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I went down your list and ignored all of them but lonely-and-infinite-sadness is not working(maybe a misspelling). Also please warn ppl that some white folk are planning on changing their photos and descriptions to look like black people and then inundate the blackout tag with their trash

lonely-and-infinite-sadness deleted, that’s why they’re not showing up. And I’ll post this so everyone knows but I think we can all spot a white person posing as black since they make it so obvious lol

He’s a phantom.

so, as you probably already know if you follow me, i’ve been pretty obsessed with Danny Phantom lately and it just so happens that today, April 3rd, is the anniversary of the show! in fact, the first episode ever was aired in 2004, which makes it exactly 10 years old today!!!

since i’ve seen some pretty rad fanart and since this is the show of my childhood i wanted to draw something too! i can’t say i put much time into this and it didn’t really turn out very good but oh well, i just wanted to be able to contribute with something anyway

happy dannyversary everyone! uvu


» childhood bff!AU - lilo - for ♥julia

thought it would be safest

Daily reminder that update accounts are full of shit about 99.9% of the time, and they actually create rumors for the purpose of gaining more followers.

If you choose to indulge in their contrived melodrama, you really have no one but yourself to blame for the amount of discontent you will feel as a result.


home is where you’re supposed to feel safe. nobody deserves to have that taken away.


redirect / saved url theme [preview 1] [preview 2] [code]


  • gradient option for background - choose  2 colours
  • you can get the text to say whatever you want
  • really simple, huge text
  • no automatic redirect because that’s confusing sometimes

like or reblog if ur using i dont care, i spent less than 20 minutes doing this

hey all meet the precious children, Sparkfur (trans boy) and Waterdrop (nonbinary) ! these two are up for adoption for a warriors roleplay group that i mod called Ways of the Warrior ! check it out if u like, we’re gonna have cool queer cats and a badass storyline and we need peeps 2 fill us up when we open for applications !

my parents were being so racist yesterday i shut them down so quick their mouths didnt utter another word on the subject 

lalalala *whispers* dont hate on people’s fics it takes a lot of guts to put ur writing out there and its super rude these are fictional characters no one’s getting hurt and everyone is really good about giving warning before u start reading so stop* LALALALALALA