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“You are fools to challenge him nonetheless. He is MINE.

Some times even a Superman is down and needs his Wonder Woman. This Amazon Princess will stand up to anyone to protect the man she loves be it Batman, Darkseid, Argus, General Zod, a whole army of monsters or even Red Lanterns. She will show what a woman of earth can do!

Your friendly reminder

The Royal Baby is going to be a girl. It is not going to be a boy. It is not going to be a wolfkin, a foxkin, a Plutokin or a genderfluid FTM biolesbian momma’s birl.

You are not involved in the Royal Baby’s life and never will be.

The Royal Baby has only been born for mere hours and already you’re mad about “misgendering” and how she will “identify later on in life”.

There is little chance the Royal Baby will read your paragraph containing 50% bold, all-caps and made up words and even think about agreeing with any of the points you raise.

This is your friendly reminder.

“Say your name like a battle cry. Say your name like a fervent prayer. Say your name like it’s roofing above your head, tried and tested. Say your name like gold plated armour, for it is a beautiful name. When the time comes when you feel your name doesn’t feel like it’s worth its weight in gold, say your name like the weapon that it is. Say it strong, and fight.” N.T.

WARRIOR PRINCE (full set) @ Up All Night Collective. North Haven, CT 01/16/15