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(A/n): I seriously honest to God love this request a lot

Request: *cough* so, uh… I’ve never requested or suggested anything before. But if you ever feel like it, could you write something where Ethan and the female reader meet at a convention or something and end up liking each other? It’s okay if you don’t want to though! ^_^

Warnings: lmao fluff but I do not believe I swore


“So, I’m not prepared.” you mumbled aloud.

“Pardon, miss?”

Your eyes flickered to meet with the cabbie’s. Cheeks flushing with sudden realization, you apologized swiftly; claiming to have said nothing of importance.

“Alright,” they smiled back “We’re here anyway, miss. That will have to be ten fifteen, please.”

You offered him a shy smile and gave him a twenty “Thank you, keep the change.”

The driver eased you with a smile of his own and observed you leaving the cab.

You turned to wave him off politely. Shaking yourself back around, you faced a large, modern looking building.

“Vidcon…” you uttered dumbly.

Though you have already joined yourself here twice in the past, it was still a striking experience to be welcomed back.

Being a gaming youtuber certainly did have its pros.

“Okay, okay, check list.” you breathed and readied yourself.

“Wallet; check.” you tapped at your left front pocket.

“Phone; check.” you viewed your right hand.

“Bag?” looking at your messenger bag that crossed your front “Check.”

You began to smile to yourself.

The music that lulled from the large building was similar to a soft jazz with an electro mix. It calmed your nerves a bit.

‘Just go inside before you actually lose anything.’ your inner voice stated.

Shaking your head lightly, you stepped your way up to the large door where many, many people stood. Finding your way to a line you otped to wait for a bit.

Your eyes slipped across many faces and tags, walls and signs. You truly were excited for this convention; your first with a panel.

Gliding your way up to the officials, one politely asked for your day time pass.

You smiled at her and patted both of your back pockets.

Slowly, your expression seemed to drain of its original joy. You quaintly looked back at the woman and chuckled gingerly.

‘I’ve forgotten it…’ your mind hissed sourly.

“Are you a plus one, maybe?” the woman asked again.

You were about to shake your head ‘no’, before someone cut you off at the thought.

“Yeah, mine.” the man that stood directly behind you spoke up.

You didn’t venture here with any other friends and you had not planned on meeting up with anyone else prior to arriving. So the declaration came as a shock.

Your mouth moved on it’s own when you were about to deny the statement but the lady was already beaming warmly at the man and asking for his pass instead.

Spinning your head around you briefly locked eyes with him before he pushed you forward, not being able to take in his look fully.

“I told you to wait for me, idiot.” he said funnily.

“Wait, but-”

“I should get you a leash.” they laughed.

The boy nudged you all the way inside the Vidcon building. Then he stopped abruptly. You took this as an opportunity to finally turn and view him.

So you turned and there he stood with a stupid smile. He was clad in a light blue t-shirt with a lapis blue collar. His thin black jeans were cuffed at the ends to show white Chuck Taylor’s.

And his hair, was blue.

“Sorry about that.” he admitted.

“You realize you just payed for my whole day, right?” You mumbled, looking him directly in the eyes.

He smiled “Yeah, make sure I didn’t waste my money?” he joked right after.

“I- no of course not!” laughing nervously, you continued “Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention it!”

“I am a youtuber though,” you chuckled “I have a panel today.”

“Oh! I hope to see it then,” he chanced a bigger grin “My name is Ethan.”

You struck out your hand for him “(Y/n).” lips contorting into a smile.

Ethan shook it heartily.

Eventually, you both parted ways with warm goodbyes. You hoped to face him again sooner or later, but as of right now you need to prepare for your panel.

❆   ❆   ❆

“Alright, okay, shush!” you laughed into your hand mic.

Your audience of fans quieted soon after your demand and you continued with thanking them. You told them that you were going to start with a small Q&A. The funny kind.

“If you don’t ask it in a funny voice, you don’t get an answer from me.” you declared.

Pushing back some of your (h/c) hair, you beamed at some of the hilarious voices that were strewn out during the event.

“Am I excited for one million? Ah, no, of course not. That’s a stupid question.” you scoffed. The crowd rippled with common laughter.

“Okay~! One more.” you chuckled.

Pulling your hand up, your eyes raked over the people in front of you. Finding it difficult to pick, you sighed dreamily into your microphone. Though, soon your eyes landed upon a mess of blue. Ethan.

You let your pointed finger drop on his raised hand as you face danced with familiar happiness.

Ethan coughed to begin with before a gruff voice parted his lips “Ah, are you usually forgetful?”

Head falling back with laughter, you fans seemed confused at first, but then actually recognized him.

They started to chat his name.

You laughed even harder and his face flushed with a contrast to his hair, and shirt.

“Guys, shh! Shhh! I had to sneak away from Tyler and Mark to get here!” The blue haired boy cried.

The large auditorium was charmed with even more laughter. Then, you answered.

“Yeah, I would say that I am. It’s a bummer that I can’t have more people like you around me that pay for my entire day though.”

The audience erupted with ‘awwwe’s and Ethan chuckled, scratching his neck with a dopey smile.

