I wish more people recognize your great leadership and how hardworking you are, how responsible you feel about everything. I wish you stopped going so hard on yourself. I couldn’t wait to see you shine on the stage again, hear your voice and see your smile, I wish you knew how much we all love you and how thankful we are just for your existence. Please take care of yourself, and come back to us stronger, and remember we are forever with you


I mean, on one hand I get that Penguin has sent some mixed messages (see hug when a rational person would have gone in for a kiss) and if I were Ed, I would probably have decided that he’s not interested and just moved on.

On the other hand, Ed, you little shit, are you seriously going to be late to an intimate dinner party because you found a lady you like?! And then I suppose you’re going to tell Penguin all about it at dinner?! Dude! Dude!!!

Of course, I’m emotionally invested in this so I’m especially irritated, but jesus FUCK, even if it weren’t a romantic affair, if I invite a friend over for dinner and they arrive late and start telling me it’s because they found a seriously hot person who reminds them of their ex, I would be FURIOUS. I made DINNER and you little shit are LATE because you had to fall in love five minutes before my party?! You have your entire fucking life to fall in love, but you only have thirty seconds to eat a soufflé, you omnishambles of a man!

Sorry. The gay and the food are two issues I care deeply about, and this scene managed to touch both.

wang so dies. like taejo, he is flooded with images of hae soo and as he takes his last breath it is her name that leaves his lips. immediately though, wang so “wakes up” in a place he believes must be the afterlife because he is surrounded by white. he is disoriented by the sounds and the lights. still he calls out for hae soo. she must be there because this is the afterlife and he’s waited all these years to reunite with her.

but he’s in a hospital room and there are nurses and doctors surrounding him startled, apprehensive, and perplexed by this man’s recovery. soon, all over the news, there is a story of a man who miraculously recovered from a brain dead coma right as the doctors pulled the plug. the man was a john doe and they are asking for any information about a “hae soo” which seems to be the only name they can extract from him. 

Meanwhile, recovered drowning victim Go Ha Jin is working at a makeup counter when one of her customers starts reading a news article on her phone in front of her and the man on phone looks immensely familiar, like a man she loved in another life. she grabs the phone out of the customers hand, reading the article voraciously. her eyes grow big and, with no hesitation, she throws down the phone, mutters quick apologies to no one in particular, and races to the hospital mentioned. there was only one thought on her mind. wang so.

frantically, she goes to the nurses desk “where is he? the man in the news? tell me what room?” the nurse, alarmed tells her. ha jin yells a sloppy thank you as she sprints with every bit of force she has left in her. 

it must be him. it has to be him. please be him.

she slams open the door 

but no one is there. the bed is empty and neatly made. she falls to the floor, helpless and hopeless. tears flood her eyes and she hits her head. idiot. how can you be so stupid? of course there’s no one.  

“um who – ?” 

she whips her head around and looks up. in the open doorway, there he was. his hair was much shorter. more brown. but bangs still hung in front of his eyes. his face was thin and he looked slightly older than she remembered. but he was there. his eyes were furrowed, searching. and slowly he knelt down to her level. he seemed awkward and unsure. his hand reached for her face. his thumb gently caressing her cheek, a familiar gesture, wiping away tears as they fell. “h-hae soo?”

overflowed with emotion, she began to cry more but this time because of happiness. she nodded quickly before launching herself into his arms. he even smells the same. how is that possible? after a thousand years he still smells the same? 

wang so held onto soo tightly, trying to put every thought, every wish, every regret he’d held in since she died. “i missed you. i missed you so much.”

“i missed you too, so.” 

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Thinking about Mulder, who has one sister taken away from him and cold distant parents, having three or four kids makes me :') but also :'(

Extremely AU

William was their first: their son, their miracle, the light of their lives.  When Will was two, there was Bonnie, and Mulder was so delighted to have a daughter that he nearly bought out the entire little girls’ section at Target, despite the fact that, as Scully reminded him, Bonnie wouldn’t fit into any of it for months if not years.  Bonnie had dark curly hair, less red than Will’s.  A year and a half after Bonnie, there was Samantha, almost Bonnie’s twin, and then after that, baby Melissa, redheaded and opinionated from the moment she was born.  

