I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

Spock in star trek beyond when he tried to save Uhura= It’s the thought that counts

it’s funny when someone says they don’t like a female character, even for legit reasons they’re called misogynist. like maybe they don’t like the female because they don’t find anything appealing or likable about them? they just don’t see what fans see in them. like hating them over a ship is one thing, it’s petty. but newflash, the character being female has nothing to do with it, they just don’t see anything interesting or appealing. and that’s their opinion.but if like just because someone dislikes your female fave doesn’t automatically make them a misogynist, stop throwing that argument around

Me: “Hey, Mom, do you want to see the new Funko Rebels Pops?”

Mom: “You know, we really don’t have a lot of room left for collecting new things and then there’s the expense…”

Mom: “Except for Chopper. We have to get Chopper.”

Mom: “And Hera. I love Hera! And look at how cute she is!”

Mom: “And you can’t have Hera and not get Kanan! Plus, I really love Kanan, too.”

Mom: “Oh, and Sabine! We can’t forget Sabine!”

Mom: “Hee, and I love Zeb! We need him, too!”

Mom: “And you can’t leave out Ezra, after all! Okay, so we’ll stick to just those.”

Me: “Um, you know that’s all* of them, right?”




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*gigglesnort* Okay, so Mom didn’t really say “Karabast,” but that would’ve been funny if she had, right? :P ;) However, she often says “Holy cannoli!” whenever frustrated/mad/whatever but the other day, I heard her mutter under her breath, “OBI-Wan Kenobi!” instead, something I always used to follow up the cannoli comment with, so I feel like my work here is done, lol! ;)

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*Not counting the Walgreens’ exclusive masked Sabine and the Hot Topic exclusive Ahsoka. ;)

4 Colors Tag

Thanks for including me in thingies @sympxls

Rules: Pick four colors you associate with your muse. Then use the gif search function and search for the color. Post one gif for each color.

I’m going to do this for Sibyl as she needs some serious character building.

Black - Sibyl exists in the realm of the secretive and the unknown. She walks with a constant air of mystery, power, and control. Of course, she finds black to be the most beautiful color of them all. 

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Purple - A color that symbolizes the magic that has always existed in her soul, that grounds her spiritually and ignites her creativity. 

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Silver - Sibyl finds her femininity in the color silver, feeling connected to her more emotional and sensitive side. You’ll rarely find her in jewelry that isn’t silver, using it’s meta properties to reflect negative energy away, pushing it back to wherever it came from.

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Red - A passionate woman is going to naturally be drawn to the color of passion. The color also tends to draw forward her otherwise suppressed rebellious nature.

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