“That’s really all the time that I have! Thank you tons for coming out to see me, had I hope to see you all next year!”

❆   ❆   ❆

You left the back of your panel stage with a small smile. You went through one of the side exits right to the main ground.

You hoped to walk around a bit and see all the other booths and maybe meet up with your corresponding youtube friends.


The voice came suddenly, but you still recognized the tone to be Ethan. The smile of your face slipped into an even larger one.

“Ethan!” you called back jokingly.

Ethan met you halfway and looked at you with a goof smile plastered to his lips.

“You did great up there.” he laughed, viewing your eyes.

“Hey thanks, you made it worth it.”

Ethan’s smile never faltered as he spoke again, though his eyes did shift nervously.

“I was coming to ask if you might want to join Mark and I up on our own panel!” he blurted “I mean- of course you don’t have to, you probably are tired from just doing yours but I just thou–”

“I sure will.” you said.

“Really?” he dazed, sounding like an excited child.

“Only if afterwards you join me for coffee. I’ll pay.” you challenged, offering him a charming smile.

“Deal.” Ethan agreed.

Being forgetful certainly did have its pros.


(A/n): W o w,  how  c h e e s y

A new family member (Rami Malek x Reader)

So, here we are again! Hope you like this new one shot! I must admit I have so much fun writing stories like this with our Rami! I think he’ll be a very good father and I can’t wait to see little baby Maleks! Feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated!!! <3 H, hope you like it, too! xoxo

Word count : 1,912

“I want a baby.” Rami said one night as we both made ourselves comfortable on the couch, him watching  “The late late show with James Corden “ while I was reading a magazine. As I heard what he said, I almost spit the hot cocoa I had taken a gulp of on the ground. My heart pounded against my chest heavily and I felt my hands become a little sweaty. I felt very surprised because he confronted me with something so unexpected. Especially in the situation he was now. His career had made a huge jump to success and every director wanted to work with him from now on. So how could he even have time for a baby?

 I made contact with his eyes, laying the magazine on the table in front of me. Rami looked at me expectantly, his face turned to seriousness in one second. I also could notice a little bit of insecurity in his beautiful green eyes, but I didn’t know what he was so afraid of.  “Can you tell me that again, baby?” I asked him, and moved closer to him to close the gap that was between us. I took his hands in mine and felt that they were trembling slightly. With I smile on my face, I tried to calm down the man who was also my husband for two years.

“I want to have a baby, (Y/N).” Rami repeated, avoiding my gaze as it was something to be ashamed of which of course was totally nonsense. I forced him to look at me in the eyes by lifting up his chin. “What changed your mind so rapidly, Rami?” I questioned. A few months ago, an interviewer asked if children were a part of his plans in the future but Rami turned it off by telling he wasn’t in a hurry. And I couldn’t blame him for saying that because I wanted him to concentrate on his job first.

I wanted to have kids, yes, I wanted to be a mother so bad. Only the thought of a baby who resembled Rami made tingles spreading in my whole  body. To carry his child was something to be proud of next to being his wife. My life already changed with entering Rami’s life but having our own baby would be a new adventure and I was sure of it.

Rami cleared his throat. “I know I said I wasn’t in a rush for children but… I think I’m ready for being a father. I mean, you remember the last week when we went to visit Sami and his wife?” I nodded with my head, not very sure what he was implying to. “I saw the sparkle in your eyes as you saw their daughter again and how you took care of her. I remember how you looked like when we returned back home, you tried to hide it but I saw the sadness in your eyes and the longing for our own children.”

I kept listening to him without any interruptions. I tried hard not to burst into tears and took a deep breath in. “After that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you being pregnant with our own baby. How you would touch your belly only to assure yourself that our baby was still in there, how you would talk and sing to him or her, how we would set up its nursery and even go to buy baby supplies. I want it, I want all that now.” Rami looked at me with utter conviction, squeezing my hand lightly. “I want to experience morning sickness with you, I want to hold your hair back when you throw up into our toilet, I want to experience the joy and happiness in your eyes as you show me the positive pregnancy test, I’d love to see your baby bump growing every day, and hell I even want to experience you complaining about everything, back pain, headaches, no matter what. Please, let’s make a baby.”

The tears I tried to hold back in vain ran down my cheeks. A huge smile appeared on my face and leaned closer to his forehead. “What about your career?” I sniffled. “I mean, will you even have time to raise a child?”

“Don’t worry about that, (Y/N). I promise I’ll be there for you and for our baby. Nothing is more important to me than you and our family.”

“If that’s so, than I’m ready to try.” I breathed against his lips.

“Now?” Rami asked.

“Please.” I murmured before a captured my lips with his to a heated kiss. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his hips as he carried me to our bed room where tried to create a new life, made of passion and love.


“Shit, I can’t wait anymore!” I whined, waiting for a result of the pregnancy test. “Why is it taking so long?”

