christmas with exo (OT9)

finally a fluff! not crack. :)


suho: although he may be the richest of the members, he still strongly believes in “it’s the thought that counts”. he wouldn’t buy you such an overpriced present to impress you, maybe more of a valuable, small gift that resembles your relationship, or something that makes you special, or something that remind you of him.

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chanyeol: this lil shit gonna wake up extra early in the morning just to hang up mistletoes all around the house. he’ll hang them each one inch apart on every section of the ceiling, and in the most unexpected places. like, there’s one hanging right above the bathroom door and you really need to take a crap but he jumps out of now where like “I NEED A KISS!!!!”

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lay: THIS CUTE FLUFFY BEAR AHH. he’ll prepare a very special song a few months in advance. he would lock himself in his room and wouldn’t even let his own members listen to it. eventually christmas eve, he’d take out his guitar and play a soft melody and sing his significant song that holds beautiful words. dedicated to you.

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kai: cuddles would be about it. maybe some christmas present wrapping, but other than that it’s hot chocolate+cookies+blankets+couch= cuddles with jongin. watching the “elf” together is a christmas tradition, or some sort of christmas movie. OTHER THAN THAT JUST COZY AND WARM CUDDLES. <3

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baekhyun: blasting mariah carey carols;;; singing and dancing to them, neighbors would eventually go crazy and come knocking on your door so y’all can shut the hell up but that still doesn’t stop you guys from causing more trouble while baking cookies and almost burning the house down. *ends up buying cookies and gets sugar hyper*

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chen: gotta blast to local craft store to buy christmas tree ornaments that are 70% off! apparently ornaments are too overrated for chen and they aren’t worth the price they are. while decorating the tree you guys would argue who gets to put the star on the tree, but chen eventually gives in.

“i don’t need a star to put up Y/N, because i already have you”

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kyungsoo: every year you two would bake cookies for the children at the orphanage. just to warm both of your cold hearts. although kyungsoo would send you death glares everytime you step foot into HIS kitchen, christmas was an exception. you guys would watch the children at the orphanage and every now and then spark the idea of having your own children one day.

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sehun: pfft. what cold guy? sehun would plan out a perfect christmas for the both of you. starting out with a warm, light breakfast, opening presents, going out to enjoy the earth covered in a heavy blanket of snow, and tying the day together with a nice cuddling session. maybe an extra mistletoe right at the entrance at the door, you were a little too late to realize until he pulls you into a light kiss.

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xiumin: christmas with minseok is something special, especially when it’s your 5th year dating. around night time, he pulls you outside to a near by park where no one’s around. you two play in the snow and admire how each snowflake delicately lands, creating another sheet of snow, yeah, pretty cheesy. as he’s chasing you, he trips over and lands on one knee. he pulls out a velvet box with a diamond ring inside.

yeah, pretty cheesy.

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Her Choosing Sleep Over Them: KNK


He would be fine with it since it would give him a chance to observe your pretty sleeping expressions which always send his heart on endless loops. 


Would cuddle into your side since he understood how tired you were. And anyway, he would just make you spend some quality time with him in the morning.


LoL. What sleep? You wish he was understanding. The lil’ shit would just wake you up and make you watch some horror movies for the purpose of not letting you sleep.


It wasn’t JiHun’s intention to wake you up, but as he clumsily clambered onto the bed you had woken up from his struggle in the dark.

“What’re you doing?”

“Just sleep, Jagiya. Everything’s fine.”


Would actually be speechless when you said you were going to sleep and not spend time with him but as you did do it and fell asleep he would go to your room, waken you up and then run away squealing and laughing from his deed.

Zeus probably when he reaches out to Lester (Apollo)
  • Zeus: I casted my son down to the mortal world without notice should I contact him?
  • Hera: of course.
  • Apollo: *dreaming*
  • Zeus: *in dream* Goodbye you lil shit.
  • Apollo: *wakes up*
Imagine: A trip to Chicago with Johnny

-The meme lord will grab ur hand tight during the flight take off cuz he doesnt want u to freak but is lowkey freaking out on the inside.

-such a sweetie tho, he lets u rest ur head on his shoulder and plays with ur hair and makes u feel as comfy as he can in the small space of the cubicle

-he pokes ur nose to wake u up when you’ve landed cuz he’s a lil shit too

-ok so when u get in the taxi, he acts all cool speaking english in a sexy american accent but u know how lame he is irl so it’s not rlly working (but is working cuz damn who’d resist that)

-he grabs ur hand in the taxi cuz he’s so excited for u to see his country and is so cheeky

-he’d point out so many things and tell u all about chicago, u know he isnt a scholar and that he stayed up all night studying about chicago just to impress

-u love it

-he takes u to his school, gets all cheeky with the teachers who obv love him cuz like who wouldn’t

-you’d meet his american friends and make fun of him together about his lame puns and memes

-gosh he’d take so many aesthetic photos of u

-“the view is beautiful, but not as beautiful as u”

-travelling with him is like food, pictures, holding hands, small kisses and basically him trying to woo u off ur feet

-it always works cuz you’re in love with this giant