk to and it put all my jealousy to rest honesty.. he's also said 'i love you' when we both go to bed and im so happy!!!! ive known him for 5 months and hes treated me a lot better than all my other fps i love him so much...

omg omg omg omg i’m so happy for you!!!! that’s amazing!!!

December 5th, 2016

Dear diary,

Why oh why am I such a competitive person? Why do I accept any challenge thrown at me? Be it as an actor, or any challenge in life in general – I get really into it. Though sometimes, I really shouldn’t. Like today.

Lee and me were outside, taking a lovely walk, and the air was crisp(in) and nice, and though it was cold, we weren’t freezing in our warm jackets. Well, we passed a lamppost, obviously frozen as well since the temperature had dropped several degrees.

And Lee pointed at it and said, “I bet you won’t lick it and stand the coldness for ten seconds.” So I accepted the challenge. Poked out my tongue. Counted to ten. Got stuck to the bloody lamppost.

But then Lee took pity on me because I was suffering and he had so much fun. So he was so nice to bring everything into balance again and also licked the frosty lamppost….and now I know why he was laughing so much. He looked so ridiculous with his tongue on this lamppost XD Though I must say that it’s quite painful to laugh with your tongue frozen to some metal…

A very nice passer-by helped us by buying a hot coffee and pouring it over our tongues. We were glad that he didn’t recognise us….that would have been even more embarrassing. Even though we had our fun we spent the rest of the day lisping….

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xx Richard



Wremint me to nefer acsept yor challemge agaim!

Alwright…. I bet I’ll be virst at home…*runs away*

Tamn it! 

[TRANS] 161205 Red Velvet Seulgi’s old letter for her friend’s birthday

beckvelly: Pretty and kind Seulgi who enjoyed and loved dancing, and always did her best. So nic to see that she’s doing really well. Creating dances and dancing it with her feels like yesterday. I found this while organizing my letter box hehe. You can see so much passion just by reading the letter #MyFriend #RedVelvet #KangSeulgi #DanceGodDanceKing ♥

Letter Translation:

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Does ever just sort of hit you that Jace Lightwood will be given something other than being Mangst or Love Interest in season 2 and that we’re gonna see how he met Alec and Izzy and how he became their brother? Does your heart ever ache because this storyline will be so beautiful? Jace Lightwood being loved and respected, CC could never.

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Hey can i request a set of Negan/Judith interactions from the ep... I mean TOO CUTE! and then emm also every other scene he was in haha no, i just wanna say though thank you so much for all the Negan sets you make i love them so much, they really brighten my day for sure and I'm sure it takes a lot of your time so as always Thank You :)

Sure! I’ll put that on my list <3 LOL don’t worry, we have an twd hiatus coming up and I get the feeling every second of the season will be turned into gift before the show comes back next year! Just be patient lol <3 awww thank you! That’s so sweet and sooo nice to hear! Seriously, thank you! <3

Newt is precious DONT ARGUE

Let’s just…..

Ok, so Newt Scamander. We all love him, yeah, because he is a precious little cinnamon roll. But can we appreciate how precious he really is?

Like, he loves his beasts so much. He saves them and keeps the safe and stops them from extinction- how sweet can you get? But he genuinely does the best he can for them, I mean, imagine the effort he has to go through every single day, sometimes more, to feed and look after all of those animals. I for one know I would not have that type of patience and would get annoyingly cranky. To him, his beasts are his family, and each addition is as important as the other.

And oh my word, he doesn’t really get in there with fighting and all that. Like, he is never angry, or well violently angry at any points. Sure, heartbroken, *cough* DONT STEAL HIS FAMILY *cough* But he only really joins in to help Credence- and he doesn’t try to hurt him. (Of course he wouldn’t because he’s that precious) He gets Tina to help- none of that oh I’m a man I can do EVERYTHING macho-ness you sometimes get in characters.

And Kowalski. Just, Kowalski. This man is one of his few friends, and even before he properly became friends with him, he wasn’t rude in any way. (He only got him involved in “illegal” activities but you know that’s life.) And I actually felt tears in my eye when Newt said he liked him. I have never seen that on-screen in a straight male before. He threw away that stupid stereotype that men have to be macho and emotionless, for his friend. Oh my god, and at the end. The note with the silver eggs?

Excuse me, just crying over how cute he is.

Pretty upset today

So one of my dogs had had cancer for sometime and i knew she wasn’t gonna last too much longer but this last week she wasn’t really moving or eating so i figured it wouldn’t be too much longer. This morning she was just whimpering and bleeding a lot so we took her to the vet so they could stop her from suffering so much… I’m gonna miss her, she was such a sweet and loving dog. We had her for 10 years and it will be weird not having her around anymore

You no longer greet me
As I walk through the door.
You aren’t here to make me laugh,
To make me smile anymore.
It seems so quiet without you,
You were far more than a pet.
You were a friend, my family,
A loving soul I’ll never forget.
It will take time to heal,
For the silence to go away.
I still listen for you, love,
And i miss you every day.
You were the perfect companion,
Constant, loyal, and true.
My heart will always wear
The pawprints left by you.
~author unknown