Jasmine, Rami’s sister and my best friend besides being my sister-in-law, was there to support me. I missed my period for a long time and was confronted with nausea every morning. I was suspicious about a pregnancy but I didn’t want to look forward to it too much. Maybe I was wrong and the pregnancy test was negative. Who knew?

“Patience, (Y/N). “ Jasmine said and stroked my arm soothingly. “A few more minutes and it’ll be done.” I closed my eyes and sighed. Patience was not one of my strengths and especially now I was going to freak out.

And then I heard the little sound that saved me. “Okay.” Jasmine said. “Are you ready to have a look?”

“I’m afraid to be honest. What if it’s negative?”

“You’ll only find out if you look at it.” Jasmine answered.

I nodded my head, taking the test between my fingers. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. And as finally took a look, my eyes were filled with tears abruptly.

“Positive.” I whispered and felt my sister-in-law’s arms welcoming me into an embrace.

“Congratulations, (Y/N)!” She called, her eyes filling with tears as well and she began to laugh in joy. “You’ll be a mother! And I’m going to be an aunt! God, I’m so proud of you!”

We stood there for a while, crying and laughing and making plans for the future.

“We need to tell the others.” Jasmine said. “What about a dinner?” I agreed and we called my parents and the Malek family to join us tonight and to celebrate the big news.


In the evening, everybody was gathered at the dining table. “May I have your attention, please?” I questioned. Everybody was looking at me. “First of all, I want to thank you for coming tonight. This really means a lot to me even though nobody knows what’s going on.” I earned some laughter. I turned to my husband.

“Rami, I have something for you.” I said, handing him a little box that I decorated with a little baby shoes, the pregnancy test and a little card, labeled with “For daddy”.

A confused expression appeared on his face as he took the box out of my hand.

“What’s that for?” he asked, laughing insecurely. Everybody stared at him and the box, wondering what was in there. And finally, Rami opened the box and his body froze for a second, his eyes were wide open, also his jaw dropped open.

“What’s the matter, son?” His dad asked as he saw Rami losing the color in his face for a second.

“Positive.” Rami mumbled as a response. “The test… it’s positive.” Then he made eye contact with everyone. “I-I’m going to be a dad.” Everyone stood silent for a moment, speechless. I turned to my parents and I saw my mom crying and smiling at me.

“We’ll have a baby…” Rami rambled. “I’ll be a dad. We made a baby. Our baby. We… We’re going to be parents. “  He got up instantly from his seat and wrapped his arms around me. Right then, everyone cheered and applauded, sending their congratulations.

“We’re going to have a baby, aren’t we?” Rami asked me. I responded with a kiss. “Yes, we’re going to be parents.”

“I love so much you, (Y/N).”  He kissed me again.

“I love you so much more.”


-Nine months later-

“Rami Said Malek! Tell your son he should stop kicking!” I whined. I was very close to my due date and the baby inside me had been more active than before. The closer we got the more I became nervous. I was afraid to be honest. I knew I was going to be confronted with lots of pain but it would be worth it. As soon as I held my baby in my hands, everything would be fine.

Rami joined me on the couch, wrapping his arms around my belly, stroking it. “Hey buddy!” He cooed. “Stop hurting mummy, please. She had a very hard day today.” I leaned my back against his chest, closing my eyes. I was very exhausted and tired and I was aware that I was facing more sleepless nights and exhaustion. Pregnancy was no fun. Nothing at all.

“Is it that what you have imagined?” I asked. I felt him nodding his head and resting his head on my shoulder.

“The last nine months have been the best I’ve ever had no matter how hard they were. They always will be special to me and I see more wonderful years ahead us. With you and me and our little one here.” He said, caressing my belly again. Suddenly, my baby kicked against me stomach, making his daddy smile. “I can’t wait to meet him.” He told me.

“I can’t wait to see him too.” I agreed.


“Congratulations, you have a healthy, strong boy.” The doctor wished us as he handed my son over to me. Rami, who stood next to me, looked at the little infant with admiration and adoration in his eyes. Finally, our bundle of love was there!

“Hey, there.” I whispered to my baby. “Welcome to the world.” I earned a little yawn of my new born son and he wrapped his tiny little fingers around my pointer finger. I turned to Rami, whose eyes were red from crying and he gave me a kiss on my lips.

“I’m proud of you.” He whispered into my ear. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I said. “Here, hold him.” He took our son carefully out of my arms and kissed his soft cheeks.

“Hi baby, I’m your daddy. And I’m going to take very good care of you, I promise.”

I wanted to cry myself as I saw how my husband was interacting with our son. I thanked god for giving me the perfect soul mate for life and a wonderful little child.

“He has your eyes and your nose.” Rami claimed. I offered him a smile.

“He looks exactly like you. “ I said. Like his father, our son had little curls on his head. “He’s going to be handsome as his father.”

“I can’t wait to take him home.” Rami admitted. “I’m looking forward for our future, baby.” He came closer to me and sat down on my bed. “What do we call him?”

“David.” I answered. “Only if you’re okay with that.”

“David is fine with me.” He weighed our baby back and forth.

“David, you made our family complete.”

