Carter Rapenolds

Okay, if one more person tries to defend this piece of trash one more time, I am going to SCREAM.

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand him and the rest of those Magcon fuck boys. I mean, they only have fans because they make six second videos. They don’t do anything! They have zero talent! They are a waste of human flesh!!! And, the fans they do have are all delusional white thirteen year old girls.

So, let’s have a little reminiscence of Carter Reynolds and his long list of faults.

1) He pressured an underage drunk girl(Maggie Lindemann) into sucking his ugly worm-like dick on camera after SHE SAID NO
- Performing sexual acts with a minor is statutory rape, even if there is consent from both parties.
-She was drunk! Carter was taking advantage of someone in a vulnerable state which is disgusting. Enough said.
-Maggie said NO. Just because she initially told him to take off his pants doesn’t mean a thing. No means no. The second Maggie said that, Carter should have turned off the damn camera and pull up his pants.
-Carter should never have tried to film it. Again, she is a minor. By filming a minor performing sexual acts, you are breaking a little law called CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Like, what was he thinking when he grabbed that camera? Why did he even keep the video? Nobody wants to see you trying to rape your underage girlfriend nor your nasty microscopic little dick.
-In conclusion, Carter should be locked up for statutory rape, sexual harassment, and child pornography.

2) Post Video leak
-A few people on twitter reveal that Carter pressured his fans into sending him erotic pictures. Just when you thought he couldn’t be more despicable.
-Carter releases a fake ass apology that is less sincere than a piece of shit
-He also starts subtweeting his ex girlfriend BECAUSE FILMING YOURSELF SEXUALLY HARASSING HER WASN’T ENOUGH. And then he victimized himself and Maggie out to be the bad one. This is setting a horrendous example for his younger fans!!
-Maggie reveals that the relationship was emotionally abusive and that he cheated on her (not surprised)
-In a younow video, Carter discusses that his girlfriend was “sexually promiscuous” and slut shames her.But claims that he is the victim and that he still “loves her”
-Maggie finally tries to arrest his nasty ass, causing Carter to cry and victimize himself AGAIN.
-He is not the victim, she is! Carter is just all mad because everyone finally knows that he is a disgusting pig. He got what he deserved. His new reputation was his fault, he did it to himself.

3) The suicide threat
-Maggie is in the hospital. Why? I don’t know. Carter should be the one in there.
-Carter releases even more victimizing tweets and says “he doesn’t wanna live anymore” on Sunday July 20th
-The last tweet that he tweets that day is a simple “Bye.” Now, I’m not going to lie, I was popping the champagne at this time. But, what about his delusional fans? This must have terrified them thinking that their “idol” had killed himself. YOU DONT DO THAT TO A PERSON. YOU DONT LEAVE THEM IN THE DARK LIKE THAT.
-The next morning, he apologized and whined about how the (well deserved hate) caused his suicidal behaviour. And then he has the audacity to say “Suicide is never the answer. It is not a joke.”

This man needs to be either institutionalized or put into prison. He is clearly in need of serious help or he needs to be isolated from the world (especially twitter)

Bravo, society. Bravo for making an absolute useless and disgusting rapist into a “celebrity.” Bravo for putting urchins like Carter Reynolds on a pedestal. Great job.

Trust me, I don’t hate a lot of people. But, I DESPISE Carter Reynolds. There is only one person that I despise more than Carter Rapenolds.

And that’s Nash Grier

Rant finished :)

Just found out I got the days off for realmscon, which is awesome of course, but I still need money for expenses and such.
So, going to crack down on updating the store and getting more things into the store, working on prints and buttons and such
But also
I’m thinking of doing commissions
Just this once
But it would be simple things, limited probably to five by seven prints and personalised emoji or whatever
If I did open commissions, would anyone be interested?

cuntsnot asked:

hey Kassie said you contacted her yesterday, you okay?

