IRAQ. Nineveh governorate. Khazer. February 2017. Newlyweds Chahad Abed, 16, and Hussain Zeeno Zannun, 26, who fled Mosul, are showered in foam during their wedding party.

Photograph: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

Ranty Ranty Rant

So there’s this IDEA going around that the Democratic party is struggling and losing constantly and it all represents a refusal to change and the only remedy is to tear the Democratic party down to the bolts and start again and if that doesn’t happen there will be HORRORRRR and a death spiral and stuff.

This is complete bullshit.  Let me lay it out:  

You can only make a rational argument about Democrats not learning from their experience IF IF IF Dems were fighting on the same playing field for the past 30 years.  IF Dems brought knives to a gunfight for 30 years and lost repeatedly than yeah. Fair point. BUT BUT BUT the political playing field has been a constantly shifting thing – Republicans in power gerrymandered districts making them impossible for Dems to win, cut back voting hours so likely Dem voters couldn’t, packed the courts with conservative judges who let these changes stand and spent billions on propganda.  Repubs chipped away slowly and silently at the political system and the media, of course, let them do it without a word.  The boldest Republican move was when the freaking SUPREME COURT make a special law for George W. Bush handing him the presidency 

Thanks to all of the above the Dem party is surrounded by Republicans. The Dems may have brought knives to the fight but the Repubs have AKs, no ethics, are fighting in their own neighborhood and SWAT teams are on the roof. This is what Dems are dealing with. 

The currrently suggested cure for the disease is that the Dems must be willing to treat a womans right to control her own body as a BOUTIQUE ISSUE – something that reasonable men can disagree about but still go forward with other more important issues.  Here’s the thing:  -a womans right to control her body is an inconvenient thing. It would be easier for everybody if we just shut up and went for private abortions or gave our bodies over to birthing babies for nine months and acting like it was a job at McDonalds. However, forcing a woman to have children against her will isn’t just “denying her an abortion” it’s an act of terrorism.  It’s a form of slavery.  And I’m sure many Dem / Ind men would read those comparisons and smirk because they were unrealistic. But they’re not. They’re real. It’s true.  We don’t tell you because we know you’ll smirk.  The bottom line is that a willingness to give away the rights of people is not and never should be a plank of the Democratic Party.

Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America

I’m especially amazed that feminists will preach countless tales advocating for the empowerment of women in almost all ways except for the one that matters most—protection of their physical safety. Throw a firearm into the equation, and modern-day feminists adopt the patriarchal prejudice represented by Colorado Democrats: Women suddenly become stupid, weak little creatures, unfit to carry a firearm” (Dana Loesch)



check out War On Women’s new video for “Second Wave Goodbye” and make sure to catch them out on Warped this summer!!

Mini-Menses Tutorial for all the home-schooled / shame-based sexuality kids:

I’m tired of reading comments from people who don’t know this stuff. 

1.) People who have periods don’t know when their periods will start, when they’ll stop or how long they’ll last,

2.) People who have periods don’t know how old they’ll be when they begin or when they’ll stop for good.  Periods that have stopped “for good” can restart if the person is under stress.

3.)  Periods can last two days one month and two weeks the next. Birth control pills can regulate periods but they don’t always work.

4.)  People who have periods can’t “hold” it. The body is expelling the lining to the uterus. The person has zero control over when the body bleeds and btw it’s  not just blood.  

5.)  It HURTS. The pain is comparable to having a heart attack. Once a month. For five days. For 40 (?) years.  

That’s it. 


6:)  This was meant as an overview. Periods are different for every person who has them. They evolve.  There’s no “normal” there’s just normal for the person having them.  

The Republican Platform So Far

1.)  If you’re poor, stop being irresponsible and get another job.

2.) If you have kids, stop being irresponsible and stay home and raise them.

3.) If you go to work when you’ve got kids you’re an irresponsible parent.

4.) If you work and don’t make enough to feed your kids it’s because you’ve made irresponsible choices.

5.) Trying to control the number of kids you have is irresponsible.

Planned Parenthood Tried To Give Petitions To Paul Ryan. They Got A Locked Door.
The GOP leader is vowing to defund the health care provider.

he women’s health care advocates hoped to present Ryan with 87,000 petitions opposing his announcement Thursday that Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood as part of their effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Dressed in pink “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” shirts, they hit one obstacle after another when they arrived at the Longworth House Office Building. Capitol police held them up as they came in, and they had to have a Hill staffer come down and escort them to Ryan’s office, which is not normal. Once they got there, the office was locked and half a dozen officers stood guard in the hallway.

It’s unclear if anyone was inside ― it wasn’t Ryan’s speaker office ― but the excessive security and the sign on the door that read, “Please knock, only scheduled appointments will be admitted,” at least gave the appearance that staffers were around. It was also early Friday afternoon.

Fucking coward, you love to police women’s bodies but you hide from them when they confront you about it. Pitiful.

Trump Shocks the GOP (again)
  • Republican Party: Abortion is murder!
  • Republican Party: If you get an abortion you're a murderer!
  • Republican Party: If you perform abortions you're a murderer!
  • Republican Party: Here are impossible laws clinics must meet to perform abortions!
  • Republican Party: Break the laws and see what happens!
  • Reublican Party: Break the laws! You'll be sorry!
  • Donald Trump: Women who get abortions should be punished.
  • Republican Party: WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's INSANE!!