Sleepy Hollow AU where..
  • Katrina is dead
  • Hawley doesn’t exist
  • Jenny and Frank are trying to root out diverse group of people in the town who are keeping up with demon sightings and building their army
  • Ichabod is in active contact with his Mason brothers as they identify more artifacts and scriptures to aid in their fight
  • Mills Sister silent army are still watching after the girls as guardians, but the Mills girls are starting to wise-up
  • Frank keeping his family safe as best as he can while bonding with his daughter and ex-wife
  • Abbie battling with depression since the war is taking its toll and she doesn’t have confidence in herself as a Witness
  • Mills. Sister. Bonding. Moments. PERIOD with them doing normal things like having a movie night or game night
  • Mills family history expansion
  • Ichabod history established with expanding more on his childhood and the visions he witnessed as a young boy that was dismissed by his overbearing parents

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I got a meeting with George [Lucas] in the days when we all thought that there might be a live action series.[…] And that would be set between the period of Episode III and Episode IV where my character was in charge of the universe.[…] Should that series have gone ahead then there might have been a backstory for Palpatine and that would be fascinating. I would have to revise my view entirely that he was a solid block of evil or that in that solid block there were perhaps a few parts that might even be recognized as being human. But I can’t imagine what they might be.

But really Percy Jackson should have been a television show instead of a movie series.

Each episode could be a chapter (or so), and the title would be the chapter titles. 

Each book would be a season.

And then Heroes of Olympus would be a spin off show that no one expected. 

We could literally watch them grow up over the years. 

Just think about it.


“And it’s funny, you know, but— when you find out something like that, horrible as it might be… It’s kind of liberating in a weird way. When you find out you don’t have a destiny, or a mission, suddenly you start to realize what you do have— Each other.

"My name is Kitty Pryde. I’m sixteen years old— And this is the story of how I became the most feared and hated terrorist in the history of the United States.”

Ultimate Comics X-Men #1. September 2011.