Screw being nice. I dont forgive you. You fucking left. You gave up. I fucked somebody because you were gone and a move to you was more important than me. And you moved back for a guy who’s buying your love. Go fuck yourself. You dont deserve to be told to have a pleasant life. Youre a shitty human being. Youre shit on the inside. And you have shit morals. Chew on dead cock you waste of flesh. Gold digging garbage. And fuck you. You never cared for me. You cared enough to get what you wanted. And in your own words (relay to the fiancè) enjoy the herpes :) lmao. Twat. Maybe have a heart next time. You fucking coward.

beatjxggle said: Does it have something to do with the fact that she’s a soul-sucking waste of flesh that is really only good as a set of warm holes and STILL can’t be slept with without a gag?

You read my mind.

This is a formal reminder to my followers that any of you that support circumcision can fuck yourselves on something rusty and unpleasant and get lost, and supporting infant genital mutilation means that you aren’t permitted to enjoy any of my content.

Additionally, if any of you intentionally gender abuse or rape, you should write a long letter to everyone you’ve ever known explaining to them exactly why you are such an utter waste of flesh, because I can guarantee they’ve been wondering.

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Broiled Attention

Dead waste around them
Unmoved they push on
Through bones carved out of stone
Cutting by fingers curled
And alone

Warm mud splashes their sides
Withhold their stomachs till the end
For the stench raises higher
A cascading flow of nausea
Of sulking soiled bodies

Home seems so far away
Their veins a shamble
A collage torn to shreds
Spewing out their infected sides

Mounds of flesh
Rows of skin
Heaps delivered from the sky
Bashed, warped alone

Feet scathed on broken glass
Sharpened on never ending strife
Pools bellowing tar
Paint the ground in disarray

Home seems so far away
Mountains talk on top their shining walls
Despair a never ending cycle
Ever eluding towards a rope and bullet

One falls without sound
Another addition in the monstrous atonement
Seeping into the body filled ground
Just another waste of flesh

Crooked crows skewed up high
On the spines elected from children’s thighs
Teeth litter the clattering chill
Words seem to suspend still

Home seems so far away
Lost in the misty palms
Ever confused on a puzzle
Concluded as profanity

Delving further the last go
Together limping
Limbs shutting down their last cells
Until one shudders into a crawl
Then suffices on blood curling cries

The one holds tight a metal world
As the dead come to claim hides
The one takes striking glass
And embeds it into oneself’s head

Home seems so far away
Clouds don’t ever disperse
Darkness rains down
No more shadows
No more fun

The last comes to a stop
Before is the giant
Crouched over itself
A colossal dead impurity

The last comes to a stop
Placing hands on the giant’s feet
Weeping into the body stained mud
Crying as the hands claw
Dragging down
Tearing down

Home seems so far away
Far….far away
We could never see the end
We could never stop the end
Begone is the mastery of life
Erode we shall under the piles of flesh we build
Dust shall settle on our faces
And the ashes shall be swept away
We will leave no trace
Only the burning wood as a somber reminder
Only scorched earth
Only piles of despair

themessengerofdestruction asked:

"You are my light, my life, my everything. Without you there would be no sound, there would be no air." He pressed his lips to the God's own, hand soothing over their rounded belly. "The both of you are mine, forever."

The trickster god stilled his anxious pacing, feet frozen in place at the angel’s touch. Green eyes closed as if in prayer, the build up of relentless doubts and insecurities melted like a thaw. He leaned into them, heat spreading from his lips and the contact on his stomach.

“And you,” he breathed, opening his eyes to drink in the golden shade of his beloved’s. “You are the light by which I see by. All else is darkness. With your touch you have renewed me, your lips breathe life back into my wasted flesh.” his hand covered theirs and together they followed the fluttering movements of the child within. “We will love you forever, my Gabriel.”

(*sits in corner and cries*)

1)No Comment-A Mothers Crime 2)Cold World-Youthful Expression 2014 3)Veil Of Maya-Daenerys 4)Truth Corroded-The Great Waste Of Flesh 5)Torture Killer-The Art Of Impalement 6)Asshole Parade-Still Love Me Moms 7)Vilefuck-What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead 8)Destruction-Bullets From Hell 9)Turnstile-Bad Wave 10)Media Blitz-Back To The Bottom

anonymous asked:

You aren't a failure Randall, that... thing that just visited, it was a true failure, a failed waste of monster flesh.

R: *smoking anxiously* it’s not fair.

S: What?

R: I tried so hard to please him and it never worked ever. Even if I did really well at something he always knew some guy who’s kid did it better.

