Here’s some tips for newbies:

-Timeouts don’t always work

-A lot of littles like spankings so they’re not the best for actual punishment

-Do NOT take away comfort items as a punishment. So if your little has a special stuffy or a paci or something DON’T TAKE IT FROM THEM AS A PUNISHMENT.

-Sometimes we act out and break rules because we need extra love and attention or maybe we’re sad. not because we need to be punished.

-You should have a list or rules and punishments written down so it’s easy for your little to remember.

-Some of us need motivation to do stuff. Ice cream works well for that.

-Some of us have issues that will make us extremely sad and scared if you talk about other littles.

-Littles with mental illnesses need even more reassurance than others

-We all need a lot of reassurance anyway

-You can tell us we aren’t annoying a million times but we will all feel like we’re annoying you at some point

-Different littles need different rules.

-Just cherish us. Let us be little and love us for it.

-NEVER tell a little that they’re being too immature or too childish or that they need to grow up. This is who we are and if you don’t want that well then you aren’t a caregiver.

3 Signs Your Little Feels Ignored

Little Space is a confusing, sometimes chaotic place to be, mentally speaking. And it means that sometimes things you might recognize and be able to better verbalize when NOT in that headspace are sometimes more confusing, more of a general feeling instead of something you know how to say. As a result, here are some signs your little might be giving you that should help you understand or be aware that they might feel like they’re neglected, or at least that you aren’t engaging them in ‘little space’ and are just sort of ‘along for the ride’ (like when they want you to treat them little and you tell them ‘ok’ or something equally non-committal) 

  1. They whine without obvious reason
    It might sound like a whine, or generally unhappy sound, or it might be very specific to something you’ve heard before. Whatever the case, random, unexplained and poorly misunderstood whining is a good thing to note.
  2. They want your attention, but seem angry or sad when they get it
    Usually a sign that they don’t feel you’re interacting properly, this almost always coincides with unexpected tantrums and general frustration. And it’s actually pretty reasonable…
    Imagine that you showed someone a thing REALLY important to you…your favorite movie, with favorite actor, while doing your favorite hobby/activity…and imagine they were texting and nodding and simply saying “OK” the whole time. That’s how this feels. And NOW you know why it upsets most littles. Probably almost ALL animals.
  3. They go distant
    The thing is…most caregivers are intense, hard-working people with a LOT of love to give. And they’re STILL less loving and affectionate than most littles. So when your little suddenly changes, stops calling, texting, chatting, skyping, or cuddling…you either f***ed the heck up in some very specific way, or they feel ignored and no longer believe it matters. It’s ALSO completely possible they’re depressed, anxious, sad, tired, or just low on emotional/physical energy…but it’s always important to figure it out when someone (particularly your little) changes in personality and focus quickly or suddenly

Happy HOME Anniversary


lolol i finished it! a Mystic Messenger version of the What’s New Pussycat skit that no one asked for. hope you like it!


Greek Mythology Aesthetics (1/?): Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry. 

“I hear her call me now; Calliope.
She dances in rooms made all of windows,
In delicate tones her calls reach sweetly
Stands naked amongst cast off silken bows.

So lightly she leaps among the sunbeams
Her gift bestowed, poetic cache replete
A tiny figure, seen only in dreams
On her face, her happiness shines complete.

I hear her laughter, tinkling playful sounds -
In her mischief, she will often refuse
To part with her gift, of which, she abounds
I’m glad you found me again, little muse.”