“I thought she had all her ova stolen,” Frohike said, dutifully showing up with the other Gunmen for babysitting duty as Scully put on something that wasn’t covered with spitup or entirely elasticized.

Mulder shrugged.  “The Syndicate giveth and it taketh away, not necessarily in that order.  In other words, never give up on a miracle.”

“That’s quite a number of miracles,” Byers said politely. 

Mulder clapped him on the shoulder.  “You’ll understand in a few months yourself, Byers.”  

Byers blushed.  “Yes, we’re looking forward to it very much.  Suzanne is very appreciative that I have the opportunity to get some experience babysitting for you and Scully.”

“I’ll tell you, boys, you’ll never cherish sleep more,” Mulder said as Scully came down the stairs.  “Don’t let them wear you out too much.”

“Wear them out,” Scully said.

Scully checked her phone at least every five minutes during dinner.

“Relax,” Mulder said, squeezing her hand.  “They’re fine.”

“I thought you were the paranoid one,” she teased, setting down her phone.

“I used to be,” he said.  “Now it turns out all I want to do is cuddle my kids.”

“I miss them,” she said.  “Is that strange?”

“Nah,” Mulder said.  “I miss them too.  It’s funny - we spent all day looking forward to being away from them, but as soon as we leave, I want to go home and have all of them fall asleep on my lap while we’re watching Frozen or whatever.”

“What are we going to do when Will goes to kindergarten next week?” Scully asked.

“We’re going to take one of those cutesy pictures all the parents take now,” Mulder said, “and we’re going to hold his hand and walk him to class.”

“And he’s going to be amazing,” Scully said fiercely, her eyes glinting with pride and possibly tears - Mulder wasn’t entirely sure.  

“Of course he is,” he said.  “He’s a Scully.  There’s no way he wouldn’t be amazing.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be our life,” she said. 

“Me either,” he said.  “But I wouldn’t give it up for anything, Scully.”

“No,” she said.  “Me either.”

+ + + + 

The next eighteen years went by in a blur of birthdays, first days, PTO meetings, sports teams, lost homework, found permission slips, family dinners, and late night fevers.  But Mulder and Scully smiled every time they caught each other’s eye.  Will alternately spoiled and deviled his sisters, and they gave as good as they got.  The house was full of grubby sneakers and discarded backpacks.  Missy and Will loved ghost stories and Scooby Doo.  Sam and Bonnie preferred old episodes of Bill Nye and Bob Ross.  

It was the best of times, even at the worst of times, and at the end of it all, Mulder and Scully sat on the battered, stained, worn-in couch with a couple of beers and blitzed expressions.

“Missy seems to be really happy at college,” Mulder offered.

“She does,” Scully said, pushing her grey-streaked hair out of her face.  “I’m glad.”

“Where did the time go?” Mulder asked.  “I blinked and they were grown up.”

She took his hand.  “I don’t know.  But I loved it.”

“Me too,” he said, and clinked his bottle against hers.  She leaned against his shoulder and they gazed at the family photos on the coffee table, a lovely moment preserved as if in amber.


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i’m going to confess though, this update took away a lot of the anguish i’d been feeling about the ending since april. i don’t think it has anything to do with its content because nothing at all happened of interest other than the fact that terezi is wasting her time and her life away from the people who actually care, and john hammered a phone over a snapchat like a spoiled brat who can buy new phones at the drop of a hat (or phone). mostly it’s just that there was an update at all and i don’t have to feel like i’m suspended in a single horrid moment in time. that’s a relief! i’m finally free. terezi is navigating around an all-devouring reality hole and all ships except for rosekan remain firmly in wishy-washy schrödinger’s vague implications zone, but i somehow find it in myself to breathe a big gusty sigh of relief. thanks huss

Yet all the knowledge on earth will give me nothing to assure me that this world is mine. […] So that science that was to teach me everything ends up in a hypothesis, that lucidity founders in metaphor, that uncertainty is resolved in a work of art.
—  Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus.