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Togami - Probably a prince or King, seems like he’s going to ride for justice or some shit but then he just has his knight (Makoto) do it for him

Makoto - One of Togami’s guards, absolutely hates his job but does it well.

Hagakure - The court wizard, it’s a miracle that he hasn’t been fired yet, most suspect that Togami keeps him as a Jester at this point.

Fukawa - A commoner who yearns to marry the prince, how lucky she is that the last few ladies who tried to court prince Togami have gone mysteriously missing…

Kirigiri - The actual court wizard, spends a lot of time alone working on projects, and often sends Makoto off to fetch ingredients, he doesn’t seem to mind.

Asahina - Captain in the kingdom’s navy, hardworking and determined. She comes from a family of sailors and has lots of experience in the water.

Sakura - Very strong mercenary, and the leader of a mercenary guild, during her free time she can often be seen at the docks, or navy soldiers barracks [ ;) ]

Fujisaki - Freelance wizard, definitely a wizard. Always wanted to be a knight but was never able to make it.

Ishimaru - Mr. Captain of the guard, still bossy and lovable, a good leader and very loyal.

Mondo - Bandit leader, super secret crush on the captain of the guard (shhh don’t tell anyone)

Leon - Musician in the tavern, but no one has the heart to tell him that he’s not very good at the lute. He tries to take lessons from the royal bard, but he doesn’t think she likes him very much.

Maizono - Royal bard, most of the kingdom knows of her and would pay to see her music, but she mainly only performs at Royal feasts and events

Celes - She likes to think she’s the antagonist of this story, and is constantly trying to find a way to take over the Togami kingdom.

Enoshima - The actual villain, an evil (kamakura kamakura yas) queen who has very few actual humans on her side, most are demons or reanimated corpses.

Mukuro - the head of Junko’s army, she’s rarely seen because she’s often locked in her room making battle plans.

Souda - Fixes ships and weapons for Junko’s army.

Nagito - A double- wait no triple! Or maybe quadruple? agent. No one knows what he is honestly.

Nanami - One of Fujisaki’s trainees, aspires to be just like him/her.

Kamakura - One of Junko’s lead advisors, though he finds war quite boring, he also commands all of the boats in their army. He also happens to be a reanimated corpse who used to be known as Hajime Hinata.

Akane - Leader of several groups of troops, famed for her acrobatics in battle.

Nidai - Captain of the guard, good at getting people (and demons) hyped for battle

Tanaka - He tames dogs and horses for the army, and also leads a lot of the undead troops.

Sonia - A former princess, her parents had her engaged to marry Togami but she was kidnapped by a mysterious purple haired figure in the night. Enoshima ‘rescued’ her from the wild.

Teruteru - Royal chef, not much else to say.

Mahiru - Royal painter, does everyone’s portraits for the halls and stuff.

Hiyoko - A dancer for the queen, entertainment for the troops and during political dinners.

Imposter - very mysterious, looks suspiciously like the prince.

Mikan - Doctor, heals the troops when they’re wounded.

Ibuki - Royal musician for Junko, the undead seem to particularly enjoy it, the rest of them, not so much.

Maybe I’ll make more for the other DR stuff? I dunno. But uh, if these get published and anyone wants to help expand these or if you guys wanna help me write a thing about this? (Cause it sounds fun) just shoot me a message!

Wouldn't it be weird if the cells in your body could think and feel and stuff?

And like, to them your body would be their whole world, whole universe really. And like, they thought of you, as in your consciousness as well as your collective whole, as like a god and they worshipped you. Wouldn’t it be weird if one of those cells thought itself greater and more important than all the others? What if that cell thought so highly of itself that it thought that it was your equal and called itself your brother? But then it got jealous of you, and the worship you get and began to think to itself that it could do a better job of ruling the body, so it poisons you and sends you into a coma. And then after that that rogue cell went to your brain and captured your brain cells and made them forget they were your brain cells in order to convince them that they should work for it. But then a group of heroic brain cells stand up to the rouge cell, and temporarily defeat it. They then decide to take the other brain cells somewhere safe. Your head was wrecked when you fell into the coma so they decide to leave your skull and live on your face for a long while, during which time they are constantly harassed by the followers of the evil cell. But then eventually some more heroic cells, these ones from your heart, show up and battle the minions, eventually allowing the brain cells to return home. But only then do they discover that this whole time you weren’t just asleep but actually dying, so they go on a quest to save your life. After many battles against other lesser rouge cells, they finally find what they need to save you. However it’s too late and you die. But then one of the heroic cells sacrifices itself to jumpstart your heart again and you come back to life. But while you were dead the big bad rouge cell somehow managed to put its mind where yours should be, so that when later on when the heroic cells resuscitates you from the coma, the rouge cell is now in control of your body. That bad cell then proceeds to take what is left of your mind and fling it out far away. Then you wake up in the middle of nowhere. You have a body again, but it’s the size of one of your cells and you have no hope of getting back. Then you stumble onto a society of other microbe sized beings living in a waste land. After helping them with their problems, you realize that the structures that they call home are actually disembodied pieces of a whole body. Eventually you convince them to put the corpse back together and then you somehow manage to reanimate it with your consciousness. You’re finally back in a full sized body again, but it smaller and weaker than your old one and is falling apart. Then the rouge cell, in your body comes back, looking to kill you once and for all. Then two of you battle it out, while different factions of cells go to war beneath your feet. Eventually you manage to kill your old self by bashing your head in with a rock. You then use what little energy you have left to make a nice arrangement for the cells who fought so hard for you. You then go dormant for a while, with your last request being that the cells somehow find your parents and tell them all the shit that just went down. Man, that’d sure be weird.