These are our friends (Balloon Squad + Yousana kids)


Well, as I say before, I have been on a writers block lately, I wasn’t really inspired until the lovely @stressedoutteenager told me a headcanon about The balloon squad taking care of kids and well our conversation ended on me writing this fic about the balloon boys and yousef and sana’s kids. So I want to thank her because like half of the ideas of this fic belong to her! 

I also got this prompt a few weeks ago and even though it’s not actually the same I hope you like it:  

Prompt. HELLO IDK IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF PROMPTS ALREADY BUT I WAS THINKING LIKE WHAT IF YOU WROTE ABOUT UNCLE ELIAS COMING OVER AND TAKING CARE OF YOUSANAS FOOTBALL TEAM?? like at this point they’d prob have like 4 kids or something and thats tiring enough and yousef is like we never get time to ourselves and sana’s like well you’re the one that wanted 12?? and they’re like we can maybe ask elias to take care of them and they go on a date or whatever and elias takes care of the kids :)

Well I leave you now with the fic, I know there’s no much Yousana but I hope you like it!!!


That the Balloon boys love Sana with all their hearts is no secret. And that they love Yousef too isn’t either. But their love for Yousef and Sana doesn’t compare with their love for their children.


Since Sana and Yousef got married, all of them had been constantly teasing them about when they were planning on having children. They knew Yousef was really looking forward to it while Sana wasn’t that keen on it, or at least that’s what she said. They didn’t expect them having children that soon after they got married though so when only 9 months after their wedding Yousef and Sana called them all asking to meet them at their house that idea didn’t even crossed their minds.

“Thank you for coming” Sana said as all the boys sat in front of her and Yousef.

“What is this about sis?” Elias asked

“What have you done Yousef?” Adam added

“I haven’t done anything” Yousef defended himself

“Well, you kind of have” Sana said blushing

“Sana!” Yousef chuckled completely embarrassed.

“I’m not understanding anything” Mutta said confused

“Guys, what’s going on?” Mikael asked

“Okay so…we called you here because we need to tell you something important and we thought that we should tell you all at once” Sana started

“We know this might be unexpected” Yousef continued

“Are you divorcing?” Mutta asked as disappointed as if his parents were telling them that they were going to have a divorce

“No! No, no, no. It’s the opposite actually” Yousef said

“The opposite would be getting married and you’re already married” Mikael said

“Are you going to renew your vows?” Adam asked

“What are you talking about Adam? How are they going to renew their vows, they haven’t even been married for a year” Elias said rolling his eyes

Yousef looked at Sana exasperated. Sana just shrugged as a way of saying “they’re your friends”. Yousef shook his head as the rest of the boys started a fight over how much time was logical to pass to renew the vows.

“Guys, guys…guys!” Sana said clapping her hands to catch their attention

“Wait a moment Sana” Elias said not even looking at her “Stop defending Adam, Mikael, you don’t know what you’re talking about”

“I’m not defending him but it makes sense what he’s saying”

“I’m not understanding anything” Mutta said again

“I’m pregnant!” Sana yelled

The whole room turned silent as the boys looked at Sana and Yousef taken aback by the news.

“What?” Elias asked

“I’m pregnant, you’re going to be an uncle Elias, you’re all going to be uncles”

“But pregnant as in having a baby pregnant?”

“No, pregnant as in having a fish, what do you think Mikael?” Sana said rolling her eyes

“You’re pregnant!!” Elias exclaimed standing up and hugging his sister

“I told you they wouldn’t wait a year!! You owe me 100kr!” Adam told Mutta as he extended his hand waiting to be paid

“Seriously Yousef? You couldn’t wait three more months?” Mutta said shaking his head

“You bet on how fast I’d get pregnant?” Sana asked “You do realize how creepy that is, right?”

“It’s not creepy, it’s the miracle of life” Mikael said smiling

“Yousef my man, you’re going to be a dad!” Elias said hugging his friend “And my sister is going to be a mom and I’m going to be an uncle and…and…”

“Elias are you crying?” Sana asked smiling as her brother tried to hide the tears

“No, I’m not” he said sniffing

“Yes you are! Come on Adam bring me the camera, this is going to make a sick video” Mikael exclaimed

Sana glared at Yousef who was laughing at the situation, “these are your friends” she wanted to say.


“Be careful, Sana”, “You don’t have to that on your own, Sana” “Sana, let me do that for you” “Just sit down and rest, Sana” “No Sana, you can’t eat that, it’s not good for the baby” “Let me take care of that, Sana” “Sana, where do you think you’re going?” “I’M PREGNANT I’M NOT SICK, STOP IT ALREADY”

Those sentences could pretty much sum up the nine months of Sana’s pregnancy. All the boys, and Yousef the first of all, wouldn’t let Sana do as much as breathing in case something happened to her or to the baby.

So when Sana went into labor while the boys were at her house she knew what was coming.

