Overprotective Brothers
  • *England goes to the bathroom*
  • *Scotland, Wales and Ireland appear from behind America's chair*
  • Scotland: u better take care o' our lil' brother or i'll throw a fuckin' log at ye
  • Wales: if u dont i'll be sending mi dragons out on ye
  • Ireland: and mi lepricorns will beat you to a blood pulp
  • Scotland: and dont piss im off to much
  • Wales: because honestly that's our job
  • Ireland: and we'll kill ye if u go too far
  • Scotland: and dont make 'is tea too 'ot
  • Wales: or else you'll burn his tongue
  • Ireland: so give 'im cold water. u aint gonna do no frenchin to make it better, ye hear?
  • Scotland: and make sure u wear condoms
  • Wales: and use some lube
  • Ireland: and dont get him pregnant
  • Scotland: and also--
  • England: guys wtf

hvnnietea  asked:

two tests tomorrow, it's midnight, already watched two eps of Vixx diary and I can't stop watching *send help*

look at this gif of sleepixx

and if that doesn’t work, consider: you’ll beat yourself up if you don’t get enough sleep and by extension if that lack of sleep makes you do worse on the test, you’ll be even more upset

besides, vixx tv will still be there tomorrow, it’s not going anywhere