S: that’s not your problem it’s his.

R: I fucking hate him…. I wish I could just forget him but I can’t cos he’s family. Honestly if my mom phoned right now and said he wasn’t even my dad I’d be so ok with it because then I could totally just forget he even existed. *looks bitter*

S: …. You can do that.

R: No James you only get one mom and one dad. That’s it forever. It’s better to have one and hate them than to not have one at all.

( ACCESSING ARCHIVES….. ╳ ¦ wholaughed )


          ❛ OF ALL the people, you’re still ALIVE.

Her tone laced with pure malice, how many innocent people she
had witnessed bloody and lifeless, this WASTED piece of FLESH
was still snatching the oxygen from other people’s lungs. If only
for this instance she could give the world back CLARK KENT for
this wretched pile of skin and bone. Her icy stare never faltered,
keeping direct contact with the
VILLAIN, who was this even the
REALITY? She ought to place a bullet through his brain.

BUT Lois Lane was not that type of person, she was supposed to 
prove herself as a beacon of
HOPE. With Superman DEAD &&
all sense of security
LOST, she became HELLBENT on revenge 
and she would not rest until
DARKSEID was dead.

anonymous asked:

Do you know how hard it is to follow and respect you when you call that vapid waste of flesh and my air I breath "your girl"? Kim Kardashian and reality shows in general are the start of the fall of western civilization.

Lol unfollow me you salty little cunt-ass fermenting Ziploc bag full of afterbirth I don’t have any need for your “respect” bitch I respect my own self. ✌ peace bitch

In high school i used to sit in this hallway upstairs during lunch and there was one other girl who sat at the other end and i wanted to be her friend so badly that i made characters who met like that and became best friends and i just remembered and now i’ve been thinking about that for a while. I feel like i’m actually going to throw up thinking about what a weird pathetic waste of human flesh i am.

Odella Lark on ERB

Season One

Battle 1

John Lennon vs Bill O'Riley

“Okay. I don’t think I’ve heard or seen either of them. I might’ve but I don’t really watch the news or listen to music often so. Yeah. Neither of them seem to be good people though. But Lennon apparently is beloved despite doing horrible shit apparently? I don’t understand people sometimes. The other guy seems like a dick and most people seem to think so too.”

Battle 2

Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler

“What the fuck. Adolf Hitler. I saw this guy a few times. Disgusting piece of shit waste of human flesh douchenut. Don’t know this Vader guy but he doesn’t seem too pleasant himself. Least he looks pretty cool. And he’s tearing a new one into Hitler. So he gets points for that. I guess.”

Battle 3

Abraham Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

“Ahhh good old honest Abe. One of the good type of guys I could actually stand. Nice to see him here. And some dickwad the internet thinks is a God of some kind despite being fucking terrible. Go fuckin figure they make him go god mod sue. Ugh.”

Battle 4

Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

“What the fuck do either of these actually have in common. And what the fucks with this Gaga chicks wardrobe.”

Battle 5

Kim Jong il vs Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage

“Huh. I didn’t get the matchup at first. But it’s superpowers vs megapower. I think. Still a weird matchup. And didn’t that Macho guy die when the rapture was supposed to happen?”

Battle 6

Justin Bieber vs Ludwig Von Beethoven

“Ha ha what the fuck. Well I’ll give them points. Beethoven did seem to get pissed off a lot. Brilliant composer though. Unlike the little spoiled prick kid he’s up against.”

Match 7

Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

“A battle of wits. With a legend amongst the science and mathematical community and the current version of him. Fascinating. Never saw Einstein much though. Eh. The auto tunes a nice touch though. Really makes the rap from him work well, blends with the beat too.”

Match 8

Genghis Kahn vs The Easter Bunny

“Ha ha what the fuck is this. Why is the Easter Bunny involved. Genghis Kahn, what. What the hell do these two have in common. What am I watching. Why is the Easter Bunny involved?”

Match 9

Napoleon Bonaparte vs Napoleon Dynamite

“Ha ha it’s funny because they have the same first name. And because they picked someone as short as Napoleon to play him. But honestly the only thing I common is the first name. And why do I feel like I’ve met a guy like the other Napoleon. Plus why didn’t Bonaparte get to keep his horse. I liked that horse.”