“Guys…” Sana said as calm as she possibly could “I think…I think I’m having the baby”

“WHAT?” Yousef yelled as he stood up from the chair and almost fainted while doing it

“But are you sure?” Elias asked

“Pretty sure” Sana said looking at the wet floor under her

“Wow Sana, you could’ve used the toilet for that” Mikael said

“Are you dumb? Her water just broke!” Adam said hitting Mikael’s head

“Okay, what do we do? What do we do?” Mutta asked starting to panic

“Well, I think that taking me to the hospital would be a good idea, don’t you think?” Sana said glaring at them

“Yes, yes, yes come on guys we have rehearsed this so many times, Elias keys, Mutta and Adam bag, Mikael camera and I…I…what did I have to take?” Yousef said anxiously

“Sana! You had to take Sana” Elias said

“Oh, oh, true, true. Come on babe, everything is going to be okay, don’t panic, just breathe, breathe”

Yeah, you may want to take your own advice” Sana said shaking her head


They’ve been there for too long, what is taking so long?” Elias asked as he kept pacing around the room

“Relax, in every book I’ve read says that this can take several hours” Mutta said

“How many books have you read about pregnancy dude?” Adam asked

“About 12” Mutta said shrugging “14 if you count the audiobooks”

“Here we have dumb and dumber talking about pregnancy books” Mikael said as he focused the video camera on them, then he turned to Elias “And here we have the soon to be uncle having a stroke”

“Mikael keep that off my face or I swear I’m going to…”

“Relatives of Sana Bakkoush?” a nurse interrupted Elias

Elias walked over to her as Mikael, Mutta and Adam stood up and followed him.

“I’m her brother” Elias said

“And we’re the baby’s uncles” Mutta added pointing at the rest of the boys and himself

“So all of you are Sana’s brothers” the nurse said

“No just me, but they’re the uncles too”

“Yousef’s brothers then?”

“We’re his bros” Adam said nodding

“Okay…well everything went well and she’s a lovely girl”

“It’s a girl!!!” Mutta said doing his meme face

“We already knew it was a girl” Mikael said rolling his eyes

“I know but we’ve had it confirmed”

“I think it was pretty much confirmed when Sana showed us that ultrasound” Adam said

“Yeah but…”

“Guys!” Elias said clapping his hands and turning to the nurse “Can we see her?”

“Yes, you can but one by one, okay?” the nurse said as she left them in the waiting room

“Well, I’m going in while you decide the order” Elias said

“Uh, excuse me, why do you get to be the first one?” Adam asked

“Because I’m the real uncle, Sana is my sister and Yousef is my best friend”

“Wow, that was very rude. We’re supposed to love each other equally” Mutta said “Besides, kids like me better than you”

“That’s bullshit, I’m Sana’s brother and I’m going in first” Elias said

“We should draw lots” Adam said

“What are you talking about? She’s my sister!!” Elias almost yelled

“Wait, where’s Mikael?” Mutta said realizing that the boy was nowhere to be found

“That little piece of shit” Elias said as he walked to the room where Sana was. “Mikael! That’s cheating” he yelled from the other side of the door

The door of the room opened and Yousef came out of it. His eyes were red, he had clearly been crying.

“Guys, if you promise to be completely calm I’ll let you in all at once, but you have to be chill, okay?” Yousef said

“Yeah, yeah, let me in” Elias said as he walked past Yousef and entered the room followed by the rest of the boys

Mikael was in one side of the room holding the baby in his arms.

“Boys, let me introduce you to Leila, the most beautiful baby in this world” Mikael said as the boys approached them

“Oh my god she’s so tiny” Mutta said as he gently caressed one of her hands

“I can’t believe Yousef did this” Adam said “She’s so beautiful”

“She looks like her mother, that’s the only explanation” Yousef said as he stood next to Sana and gave her a kiss on her forehead “She’s going to be a warrior just like her”

“Elias? Are you okay?” Sana asked her brother who hadn’t said a word since he had entered the room.

“I just…I…” Elias said trying to hold back the tears but he completely failed at it “She is my niece, Sana”

“Yes, she is” Sana said smiling at her brother “Why don’t you hold her?”

“What if I hurt her?” he asked

“You won’t, I trust you”

Elias nodded and took the baby from Mikael’s arms slowly.

“Hi, Leila, I’m your uncle Elias. These are Mikael, Adam and Mutta, they’re going to love you so much but you better love me more, okay?”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that” Adam said “I’m way cooler than you are”

“But I’m the kindest” Mutta argued

“Guys, guys, who was the first one to hold her, huh?” Mikael said with a smug face

“She’s my blood, you can’t fight blood” Elias said

Sana chuckled as she shook her head and looked at Yousef, “these are your friends”


“Happy birthday Leila!” Elias said as he hugged his niece “Oh my god how old are you already? 6? 7?”

“I’m only 3 uncle Elias!” Leila laughed

“Oh, only 3? Then I’ll have to give this big present to another child…”

“No, no, no! I’m 6”

“Leila, what have we talked about lying?” Sana told her daughter

“It’s a bad thing to do” Leila said

“Exactly, now give uncle Elias a kiss and go to the backyard to play with your friends, I’ll be out in a minute with the cake”

The little girl did as she was told and left after kissing her uncle

“How are you doing, sis?” Elias said pointing at Sana’s belly

“I’m holding up quite well actually, only three more weeks before Khaled is here with us” Sana said smiling

“Ah, I’m going to spoil that little kid”

“Like you’re already doing with Leila, you mean?”

