why writing takes forever
  • writer: *stops mid-sentence* damn what's the word I want?
  • writer: *spends 25 minutes on google trying to figure out the right vocab word*
  • writer: *gets a paragraph done*
  • writer: *starts another sentence, stops* what is that really specific fact I need?
  • writer: *spends an hour trying to figure out this obscure thing that probably doesn't actually matter*
  • writer: Wait what's that thing called again?
  • writer: *has no idea how to search for what I need*
  • writer: *ends up digging through blogs and other archived websites for details*
  • writer: *needs to reference source material for fact checking*
  • writer: *has to eat and sleep at some point*
  • writer: should it be "she regards him with disdain" or "she glares at him with disdain" ??? (hint: it doesnt matter but gunna go back and forth over it for an hour)
  • writer: *gets distracted by the internet in general*
  • writer: HOW IS THIS ONLY 800 WORDS???????
  • writer: fuck proofreading
  • writer: okay fine i'll proofread.
  • writer: holy shit this is awful.
  • writer: *reworks entire sections*
  • writer: *doesn't think I'm good enough as a writer and stops for a few days*
  • writer: repeat process as needed.

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but how did the even and isak conversation go? were they sitting on their couch, or eating dinner there, and Isak’s feet were laying in Even’s lap as he picked at his food. And Even clearly picks up on his mood and nudges him by squeezing his foot, everything alright? And Isak will shrug and be like yeah of course. But clearly we know that Even can always spot Isak’s bullshit from a mile away, so Even just does his soft Isak. And that just kind of- Isak slumps and puts the mostly uneaten food away and climbs up closer, maybe into Even’s lap, for the conversation. Do you trust me? and Even blinks because?? what the fuck of course he trusts him. more than anyone else in the world? So Even tells him this and Isak nods, i want to know who Mikael is. And once again what the fuck, how did he come in to the conversation?

So Even just kind of tries to keep from completely freezing up and Isak bites at his lip until Even clan unlock his voice enough to say, how did you-? and Isak will shrug, sana knows him, apparently. i saw pictures but she won’t tell me anything. But then Isak might get the defensive tone of voice when he’s frustrated- you know the one where he begins to talk really fast? i just want to know you Even. Like you know me. Every dirty detail, and I thought I did, but I’m beginning to think that there is this whole history that you have and i’m in the dark-

I need time. Even will swallow, but bring a hand to slowly drag through Isak’s curls. He doesn’t know who he’s trying to comfort. I will tell you. I just need time. And Isak will shut his eyes, but nod quietly and lay his head down on Even’s shoulder

I know absolutely nothing about what’s going on with them but I’ve seem them a lot on my dash lately *cough* @kimmys-voodoo *cough* and I feel like a part of me has adopted them as a little ship of mine???? Plus I love old cartoons so…

quick life update:
- my dad has spontaneously taken up the hobby of making donuts from scratch
-rufus was taken to a fancy pet hairdresser today and returned home so fluffy that i questioned whether he was actually a solid form
-patrice rushen’s “forget me nots” is the only good song and a Big mood
-i’m about to get sushi so in other words i’m having a good time
-dad has finished chemotherapy and is now in the recovery stage 
i scored higher in icelandic vocabulary on our last big exam than 98% percent of the kids my age in the country so yay me and my formerly broken af icelandic
-british slang is great
-the importance of being ernest is a good play and lady bracknell is a mood

Luke lands on Dagobah in search of Chirrut Imwe the Jedi Master

and instead gets an old married couple who maybe have something to teach him about the Force. 

“Wait, you’re Master Imwe? But you’re so—” 
“I’d be careful what word you use next, little brother.” 

“I am one with the Force, the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, the Force is with me. I am one with the Force—” 
“Um, is the chanting… required?” 
“I don’t even think it’s recommended.” 

“The Jedi aren’t supposed to marry. That’s why Chirrut left the Order: so he could be with me.” 

“Master Imwe, can I ask you… I mean, do you ever regret it? Leaving, moving here. Giving up your chance to be a Jedi. Don’t you ever wonder what kind of life you could have had?” 
“Don’t be silly. There is no life if the person I love isn’t in it.”