BTS Reaction to You Starving Yourself to Fit Their Ideal Type


Anonymous: “ bts reaction when they found out that you have been starving for a month bc you want to fit their ideal type? thank you!!

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Jin: Jin would notice that you weren’t eating. It would become very apparent to him whenever he would try to feed you and you would always decline. At first, he would think that maybe you were sick, or just weren’t feeling that type of food for the night. But when you would refuse his meals every single time, that’s when Jin would snap. 

“How dare you refuse the food that I SLAVED to make for you,” he would say, throwing a fit. “If you think my food is nasty, just tell me." 

You would have to calm him down and tell him that you were just trying to fit his ideal type. That’s when Jin would feel extremely bad for everything. He would tell you that YOU’RE his ideal type, and no one else. He loves you just the way you are and would make sure you know it.

"I love you just the way you are, YN– and I only love you. Why else would I be cooking for you 24/7?" 

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Suga: Yoongi was never really good with his feelings, and you knew this about him. Of course, you knew he loved you and everything, but you always wondered if you were enough for him.  

Whenever you would refuse to eat popcorn during a movie night, or order only the salad during one of your dates, Yoongi would know something was off. In your head, you knew he knew what you were doing, but you didn’t think he would say anything because of how he is. However, you would be wrong. The moment Yoongi would realize what you were doing, he would snap right away. 

"Alright, YN, why aren’t you eating. This isn’t healthy and I don’t want you to do this to yourself." 

His words would make you tear up and you would tell him your reason. This would only make Yoongi madder, but he would be compassionate with you. He would tell you that you were beautiful and when he was explaining what his ideal type was during that interview, he was trying to describe you. He would assure you that there was nothing wrong with you and wanted you to know that you were the most perfect girl in his eyes. 

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J-Hope: Though Hoseok was usually a cheerful guy, when it came to you, he was so soft and weak. He loved you with all your heart and when he would find out that you were starving yourself, his heart would break. 

"YN, don’t you know that I love you more than anything. Why would you do this to yourself?" 

Hoseok would feel even worse when he would realize that you were starving yourself for him. He would tell you all the reasons why he loved you and would assure you that the ideal type you were talking about was from a long time ago. 

"YN, you’re my ideal type. You don’t know how lucky I am to have you,” he would tell you a million times over again.  

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be angry with himself. He would think that maybe you didn’t know how much he loved you or something. When you would tell him it was because you wanted to fit his ideal type, he would be somewhat confused at first.

“Ohh, YN, I said that when I was a rookie. Even then, I shouldn’t have said anything." 

His words wouldn’t make you feel any better, so he would tell you a million times that you were perfect and that you were his ideal type. He would then go on giving you a lecture about starving yourself.  

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Jimin: Jimin would probably notice for a while that you have been starving yourself. However, he wouldn’t know why.

One day, you would come home to a surprise meal from Jimin. He made all of your favourite foods and decorated your shared apartment to look like a cute restaurant. He knew you had a soft spot for cheesy things like that.

He would greet you and bring you to the table and feed you one of your favourite dishes. When you would turn away from the fork, Jimin’s face would be filled with disappointment.

"YN… you need to eat. I cooked all of your favourite foods tonight–” when Jimin would see you tearing up a bit, that’s when he would realize.

“YN, you are so beautiful, I don’t want you to change for anyone but yourself. I love you just the way you are– you are so perfect." 

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V: Taehyung wouldn’t hesitate to show how much he loved you every single day. He had so much love for you that he had to share it with the whole world. So when he found out you were starving yourself, he would be so upset.

Though he was usually cheerful and happy, Taehyung would become very serious. He was protective over you, and never wanted to see you hurt. 

"YN, this isn’t healthy. I love you just the way you are. Don’t you know that?”

Taehyung would be upset with both himself and you. After telling you a hundred times how much he loved you and how perfect you are, he would make sure you would eat. He would want you to come and talk to him if something was bothering you next time, and for you to never, ever, think that you were less than perfect.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would notice something was off with your eating habits, but wouldn’t say anything as he would be afraid to hurt your feelings or something. 

One day, when he would see you struggling not to eat, it would be the breaking point for him. He would just blurt right out and say everything, unable to control his emotions. 

“YN, pleeease eat,” he would beg.  “This is not healthy and it hurts me that you’re doing this to yourself." 

Jungkook would literally beg you to eat and would be so emotional because he didn’t know why you were doing it. When you told him why, he would feel even more upset, knowing that it was his fault. 

"Are you kidding YN? You’re my ideal type. I love and care for you so much. Please don’t ever do this or think like that again.”

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stenbrough first date hcs? :'))


-bill takes stan bird watching because its so cute when stan gets excited

-stan gets rlly serious about the birds so bill would mess up the birds names on purpose

-bill is super open about their relationship while stan isnt so he gets super nervous

-bill kisses stan to calm him down because like !!!!!!! stan loves it

-stan gets super flustered in public with bill

-stan would genuinely teach bill and about the birds but bill is too busy paying attention to stans eyes

-especially when they light up with excitement bc of the birds

-after a while they go to a local diner and share a milkshake with fries,,,

-the entire time theyre holding hands

-did i mention richie had a job here

-wow the trashmouth can actually keep a job

-hes their waiter and pretends not to know them but slips a note on their recipt that says “get some boys ;)”

-stan hates richie a little less because hes glad his friends are accepting