“Exactly like that”

Sana rolled her eyes and led the way to the garden where everyone was.


“Yo, Adam what was that?” Elias asked his friend as he approached him after the cake

“What was what?”

“We agreed on one present each and you gave Leila two” Elias said

“That was so not cool, Adam” Mutta said

“Are you trying to get her to like you better or what?” Mikael asked

“Okay first of all, I gave her two gifts because in the movie those two characters are always together so I bought the two dolls at once, and second of all I don’t need gifts to make her like me best, she already does” Adam said with a smug face

Ha! You wish, I gave her a basketball jersey of her favorite team, did you see the look on her face? She loved it” Mutta said

“She’s only 3, what are you talking about? She loved my movies” Mikael argued

“I bought her a freaking slide, are you being serious now?” Elias asked shaking his head “Besides I’m her blood”

“Stop using that argument! Family is not only blood damn it!” Adam almost yelled at him

“Okay that’s enough we’re going to solve this as grown men” Mikael said “Leila! Sweetie, can you come here for a second?”

The little girl approached them almost jumping, she loved her uncles so much

“Hi, honey, we’re going to ask you a question and you don’t need to feel pressured at all okay?” Mikael said crouching to get to her height “So who do you love the most, uncle Elias, uncle Mutta, uncle Adam or me?”

“I love you all the same” Leila said shrugging

“But Leila honey, remember how I gave you not one but two presents today? That’s really cool right?” Adam said

“I always bring you ice-cream even when your mom says you can’t have it, you remember that right Leila?” Mutta added

“Remember how I was the first one that took you to the cinema to see that movie you liked so much?” Mikael said

“Leila, I’m your uncle, your real uncle, I took you to the theme park” Elias said “You have to like me more than them”

“I…I think I like uncle Isak the most” Leila said kind of uncomfortable

“What??!” Elias almost yelled

“Are you seriously asking my daughter who she likes most?” Yousef said as he approached the group with Sana by her side

“Leila go play with your friends and don’t listen to your dumb uncles” Sana told her daughter

She waited for her to be gone before she spoke again

“What is wrong with you guys? She’s only 3”

“Adam was trying to buy her with gifts” Elias said “I’m her real uncle”

“I was just being nice, what are you talking about?”

“Okay, stop!” Sana said before another fight would start “You four are going to start behaving like adults or I swear you’re not going to get anywhere near this baby”

She pointed at her stomach while glaring at them

“You wouldn’t dare” Mikael said

“Test me” she said taking a step forward

“Okay, okay, it’s chill, we’ll behave” Mutta said

Sana nodded and looked at Yousef shaking her head, “these are your friends”.


“Are you sure of this?”

“Come on Sana, we haven’t been on a proper date since Hakim was born” Yousef said “And he’s almost a year old already”

“Yeah, I know but are we sure that they…” she pointed at the boys in her living room “Are the ones to take care of our three children?”

“They’re four men taking care of a 6 years old girl, a 3 years old boy and a one year old baby, I think they’ll manage just fine”

“Ah…okay” she said

Elias, Mikael, Adam and Mutta were playing in the living room with the kids. Leila was showing Mutta his drawings while Mikael and Adam played with Khaled on the floor and Elias kept Hakim on his lap.

“Okay guys, we’re going. If anything happens you call me right away, understood?”

“Relax Sana, everything is under control” Elias said


Everything wasn’t under control. Let’s say that playing with kids for awhile wasn’t exactly the same as spending a whole evening with them. It wasn’t that the kids were bad kids, quite the opposite actually, the problem was that the boys wouldn’t agree on anything.

“No, Khaled you can’t have ice cream after dinner” Elias said

“But uncle Mutta gave Leila ice cream”

“Seriously Mutta?” Adam asked him rolling his eyes

“It’s our tradition” Mutta defended himself

“Uh, guys I think Hakim needs to be changed” Mikael said as he held him in his arms “Any volunteer?”

“Don’t you know how to do it?” Elias asked

“Do you?”

“Of course I do, who do you think you’re talking to?”

Five diapers later Hakim was finally changed.

“Okay buddy now I’m going to leave you in your crib to sleep” Elias said as he laid him down

“Elias you have to lay him on one side” Adam said

“What? No I’m pretty sure he should lie on his back” Mikael said

“Guys, let the expert talk, in the books I read it said…I don’t really remember what it said to be honest…” Mutta said confused

“Let’s just call Sana and ask her” Adam suggested

“No! No one is calling my sister, we are capable of doing this”

“Uncle Elias, Leila keeps painting on me” Khaled whined

“Leila, stop it”

“But I’m just being artistic, dad always says that art is important”

“What about you paint on a notebook instead of on your brother” Mutta said

“But I don’t want to paint on a notebook” Leila said pouting

“Seriously, how do Sana and Yousef do this every day?” Mikael asked


“Everything is extremely quiet” Sana said as they entered the house a few hours later

“That’s a good sign right?” Yousef asked

“Or not”

They entered the living room and were surprised by the scene. On one couch Mutta laid with little Hakim on his arms. In the floor, Adam and Mikael were sat together with their backs against the couch and Khaled lying on their legs. And on the other couch Leila laid on Elias’ chest. They were all sleeping peacefully.

