okay before i retreat from the internet for the day to feel sorry for myself and avoid the cw-related drama that is sure to come rushing back

help me decide what i should write next?

(also maybe thoughts on what i should do for nanowrimo (the * indicates i’m considering it) and next year’s bb (the +) )

  1. the affectionately known “s!s!b”
    1. it’s a stripper au, what did you expect
    2. bucky’s a stripper, steve’s a client
    3. they get together outside of the club tho dw i’m not having any of that shadiness near my fic
    4. also, sub!bucky/bottom!bucky
    5. pwp
    6. it’s half finished but then the bang happened
  2. the also affectionately known “s!s!2″
    1. it’s the sequel to this
    2. sub!steve, bottom!steve, sub’s pov
    3. pwp
  3. pole dancer au
    1. bucky’s a pole dancer
    2. i just want him in heels
    3. heels and booty shorts
    4. u can thank @needmorefiction for this one
    5. pwp, bottom!bucky
  4. martial arts au*+
    1. by martial arts i mean judo bc i kno that shit back to front
    2. stebucks meet at a training, lilsteve wanting to be able to fight for himself, lilbucky (and his parents) thinking he could use the discipline and the focus
    3. and they get good
    4. they end up regional champs at kata demonstration at age 17 (together obvs), and incredibly well known for their competition fighting abilities
    5. i’ve thought this one out a lot okay i won’t go into it unless y’all want
    6. they’re in the same weight and age class, so they train together, and fight against each other a lot
    7. it’s impressive to watch them fight,a  lot of smaller comps bank om them both entering bc that brings in the crowds
    8. steve realises he has a crush on bucky at age 19, at a competition of all places.
    9. bucky realises a little while later when they’re training
      1. judo involves a lot of grappling and sitting on various body parts in groundwork if you haven’t seen it before okay
    10. but in one comp, the final, they’re facing each other and shit gets real
    11. steve ends up with a dislocated shoulder, bucky ends up scared out of his mind for his best friend, and steve ends up admitting things he probably wouldn’t have had he not been high as a kite on painkillers
    12. there’s more planned but this is long enough anyways
    13. all u need to kno is that there’s a point where steve bangs bucky harder than a screen door in a hurricane
    14. so yeah bottom!bucky
  5. dai!au*+
    1. dragon age au, what could go wrong
    2. bucky’s the poor sod who gets the mark of andraste on his hand, accidentally becomes the inquisitor
    3. steve’s the grumpy head of the inquisition forces
    4. basically follows the plot of the game but with more banging 
    5. idk i haven’t thought this one through too much
  6. t’chalcon fake married au*
    1. that’s it that’s all u need to know 
  7. bucky vs tinder vs pining
    1. u kno that edit goin around where steve and bucky in canon universe end up on tinder
    2. and get matched and bucky obvs has Feelings for steve that he doesn’t think are requited
    3. yeah that
    4. probably not gonna be long enough for nano/the bang but i wanna do the thing
  8. model!bucky/commander!steve
    1. that’s all i have but hey it could be fun
  9. undercover russian spy trophy husband bucky+
    1. exactly what it sounds like but also not bc bucky’s actually a double agent, working for the same government body steve does, but he’s so deep undercover with the russians that they’ve sent him back on “undercover work”
    2. they meet on a dating website that sam signed steve up to as a joke but it works out in the end
  10. treasure hunters au*+
    1. who doesn’t like beefy guys doing impractical things to find pirate treasure
    2. whilst competing with each other to get it
  11. the hockey au*+
    1. good luck
Samwell Theatre Department

(otherwise known as the au where instead of hockey bros, they’re theatre nerds)

Eric Bittle always played the lead in his high school plays, but all he had to work with was a tiny drama club who barely had enough money or interest to put on shows, much less to put on good ones.

He goes to Samwell as a theatre major and he’s almost overwhelmed by how different it is from back home, even as small as the department is. First off, they actually get to perform with real props and makeup and an actual light board. And their home is a blackbox? An actual blackbox theatre? Bitty’s never seen one before in his life.

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What is it like owning a GSD?

The breed that helped me through my cynophobia and really got me into dogs (shoutout to my childhood acquaintance Jake)

For those of you who own German Shepherds, what do you like about them vs dislike?

What would you tell someone who is having a difficult time sifting through the loads of breeders out there, in search of a stable and healthy dog?

And… What do you prefer- show or working lines?

I’ll tag a few of you I know have experience:

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I just wanted to let you all know that this blog will be on hiatus starting from Tuesday August 30th due to school, so I won’t be posting at all for a while. Since I’m starting Uni this year, I want to try and focus as much as I can and get my priorities straight or just until I get used to everything, because I honestly don’t want to screw myself over in the first year and tbh, I really do need a break from Tumblr since I’m on it way more than I should and it’s starting to get unhealthy.
I decided that I’ll definitely be back for a short period of time once infinite has a comeback cuz I’ve been waiting far too long and it’s literally the only thing I’m looking forward to this year, but after that, this blog will go back to being on a hiatus again until whenever.
I thought about putting up a queue, but then I realized that it never really helped me from staying away from blogging because I always seemed to come back a week later so this time I decided to completely not post at all for a while (gotta find a balance in life)
I’m not sure how long this full hiatus will last because I always seem to give in and end up coming back before I should, but this blog will be pretty inactive until I get my priorities straight, and learn how to manage everything, and once I do get everything straight it will be on semi-hiatus (all posts on queue).
I hope all of you stay safe while I’m gone, and sorry for all that rambling!! haha 💕

~ Nazreen

  • ao3 comment:you are my senpai now your stories are fucking flawless and sweet and sexy and if you ever stop writing i will die so please do not stop writing i have never felt more engaged when reading a story the imagery was perfect i felt like i was truly there i read everything in one afternoon because i couldn't walk away from it just to be here on this planet with you is an honor i love you so much
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