Match 10

Benjamin Franklin vs Billy Mays and Vince Offer

“Bald fat foppish founding father. Oh alliteration how I love thee. I don’t quite get the match up. But it’s got alliteration at one point. Hmm. I don’t remember Franklin too well. But honestly it’s the fat foppish founding father and the other guys verses I find the best bits. The rest is just meh.”

Match 11

Gandalf the white/gray vs Albus Dumbledore

“Don’t know either of these guys. But they seem pretty fuckin awesome. I think the Dumbledore guy wins though. That’s a nice fuckin cloak he’s got. Plus like apparently from what I saw somewhere he did something only the gods of the other guys world could do with little ease? That helps too. Oh and I like his beard more.”

Match 12

William Shakespeare vs Dr. Seuss

“Thing one and Thing two are going to be haunting my nightmares.”

Match 13

Mr. Rogers vs Mr. T

“Holy shit Mr. Rogers can break dance? What even. And is threatening someone. I think I’m starting to like this series.”

Match 14

Christopher Columbus vs James Tiberius Kirk

“Yeah. I don’t know this Kirk guy well but he automatically wins since he’s up against that scumbag Columbus. Why the fuck does he have a holiday. He was a genocidal jackass. He doesn’t deserve praise. He didn’t even fucking find America. It was already inhabited. What the fuck.”

Match 15

Nice Peter vs EpicLloyd

“Ending the season and creative differences through a rap battle. Nice touch. Very nice touch.”

Season 2

Match one

Hitler vs Vader 2

“Another one? Well it’s an improvement over the first one. I’ll give it that. A bit shorter though. Better raps too. Seems like Vader still won. I just can’t bring myself to say Hitler being victorious in anything. The mere thought makes my stomach churn and bile rise up my throat.”

Match 2

Master Chief vs King Leonidas

“Fabio Flintstone. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. What even. Okay so they’re improving. But like I don’t know either of them so I don’t have a choice on the winner. But I have to ask if there’s anywhere I can get an armored suit like that out there. Because that’s the only thing that went through my mind the whole time.”

Match 3

Mario Brothers vs Wright Brothers

“You fight like a kitty. Ha ha. Because they manned their gliding experiments in Kitty Hawk, North Caro-oh God I sound like a fucking dork. I’ll just shut up now.”

Match 4

Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley

“Holy shit I knew this one was going to happen. Musicians I’m actually really familiar with. And like it actually works. And oh my God it’s wonderful. Plus the kid they got to play the young MJ is adorable as hell. I can’t pick a winner. I just…yes.”

Match 5

Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe

“Another girl one. Good. Sandy vagina has a 7 year itch. Fuckin a. That’s a sweet ass burn. Can’t say I enjoyed that miscarriage joke though. Yeah…”

Match 6

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates and HAL9000

“Wow rude. Interrupting the intro. And great. A beat that’s going to be stuck in my head for the next few days. Fanfuckintastic. I needed that. And more nightmare fuel in form of HAL. How pleasant.”

Match 7

Frank Sinatra vs Freddy Mercury

“World. Prime. Ass. I honestly really don’t have anything else to say. Aside from that. And that holy shit that was awesome. Fireworks, smoke machine…. And I’m hungry for steak.”

Match 8

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney and Abraham Lincoln

“I’m not commenting on this one. I try to stay out of politics. But that Eagle bit was awesome. So there’s that.”

Match 9

Doc Brown vs The Doctor

“Well. I know neither of these characters but that’s a nice suit, a nice scarf, a great guitar riff a terrible pun and having the battle start over was a bit confusing for a second. Then I remembered they both travel through time. Making it a bit of a clever joke. And they keep improving on the music.”

Match 10

Bruce Lee vs Clint Eastwood

“Kung Fu vs Western. Interesting… One speaks of his movies the other speaks of the actor. Interesting. One acknowledges that the others son died before a sequel to the film he was in along with the other opponent doing the same. Ouch. I don’t know what to think about that one… Just. Ouch.”