Sana smiled at the view and looked at Yousef, “these are our friends”


Sooo this is it!! I hope you’ve liked it!

Thank you so much for reading!!

Set up [Peter Maximoff x reader]

Requested: No

Summary: both Peter and (Y/N) have a crush on the other but won’t admit it. So, (Y/N)’s friend decides to take matters into her own hands and puts a mischievous plan in place to make them date…

Originally posted by sirenscurses

           Peter Maximoff and (Y/N) (L/N) have been best friends even before discovering they were mutants. When Peter discovered that he was a mutant with super-speed he immediately told (Y/N). A few months later, (Y/N) found out she could manipulate and summon any type of rock, precious or otherwise. Together, they formed the inseparable duo ‘Quicksilver and Lapis’.

The two joined the X-men at Charles Xavier’s request and one day, Peter started to feel… Differently for (Y/N), attracted to her in a romantic way. (Y/N)’s friend (F/N), being an empath picked up on it immediately but never told her anything, deciding that fate should do the work for once. So, for a year and a half, she watched as her friend and the silver-haired kleptomaniac pine after each other obliviously and decided that fate was useless and took matters into her own hands.

The question was, how? Every time (F/N) told (Y/N) that she knew about her crush on Peter, the latter would deny it and when (F/N) told Peter he would just tell her to fix her empathic abilities because the love he emitted was friendship not romance. In the end, (F/N) knew that the way to do it was to make the most impulsive one of the two jealous. That one, was Peter.

“Hey (Y/N), since you don’t have a crush on anyone, could I set you up with someone? He found you super cute and wanted to get to know you.” (F/N) told you when you entered your shared room, “And don’t worry, he’s cute.”

“Uh, I’m not sure, I don’t even know his name.” you replied

“Come on! Pleeaaaase (Y/N), you haven’t gone on a date with anyone in two years! Do this for me.” (F/N) told you, ignoring the second part of your sentence.

“Okay fine! When is it?” you asked

“Yes!” she exclaimed, “Thank you (Y/N) I love you. The date is on Saturday.”

“Yeah, yeah. You owe me, big time.” You said

“Yeah, okay.” She dismissed you heading to her room

           ~Time skip to Saturday evening~

           “This dress or this dress” you asked (F/N), showing her a dress with a white laced top with a plain black bottom on the right and a short black dress with the straps crossing in the back on the left.

“Right.” She said, you smiled and entered your bathroom with the dress

“If I’m going out with this dude I should at least know his name.” you told her through the door.

“He’s Warren’s brother, Wesley Worthington” she replied

“Sounds like a snob.” She groaned “What does his mutant powers consist of?” you asked.

“He isn’t! And you can ask him on your date.”

“Fine?” you said, exiting the bathroom and posing in front of her.

“Beautiful! My gal is finally going on a date! If this works out, Bobby and I could double date with you and Wesley.” She squealed

“key word: ‘if’”

(F/N) opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a knock at the door which you opened. Holding a bouquet of Twinkies stood Peter Maximoff in a black suit, your jaw dropped and he grinned.

“Am I really that handsome?” he asked jokingly

“U-uh” you stuttered, “(F/N)! Get over here!”

She walked up to the door waving at Peter, “Hey I was starting to think that you were late.” She told him

“Me? Late?” he scoffed ironically

“Wait, wait, wait, what the hell is happening (F/N)? Where is whats-his-face… Wesley?” you questioned completely confused

“There is no Wesley (Y/N), there never was, this was all a set up planned by me to get you two oblivious lovebirds to date!” she exclaimed

“Yeah but Peter doesn’t like me back.” You denied

“If I may, I am pretty sure he has liked you back for around three years now.” He smiled

“What!?” you said, “you do?”

“A hundred per cent. Now, shall we go?” he asked

“Absolutely.” You smiled and placed your hand in his, walking away on the best first date ever with your crush, Peter Maximoff.

“God! I am the best!” (F/N) said after you left.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Uhm, I don't know if my request's a bit difficult but can you please write a soulmate!au wherein you're a fan and you attended Astro's fansign event? And it turns out it was Eunwoo who is your soulmate? You can decide on the ending! Thank you very very muuuuch!!!

Originally posted by noombeans

(I did the colour au)

(I’ve never been to a fanmeet or a Astro concert so this might not be accurate sorry!)

