Good Morning from Scotland 

  Queensferry Calm by Rod Goodwin
Via Flickr:
Apologies- I know I have posted a similar shot a few weeks back, but this was another day. Funnily I managed both a sunset and sunrise at the same spot within weeks. The water was calm but not quite enough to get away with a short exposure and wasn’t using a grad filter just the B&W ten stop. This is my first dawn shot for probably a year and I found it weird having to shoot with conditions brightening rather than darkening so took me a while to get into that. Had a good shot of the bridge including the town until I spotted that a post was obscuring the bridge partially when I downloaded the file.. Drove through from the West to make dawn at the bridges so it was an early start even with the later sunrise now. Thanks for all the comments on the last shot.

Last night I went to the wrap party for the show I was working on at ShadowMachine and everyone cheered for the short I worked on, which was so awesome! People were coming up and telling me it was the best looking short this season…. Anyway I’m proud of all that, but what I’m NOT proud of is having 8 drinks and waking up this morning still a little bit drunk, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing a bollilo bread roll and taking it back to bed with me, hugging it and periodically waking up to eat it.