Match 11

Batman(and Robin) vs Sherlock Holmes(and Watson)

“I am vengeance,I am the night, I am Batman. Okay so like I don’t know comics or literary figures too awfully well,but who the fuck doesn’t know who these guys are. C'mon. And like really I have to say I never really have a clear winner unless one of the opponents is a fuckin douche bag. Then the other wins by default. Even if their rhymes weren’t as good. This is one of the I don’t know situations. But that one Robin verse gives an advantage because holy shit.”

Match 12

Moses vs Santa Clause


Match 13

Adam vs Eve

“Uhhhh heh heh. Yeah I’m…I’m not picking a winner here. For numerous reasons I won’t go into…”

Match 14

Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr

“Out peacing each other? Wha? Well okay. Uhm. Nice choice I guess. But I do like the contrast. With one being in full color the other black and white. That’s a nice touch. I guess. But like I dunno.. Eh. I got nothing.”

Match 15

Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

“Tesla yes….. I was waiting for this. Even if Edison made fair points. We all know the winner. Even if it’s not but too much. And one line decided it completely. I don’t even have to say what line. You all know which one.”

Match 16

Babe Ruth vs Lance Armstrong

“I feel like I just watched a train ram through a brick wall. Holy shit that got intense. Just got louder and louder, not even taking a breath like holy shit. Where did that even come from. I need to lay down. I feel like i wasn’t in the train that hit that wall but still feel like I felt the impact somehow.”

Match 17

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Skrillex

“WHAT THE FUCK IS A SKRILLEX. And why is he up against Mozart? What even. Why. And seriously. WHAT THE FUCK IS A SKRILLEX. I know that’s like an artist name. But if you’re going to pick a name to use as your musician one it should make at least a bit of sense. Not make up a fuckin word.”

Match 18

Rasputin vs Stalin vs Lenin vs Gorbachev vs Putin

“A five way season finale. Nicely done. But I don’t think I can choose a winner really. The last two were pretty good though. Not people wise those really. But rap wise. Eh. It was just a great battle I suppose.”

Season 3

Match 1

Hitler vs Vader 3

“Vader won, next battle.”

Match 2

Blackbeard vs Al Capone

“Fuckin a man. Starting off the season for real strong are we? Making a hard choice. Hmm. I can’t decide. But that assassin thing was cool. Flips and kicks and stabs… Ahh… I know someone I know would have her choice picked right off the bat. I won’t say her name though. Just that she lives under the seas and befriends sailors and pirates. So yeah… There’s that.”

Match 3

Joan of Arc vs Miley Cyrus

“What the hell kind of question is this. Joan wins. Even if the opponent stayed cool the whole time. Probably because she knew who she was up against and didn’t want to lose. But she did anyways. Because really. I don’t. What was Miley even wearing. And where can I get a huge ass teddy bear like the one shown in the video? I need it for reasons.”

Match 4

Bob Ross vs Picasso

“AFGEREGHHYVBHFGHFGYCVHFCGV LOOK AT THAT FUCKING DOG. Look at the little cute dachshund puppy! I wanna hug the puppy! Such a cute puppy. Oh and the battle was great too. But that doggy. Eeee. I just. I love dogs okay.”

Match 5

Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali

“I don’t. I don’t know much about sports. I can’t decide here. I loved that beat though. Really improving by each season. I like that. And hate it. Because I find myself humming the songs out of nowhere and end up looking like a fucking weirdo or something. I don’t know.”

Match 6

Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge(Trump assisted by J.P. Morgan, Kayne West and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come)

“There is no winner here. Because there can’t be. And sweet idea to make a Christmas Carol into rap form. Nicely done.”

Match 7

Rick Grimes vs Walter White

“I don’t know either of these guys. But the latter kind of freaked me out a little. I don’t know why. And zombies. Hell yes. I like zombies. I’ve never really fought many though funnily enough. It’s fun though. Just seeing their brains shoot out and innards and and and and gahhhhh. It’s fucking awesome. I’m going to just go see if I can find any or make some or something. I don’t have a winner.”

Match 8

Superman vs Goku

“I’m not picking sides here. It’s not out of not being too familiar with either opponent, no I know them both kind of. I just don’t care about this whole debate. At all. The music was kick ass but I can’t decide on a winner. I’m not that big of a nerd.”

Match 9

Edgar Allen Poe vs Stephen King

“Well seeing as I strangely feel obligated for some weird reason despite not being sure for a moment a force is telling me to say Poe won even if the opponent had a few better lines. I don’t know why I feel it though…. Weird.”

