Forget this, we out

(Context: They are going through a wizard’s lair to free a town from a spell. Among the trapped villagers is Annie, a party member who couldn’t be there that night.)

Players: *realize this dungeon isn’t going to be a walk in the park*
Rogue: Guys should we just leave?
Paladin OOC: Can we even do that?
DM (me): I mean technically yes, there’s nothing stopping you
Rogue: We should just leave
Sorcerer: But what about Annie?
Paladin: I’m sure it’ll be fine
Sorcerer: You’re right. Let’s leave
DM: Ok, so you leave the dungeon, abandoning the town to its fate including your friend. Congratulations, you just doomed your friend and now I have to come up with some excuse for her being free so she doesn’t have to roll new character. We’re stopping there.

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well! To celebrate the second season, we made an icon page.

rules and info:

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We’re also gonna open requests for icons, if you want something specific just mention it! (episode, scene, manga chapter, pastel or vibrant colors…)

Enjoy and have an amazing day!~

Full Casting for Annie

Full casting has today been announced for the new production of Annie which is set to run at the Piccadilly Theatre from the end of May. 

It has previously been announced that comedian Miranda Hart will lead the cast as Miss Hannigan but she will be joined by Alex Bourne as Daddy Warbucks, Holly Dale Spencer as Crace Farrell, Jonny Fines as Rooster and Djalenga Scott as Lily.

The role of Annie will be shared by 3 young actresses, Madeleine Haynes, Lola Moxom and Ruby Stokes. 
Sandy (Annie’s Dog) will be played by Amber, a 4 year-old Labradoodle. 

The ensemble will be maid up of Keisha Atwell, Sophie Ayers, Bobby Delaney, Nic Gibney, Patrick Harper, Ben Harrold, George Ioannides, Megan Louch, Benjamin Mundy, Ben Oliver, Heather Scott-Martin, Anne Smith, Kate Somerset How, Katie Warsop and Russell Wilcox.

The production begins previews from the 23rd of May and will officially open on the 5th of June. The show is currently booking till the 6th of January 2018. For tickets or more information head to the ATG Piccadilly Theatre website.

Images courtesy of Google Images.

life is a tightrope (and you’re burning, burning, burning both ends)

summary: Annie finds her footing after completing rehab. Heroic Origins, who? 
word count: 1,220
author’s note: Eternal thanks to @bethanyactually for being my beta! 



“All right, sweetheart.” Charlie, the front-desk attendant, slides Annie’s keys across the counter, along with the packet of resources given to every person who completes the program. “You’re all set.”

Annie smiles, trying to ignore the way tears bite at the corners of her eyes, and takes one last look around the common room. Confetti from her going-away party still litters the floor. “Thanks. For everything. I’ll, um, I’ll keep in touch.”

Charlie raises her eyebrows, and Annie understands what she’s not saying loud and clear. Don’t you want to put this chapter of your life behind you, kid?

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