We were all ready to break Spring Day’s record, but Big Hit played us and posted the music video of Not Today on Vlive and tbh

Then they posted it on youtube but the views again are frozen, just like happened with Spring day, so youtube fucks us too

And at the end the whole Music video of Not Today ended us.

What a day 

Dear BigHit,

Bonnie  tried to channel her boyfriend for days ( in the same house he was killed) but that didn’t work. After 2 minutes on the phone with damon she sensed kai . She sensed kai( who died 3 years ago) over the phone guys.They are connected! how am l supposed to believe after that , that they are not soulmates.

These girls who keep talking about how baekhyun and Chen are better than BTS vocals to bash them

Y'all got this urge to bash other groups thinking this will make you guys better fans or suddenly will improve Baekhyun’s or Jongdae’s skills like??? Of course, since I’m an EXO-L myself recognize that EXO got a REALLY WIDE vocal power but this won’t fucking change, nor makes BTS bad, what the fuck? You are so sick and disturbing, this is why EXO-L and ARMY fight against each other. Of course this goes the same to these girls who keep this “huur duur BTS’ rap line is way better than Chanyeol will be all his life huur duur” and this “huur duur my idols sing well they are better than yours” shit is already too much. This is so childish and disturbing, you can’t fucking scroll your phone display without seeing childish people talking about BTS and EXO rudely. You all are too much and senseless. Bashing an artist for making art is so much more important than listen to what you like? Reevaluate your own mindset and come back.

madeleinecowee  asked:

I have a fantasy story based specifically on Spanish and Cuban culture and history. I'm a white writer, and my characters are all Latin in this story. I heavily rely on the Spanish language for names, titles, and dialog. The absolute last thing I want to do is offend any reader, rather than bring fantasy and attention to Cuba and Spain's beautiful, rich cultures. Give it to me straight: is this considered appropriation?

First, I’m gonna redirect you to two different pages about cultural appropiation

Second, I’m gonna encourage you to read about both cultures, keep in mind that both countries are different from each other, and their history differs in many, many ways. If you want to set your story in an specific time and place, research may be easier, but if you want to take elements from both cultures and use them because you think they are beautiful and rich, please read again the links above. If not, read below.

Third, why Cuban and Spanish cultures? There’s a post writen by @writingwithcolor called Why Do You Not Want to Represent Us? Read it all the times you think is necessary, because no culture exists for you to to take what you want or need from it to make your story the way you want it to be.

Fourth, as for relying on the Spanish language I urge you to find accurate sources for each country, as they do not speak the same way, or use the same words to describe the same things. There are also differences within the countries, the same goes with the names you’ll use.

Fifth, research, research, research. Spain and Cuba have similarities and differences. Cuba has similarities and differences with other Latin American countries, so please don’t make any assumptions.You can watch this video (lasts 20′) Latinos Enemigos, it is in Spanish but if you rely on said language for your story you should understand the basics.

Sixth, if you can find beta readers, or people from both, Cuba and Spain, willing to help you, accept their help and insights. Listen to them and take time to work on the story.