Match 10

Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye The Science Guy(with Neil deGrasse Tyson)

“I’m not going to say anything. Because the only thing I’d say. Would start up a theme song. And I know what’ll happen next. So I’m not saying anything about this one. I don’t want to have to hear that again.”

Match 11

George Washington vs William Wallace

“Errr… Huh. This one wasn’t too great to be honest. It didn’t suck it just didn’t leave enough of an impact for me to actually decide. And those teeth and bagpipes didn’t help its case at all. Gah.”

Match 12

Artists vs Turtles

“Is it like a rule for season finales to have more rappers than the last one now? Because this was an 8 way. And the suits for those turtles were great. Y'know what. When the battle is a season finale I won’t pick a side. I’ll just say it was a finale that was great and both sides did too good decide. Because I honestly don’t know what to say. Except I have a feeling something going to happen in season 4. I don’t know what yet.”

Season 4

Match 1

The Ghostbusters vs The Mythbusters

“HOLY SHIT ITS FINALLY OVER. I DONT HAVE TO SEE HITLER AGAIN. HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH. This one just gets a pass for ending that saga. But what was with the giant marshmallow guy though. Oh well. Let’s see what’s next.”

Match 2

Bonnie and Clyde vs Romeo and Juliet

“No one won. They all died. I should’ve known that was going to happen…”

Match 3

Zeus vs Thor

“Legos? A battle with Legos? Fuckin hell man. That’s awesome. And Thor won. And not just because the legends say Zeus was basically a really shitty God and that a certain company really fucking made it look the opposite. But that helps too. There’s that feeling again….”

Match 4

Jack The Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter

“…Ripper. RIPPER???? This is why that voice told me to watch this series, isn’t it? Are you fucking kidding me. That smug,filthy, disgusting, cocky, rude British dickwad. Godfuckindamnit. It’s okay Odella. Calm down. It’s just a rap battle. If you keep gritting your teeth they’ll fall out. It’s not even the real one. Even it’s pretty fucking spot on. Capturing the slime balls cocky show off attitude rather well. I don’t know this Lecter fellow but he wins because the thought of that fuckwit losing is a delightful one. And great. I need to get that huge ass hole I just made in the wall fixed. Fantastic. And why is the beat so fucking catchy. I can’t even.”

Match 5

Oprah vs Ellen

“They went from serial killers to talk show hosts. What the fuck even. I honestly don’t know what to think. It’s just such a jarring switch. And it’s almost enough to calm me down from that last one. I’ll just leave it at a draw. Because just what.”

Match 6

Stephen Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock vs Quentin Tarantino vs Stanley Kubrick vs Michael Bay

“Stanley Kubrick is going to haunt my nightmares. It’s those fuckin eyes and eyebags I swear. And that background when he changes from calm to yelling. What the hell was that about.”

Match 7

Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark

“Wow. Uhm. This was kind of weak. The rhymes were decent at best. As was the beat. Though I guess that last one was a bit hard to top. Yeah. Not liking this one. Sacagawea was pretty awesome though. And so was Rufus. Whoever he was…”

Match 8

Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield

“The voice is saying Houdini won. But I didn’t need to be told that. It’s a step up from the last one too. The heartbeat thing was a bit unnerving though. Kind of distracted me a little.”

Match 9

Terminator vs Robocop


Match 10

Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers

“Another big team one. Nice. Now to be honest. With these battles it’s not easy picking the winner. But really. They started arguing amongst each other. Which makes it even more difficult. And a bit annoying. But brilliant. Given ye subject matter the rappers had. But like I don’t know. They’re coming back again after losing it kind of with that first one after the break. Which was weak. Which disappointed me because it seemed okay for a bit then fell flat. To me at least. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Match 11

Julius Caesar vs Shaka Zulu

“BOOM SHAKA LAKA BOOM SHAKA LAKA. Great. I’ll be singing that for a while. I’d say Caesar won but just a little bit. With that ONE bit and last line oh and the hyena bit. Zulu did well. And those formations. Yesssssss. And that weird little bit towards the end with like violins or something. Delightful. I’m waiting for the next one.”