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Do you think you'll go Vierra if they ever come out? (:

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Viera would probably be the only real reason the game could give me to having an alt I’m actually active with and is not just a place holder for nothing. I don’t think I would give up Neyuki as my main character but I would really enjoy exploring a Viera as a character as I’ve always been a fan of the race.

Thank you for the ask anon!

angsty shippyness

So… you know how Carol is dealing with her pain and the killings, and then she told Daryl this. “There wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.” If she found out anyone of her family died from saviors, which made Daryl lie to her,because he loves her and to save her. 

But, in ep 13, Carol figured it out that’s a lie and then learned the truth from Morgan that some of her family had been killed. 

So, I don’t know, if she’s now alright and stronger than before from healing at the house alone and the talks with Morgan, Ben,& Ezekiel. Or, that she will be worse off. :\ Like she will be dead inside.  Ep. 13 didn’t really show Carol on what she’s thinking and feeling. Probably like a transition of what Carol’s gonna do. idk. But, I think we will know more in finale. 

* my main point of this post is….since most of the spoilery-carylers want Caryl to be canon/kiss in finale or s8 premiere, but with the quote Carol mentioned, it made me want the angst instead.. shippy angst goodness.  Carol being “dead” or “gone”’ from killing and attacking the savior’s in S7 finale. And Daryl bringing her back to life and healing her.😘 I’m willing to wait for canon Caryl later-like s8 msf, if we get this shippy angst stuff. I know some fans are tired of Carol being sad rn. I guess I like the angst ..Sometimes 😶 

However, I think Carol is getting healthier and back to herself. We will know more in finale…Just speculating.