Thistle’s Anti-Spirit Charms

A quick guide to how to make a “ward against spirits”.

  • 1. Get a piece of cloth (I chose red because I wanted a bright and noticeable charm. So that it could be “seen”. For me I associate red with power and warning so that is why I chose it.)
  • 2. Toss a sigil on the cloth that either banishes negative energy or promotes protections or a barrier
  • 3. Put in herbs that you associate protection with. (Mine had cat’s claw, white sage, sea water, and lavender in it.)
  • 4. Pinch the top.
  • 5. Tie is closed with a long enough ribbon, string, or yarn, and to hang it later. (If you’d like, you can also stash this under your bed if that’s where you want it.)
  • 6. I hung mine near my doorway. 

When I made this I also put my energy into it, I declared that no energies other than my own were permitted within my room. My room is my space and only those with my permission are allowed to enter it.