God, let me just say one thing, Jay absolutely loved Harry. He was like her son. I’m sure she is just as proud of Harry as she is of Louis. It was so evident even just from the small glimpse we got in the past few years that how close they were to eachother. I’m sure Harry is hurting just as much. Even if we don’t get to see him mourning on social media, we have to know that he is hurting and that he loves Jay with all his heart. Anne, Robin and Gemma loved Jay and Jay loved them in return. They were a family. They’ve lost a very important part as well, so my heart goes out to them as well and I hope god gives them the strength and power to be strong in this time.


If I did a few commissions right now, would some of you like them? I’m gonna try and raise money from now until Tuesday to see if I can go to the Newark concert for the wings tour. I’ll stay up every night if I have to.

I’ll do portraits (from the collarbone/shoulders up) and the very first photo of Jimin is my most recent one. I’ll charge $15 for each portrait. I really want to make it to the concert, and this is my only choice right now to make it work.

So if you’d like a portrait, please please message me as soon as possible with a HIGH RESOLUTION photo. Only of BTS right now since I only have experience drawing them. The payment will be through PayPal.

So we’re just never gonna see the full version of the Stay choreography, huh? 👀

so, although I’ve not reached the point in the fic where I need to cover this yet, I’m thinking about what Quill would name her kid

(I considered Orla, after her sister, but I named the kitten in the kitten fic Orla not to mention I don’t actually think Quill WOULD name her kid after her sister given how complex their relationship was)

and I keep coming back to…Athena

like, come on, Greek goddess of strategy and intelligence who was a ferocious warrior but believed in fighting for justice, Quill would be like “yes good this will do nicely” 

plus, Andrea and Athena Quill just has a nice ring to it, tbh

Thank you everyone who sent me a kind message about my nan who passed today it really raises my spirits a bit. I would have replied to all of you individually but it’s a bit hard to talk about at the moment! I hope you understand and it still means a lot to me that people care 


i was tagged by @robinsrunway to post 6 selfies from 2016🐏

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the latest ep and the joking “And in that moment we fall in love!” from Mary Elizabeth reminded me

Scanlan and Zahra (and a couple of her tiefling friends) CANONICALLY had a 3-DAY SLUMBER PARTY where they sang songs, braided each other’s hair, painted each other’s nails, enjoyed multiple fine meals, and ‘just…connected’. This is CANON. and it is WONDERFUL and I am OFFENDED that there isn’t fic

Ahhhhhh more Klance

Keith and Lance laying on a couch together, Lance has Keith ontop of his chest and the whole house is silent. Keith’s arms wrapped around Lances neck loosely as he doses softly. Lance’s hand lazily trailing up and down his pale back as he just watched his little prince finally get some sleep after a long day of training. Leaning down he just presses a kiss to his forehead and falls asleep himself knowing how lucky he is to have Keith so close to him from now and forever.