Book meme → Twenty series or books - The Lord Of The Rings By J R R Tolkien

The enemy? His sense of duty was no less than yours, I deem. You wonder what his name is, where he came from. And if he was really evil at heart. What lies or threats led him on this long march from home. If he would not rather have stayed there in peace. War will make corpses of us all.

War Stories: The Corpse Volcano

Once upon a time, in a studio far, far away, I was working on the melee combat system for first-person shooter game. The game was meant to incorporate certain stealth game elements - if an enemy ignorant of your presence saw the corpse of an ally (as an example), that enemy would go into high alert mode and possibly even call for assistance. So we added the ability to drag bodies around as a gameplay element to give players a way to deal with this. 

This overall design design decisions regarding stealth raised all sorts of issues, which eventually led to many of the stealth elements in the game being cut or streamlined to a very high degree. And it makes sense - after having worked on a stealth system, I realize why so many stealth systems feel tacked on - they’re really complex, and very easy to screw up. However, today’s war story isn’t really about the stealth system - it’s more about a weird issue that came about because of what that entailed.

Like many games, we used a rag doll physics system for our corpses. This meant that the bodies of the fallen would spread out more realistically as they hit things. However, we couldn’t just immediately put them into rag doll physics when they died. Sometimes, like during a scripted melee takedown sequence, we had to let the animators have full control in order for the action to look right. You can’t just have somebody go all floppy in the middle of a judo throw.

In order to solve this problem, my melee combat system wouldn’t actually kill the bad guy (or turn on rag doll physics) until near the very end of the sequence, after the camera had stopped looking at the victim. This way the player would never see it during the sequence, and the body would be in rag doll physics the next time they did take a look.

However, one of the affectations of our rag doll system was that the body often wouldn’t actually go into a rag doll state until an outside physics force acted on it in order to save on having to do some extra calculations. Then it would immediately go into physics, doing the normal things one would expect a corpse in rag doll physics to do.


Because the players could drag bodies around, they had to be put into a partial rag doll state - the player would always drag the body by the legs, so the body could be rag doll from the waist up. It was actually fully possible to simply drag bodies to each other to make a big pile of corpses, and it was actually within the player’s best interest to do so - find a good spot to hide the bodies and then put all of the bodies there to be safe.

The weird thing is that because the bodies were only partially in rag doll, they could end up occupying the same space. They could clip through each other as you dragged them into a pile. That wasn’t seen as a problem… until you shot one. Remember, rag doll activated at the introduction of any outside physics force. Like being shot.

The bodies, all combined into the space of a single body, would bubble up like a corpse volcano as the gunshot would trigger a chain reaction. Body would wiggle against body, each time triggering the touching corpses into rag doll physics, resulting in a large conical pile of the dead. The more bodies there were, the bigger the volcano. It actually became a bit of a contest around the studio - bored developers would compete to make the biggest volcano.

We did eventually “fix it”, of course - bubbling mountains of corpses didn’t fit with the grim and gritty sort of themes of the game. And we did it in two ways - we got rid of the body dragging feature (since it was causing other problems with gameplay we didn’t want), and I made the corpses unaffected by gunfire.

That said… before I fixed it, I set the record for the largest corpse volcano. My test level had dudes who would respawn infinitely in the same place, and a lot of my testing/experimenting involved killing them over and over again, so my level was ideal for creating a corpse volcano without needing to drag bodies. It didn’t quite reach the ceiling, but it was a pile of bodies over ten feet tall.

Previous War Stories:

Even in the darkest night
our eyes are filled with stars,
and in a sky this bright
there’s no such thing as scars.

There’s a war song within us all, we sing of all the wrong romances, and hope the rain dance of our restless feet will bring some relief.
I’m making myself beautiful, to match what’s underneath.
Is there any part of me left undamaged?

All I can hear is the cold crooning of carrion birds, come to pick our corpses clean,
awaiting the soft fall of another moonless night.
The devil must have left a light on,
because I have seen hell,
and it is truly beautiful.

We’re all worn out by words, worthless run-on lines and death sentences,
and we all shiver as footsteps wander across our graves.
Never give in to the nightmares,
never give in to the darkness,
never give in to the thought that you can’t be saved.

—  giraffevader - Life is a lesson, be your own hero

One of the most haunting things about lord of the rings is that a lot of the quotes are still relevant today, still matter today.

‘war will make corpses of us all’
‘You’re part of this world. You must help, you must do somethig.’

the devastation of war. the hurt. the pain that spreads and spreads and the way we want to look away, want to say this isn’t our war. we cannot help.