I really love this part in Wang Lee Hom’s “Still In Love With You” music video by Wong Fu Productions. (This was the first gif I made, by the way)

-This particular sequence I took from the beginning of the Behind the Scenes (part 2) from WFP, since the original video had been taken down.

After seeing this, it really made me love the flip clock look and concept. It’s a really great prop and it was incorporated fantastically. Caught my attention the most.

I also love how they used the scenes and gave it the flip clock frame to depict the memories. To me, on a personal level, it represented how after when a relationship (or a bond) decays, the clock ticks on. In the beginning I would probably think about it all the time, constantly reminiscing on the good and bad times. That was basically in the music video, where Wang Lee Hom was sitting there holding the clock (though, that’s just how I interpreted it and how I thought it related to me).

I’ll cut this short, since I’m sure no one probably wants to read it. Overall, it was a very well done video and I loved it. The song was amazing, also. Put two and two together, and you have a heart-felt music video (in my opinion)

BIGBANG, SISTAR & Wang Lee Hom confirmed to attend at 2012 MAMA in Hong Kong!

Following the announcement that Psy and Super Junior would be gracing the Mnet Asian Music Awards stage in Hong Kong this year, Big Bang, SISTAR and Taiwanese American singer-actor Wang Lee Hom have been confirmed to appear at the music event of the year!

Big Bang enjoyed a stellar year with fifth mini album Alive, released earlier this year, while SISTAR took over the K-Pop scene with hit songs Alone and Loving U.

SISTAR is up for the Best Female Group Award this year, while Big Bang has been nominated for the Best Male Group Award. 

Hong Dong Cheol, the director of this year’s MAMA, said, “Expect a world class stage that can only be seen at MAMAfeaturing not only the world’s top stars that have already been unveiled but musicians from England and America as well.” 

He continued, “From Psy, who has sparked a worldwide syndrome, to Super Junior, Big Bang and SISTAR, who have been leading K-Pop across the world, to China’s representative multi-entertainer Wang Lee Hom, please look forward to the special stage that is MAMA, where people from all around the world will be able to communicate through music.”

This year’s MAMA will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center in Hong Kong on November 30. 

Source: Enewsworld


Wang Leehom’s Address at Oxford Union

This touches on so many amazing things. Asian american identity, music, racial bullying, pop culture, unifying the soft powers between the East and the West.

H* #24: Wang Lee Hom’s reclamation of “chink” and the politics of POC appropriating other POC

Chuks and Kari kick things off with Elliot Rodgers and the #YesAllWomen movement that’s sprung up as a result. We then move onto a discussion about examples of POC appropriating other POC and unpacking what the implications are. For asks this week, we field three anonymous asks: one about the legitimacy of feminism, anti-racism, etc. classes in universities; traveling the world as a Black woman and dealing with the ramifications of global oppression; experiencing possible racism abroad as a POC.

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