when i’m with you, my mind goes blank.
it’s a bit of a cliche, but like a camera focuses on the most important piece, my eyes can only see the beauty in front of me. i’ve got nothing to say, i feel like i seem weird or creepy staring like i’m taking in deep scenery but it’s just because i don’t have words to describe the way you make me feel.
being with you, being near you. it’s like swinging in a hammock in the dead of summer, thinking surely you could live there forever, never moving, and being completely content.
i look into those deep eyes all i see is the only thing i ever want to get lost in- i listen to your deep thoughts from that amazing mind and all i hear is the meaning that i fell in love with.
i look at you and i see everything i always wanted, but never realized i always needed too.
i know we’re young, i know it’s early and i know there’s no way 
to say 
just how long you can stay
but …
one thing i know for sure 
i’m in love and, for once, i’m not afraid of it.
—  o-h–w-e-l-l 
Beating EXO at Table Tennis

Contains: fluff / competition / punishments / paddles / sweet, sweet victory

// Minseok

“Aish!” Minseok said when he failed to block you and you won the game.

“Yes!”  You dropped your paddle and did a little dance as you waited for him to do his punishment.  You crossed your arms and stared at him.

“Aish…” he said again before pulling off his shirt.  You could tell he was regretting suggesting strip table tennis without first checking to see how good you were.

“Another round?” you asked, fully clothed.  Minseok only had his pants left.

You saw him consider, then nod.  “I won’t lose again.”

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// Junmyeon

You knew he was very good at table tennis, so when you beat him so badly, you both were surprised.

“Wow, I can’t believe I won.”

“I can’t believe I only got three points,” Junmyeon said back with a sigh, walking toward his punishment.

“It’s only for a minute,“ you said trying to comfort him, but it was no use.

Junmyeon put on the heels, turned on the catwalk music, and strutted around in the garage, and you could tell he expected you to be the one who had to do it.  You considered doing it anyway later, just to make him happy.

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// Yixing

“Yesss!”  You jumped up and down.

“Yay!  I tried, but you played so well!” he said as he scooped you up in his arms and twirled you around.

“You’re not mad I won again?“

“Of course not, Baobei.  Every time you win, I’m happy,” said Yixing, your biggest cheerleader.  “And you still get your reward.”

He pulled you closer for a big kiss.

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// Baekhyun

When you scored your final point and raised your arms in victory, his competitive side came out.

“You definitely cheated,” he grumbled, walking toward you.  He hit you on the butt with his paddle.

“Hey, that’s not what we agreed on!” you yelled, running away.  “I’m supposed to hit your butt!”

“Get back here, cheater!” he called, chasing you into a corner where you tried to get push him away.  He won out, but then surprised you when instead of hitting you, he started kissing you.  Little did you know, your win had #LetOutTheBeast.

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// Jongdae

When you scored for the sixth time in a row, you heard your eleventh “ahhh waeeee!” for that game.

“I won again!” you gloated.

“Ahhh… waeee…” he said again when he realized how badly he had lost to you.

You chased after him because you thought you heard him sniffling and you hugged him from behind.  “Don’t be sad, Jongdae.”

He sighed turned around in your arms, pouting.

“I’m sowwy,” you said, pouting too.

Then he quickly leaned in to kiss you and you knew you had been tricked!

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// Chanyeol

“AISH!” he yelled when he lost again, throwing the paddle behind him.  “I can’t believe you!”  He turned around to face away from you.

You were in awe.  Why was he so upset?  You didn’t know what to say.

“C-Chan…?”  You slowly approached him.

He turned around and his angry face soon faltered.  “Gotcha!”

“Aww, Chan!  Why would you scare me?”

Chanyeol ran up to you and picked you up in a hug.  “I just felt like it!  You did really well, Jagi.”

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// Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo was silent when you scored your last point.  He just looked at you with a “do I have to” face, and you nodded slowly and pressed play on the stereo.

Artificial Love began playing and Kyungsoo picked up the cane, which you knew he’d been hoping to have you pick up instead.

He did the entire choreography as you watched, getting thirstier and thirstier as the song went on because, come on, it’s Artificial Love and Kyungsoo, what else are you going to do?  So luckily for Kyungsoo, the game had lead to what he had wanted anyway…

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// Jongin

“I thought I was good at table tennis,” Jongin sighed.

“I thought I was bad at table tennis!“

“Well, a deal’s a deal.”  He put down his paddle and went to write his name with his butt.

You came up behind him and gave him as many spankings as you could before he caught your hands.

“I knew I shouldn’t have played!” he laughed.

// Sehun

As you scored the last point, you were worried he might whine, but he accepted his loss with dignity.

“You played well,” he said, walking toward the exit.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

He stopped in his tracks and spun around.  “I never agreed to anything.”

You gave him a look and he recited the words as quickly as possible before running out of the room.  “Vivilovesyoumorethanme andthat’showitwillalwaysbe.”

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Imagine getting thoroughly bashed by the tabloids when they find out you’re dating Tom. None of their comments were even original, just what you typically hear when someone wants to complain about a woman - you’re not thin enough, you’ve been with too many men, you’re too clingy. You try to pretend like it didn’t get to you, but Tom knows you better than that. He takes you in his arms, looks deep into your eyes, and tells you every little thing he loves about you until he’s convinced you feel better.

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EXO Reaction to their fans finding out about their long term relationship

There were various requests of this type so I’ll just do them all here. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He’s really thankful to his fans that they have been so supportive* “You’ll always be my exo-ls, I’ll always love you like no other. Worry not! This song goes for all of you”


“Baobei I know you are nervous but you don’t have to worry about it. They know I’m happy with you and that you’ll take care me. It’s going to be alright!” *Is very positive about it*


*Struggling* “They… they know?! Oh no… they will start asking questions… we have an interview today… oh no…. they will ask me to tell them our story… I don’t think I can do it… the boys… they won’t stop..” *Shy baby*


*He’s a little worried so takes a day off to think about everything* “I’m happy that they know… she’s my girl. But I’m worried that they’ll be upset… I just want my fans to be happy, just like I am”


*He’s very honest and open about your relationship* “You know… she’s actually an exo-l. We met in this concert… I just fell in love in that moment”


“See jagi? I told you not to worry about it! They already love you!”


*Really really nervous* “Come on guys… what are they saying? They love her right? She is a sweetie… oh my aeries, always supporting. I should show them more love!”


*Really surprised about your reaction* “I thought you would be angry…. I was so worried but… baobei you are amazing, always thinking about them too. We don’t deserve you, I’m happy they can see how amazing you are”


*Decides to do a Vapp live video and answer all the questions he can* “Remember exo-ls, I love you all so much too!”


*Decides to release a statement or something like that* “This changes nothing, I will always love my exo-ls and be here for you. You’ve done so much for me and I will never be able to repay you. I’m still your D.O-oppa and you have nothing to worry about!” *Very professional our Soo*


*He’s just pure love and never forgets to thank exo-ls for the support and respect in every aspect* “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, never forget that my heart belongs to my exo-ls!”


*He’s just really worried that his exo-ls are going to be sad and he just wants them all to be happy and give hugs to them all* 

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