Belle “Royal Confidant” for my “warrior princess” project~~ This was veryyyy very hard to draw. Nothing looked okay on her and because my scanner SUCKS the colors were horrible after scanning…. *sob* Colors are still NOT right but I can’t do better : /  SO DAMN GREEN AAAA IT SHOULD BE YELLOW!!!!! AAAAAAAA

STORY TIME: I wanted Belle to be King’s “the secret keeper” or something like that. She is the only one who knows that his majesty is under the curse and she protects the King(Beast) and his secret! BUT! One day one of the King’s guard named Gaston, becomes jealous that woman is the King’s “bodyguard” knight and wants to take her place. King refuse and one night Gastone is shadowing Belle and he finds out that king is the beast and tries to murder him! Belle fights back! And I don’t know how it going to end but surely for blood and tears ~~~~
( Q A Q )// 

And my english sucks once agaaaain ~~~~~ <3