Today was the day. After saving up your money for over sixth month you finally had enough money to buy tickets to see Astro perform live, and not only that but you were also going to a fanmeet before the show. You stood anxiously waiting in front of the fanmeet location when you heard the announcement signaling you could finally meet your idol. The crowd began pushing and soon enough you found yourself standing in front of your idols. Clutching the album tightly, you took a step forward towards them. The album got signed by the members, each member attempting to make some sort of small talk in the short time you had together. After your album got signed by Moonbin, you reached the end of the line and stood in front of the last member, Eunwoo. He looked up at you, his smile was so bright it was almost blinding. Handing him the album, you watched as he took it graciously and signed it with pleasure and a smile on his face. He brought his eyes to yours again, and brought to album towards you. As you were reaching for the album your hand brushed his. All of a sudden, everything around you gained colour, all of the objects coming to life. You bring your eyes back to Eunwoo, now being able to see his brown eyes, tinted cheeks and rosy red lips. His eyes are wide and his lips are open, trying to formulate some words. Before he can say anything, a girl is pushing you away from him and handing him an album. Eunwoo continues to looking your eyes, mouthing, Wait outside.

Once outside you pull out your phone, fumbling with it until it finally unlocks.

You: I think I just found my soulmate???


You: Thats the thing I touched Eunwoo’s hand and all of a sudden I can see colour

Bestie!: what the heck

Bestie!: this is hUGE OML


Bestie!:Wait how the heck are you gonna see him again???

You: He told me to wait outside lol, but ive been waiting for like an hour in a half

Just as you sent the text, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Spinning around, you see Eunwoo standing there holding out some roses, which you now knew were a beautiful dark red. You graciously took the flowers from him. He plays with his sleeve, and looks down at the ground.

“Can I hug you?” He whispers. You quickly nod and soon enough you can feel his arms enveloping you in a massive hug.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispers in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. You nod  your head shyly. He pulls away slightly before leaning in. Before his lips can reach yours, your phone starts ringing. He pulls away from the sound. Muttering curses you pull the phone out of your pocket, to see who could possibly be calling you at a time like this. Of course, It’s your best friend. You answer the call because you know if you ignore it they will keep calling anyways.

“WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING MY TEXTS” They shout and you wince away from the speaker.


Eunwoo chuckles, and puts his hand out gesturing for you to give him the phone. Handing him the phone, he puts it to his ear.

“Hello?”He speaks into the phone


“Thats me.” He says.

“Oohhh am I ruining a moment?”They say finally calming down.

“Yes you are.”Eunwoo says locking eye contact with you.

“Oh oh sorry”

Eunwoo closes the phone, pulling you closer.

“Now where did we leave off”

//Admin Hayley//

Between Two Worlds

This is the second part of my valetines feysand au in which Feyre is a princess. This has less Feysand but I am hoping Feysand will be next chapter. If I get anything wrong about how monarchs or soverigns work please let me know because I don’t really want to get anything wrong. 

ALso feedback is appreciated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!

P.S. i am not very good at smut so I haven’t included much in because when I write it it just doesn’t feel natural and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. 

Last night had been pure bliss. It brought a smile to my lips that Rhys had finally told me how he felt. I had been waiting, and waiting and dropping hint after hint but damn Rhys was too oblivious to understand.

Last night, after I kissed him he laid me down on the rug by the fire and it had started off slow. Loving and passionate but then… Then we were ravenous. I knew that I had to cover up the marks on almost all of my body but for him, it was worth it. I could still feel his hands roaming all over me, undoing me with the slightest pressure.

His arms were firm around me body and I was content to stay there for the rest of my life, however, I heard someone open the door. Nesta I immediately thought but Nesta would have knocked before entering.

I opened my eyes slightly to see who could have been disturbing me to be shocked by the sight of Cassian gaping at me.

“Is that Rhys,” he whispered, a huge smile making its way onto his face. I couldn’t help but wink and smirk at him as I nudged my naked body into Rhys’s. I could feel Rhys moan against me and I knew he would be waking up soon.

“What the shit,” Cassian was trying to keep quiet but his voice was louder than before.

“Shuu. Cassian, what are you doing in my room?” I asked my curiosity overrun by my need to know why Cassian was here. He barely ever entered my area of the house, being too preoccupied with Nesta. 

“Your sister called. Apparently, she wants to tell you something.” He remarked now at full volume. I was confused by this because Nesta should be downstairs. So why was she sending Cassian? But before I could ask Nesta barged into the room and now I knew Rhys was awake as he was peppering soft kisses along my neck and shoulder. He moaned my name and my toes curled at the gesture. How did he make my name sound so sensual?

What are you doing?” Nesta asked me and I had only now paid attention to the expression on her face. Why was she so shocked? 

“Do you need an explicit explanation,” I said with a smile as I recalled exactly what Rhys had done to me last night. 

“Feyre,” I knew it was serious now. She never said my name so forcefully unless it had something to do with acting like a princess. At this, I got up but I had pulled the quilt over me so my body was covered and I was now sitting with my body facing my sister. Rhys was stroking the small of my back but I couldn’t think about anything but Nesta right now. Something was wrong. 

“Do you realize what you’re doing,” I knew my confusion showed on my face and I was grateful Nesta continued. “I may the be the eldest Feyre, but I’m gone. Neither I or my children will ever become rulerse because I chose this and chose him,” she motioned to Cassian and I was so confused at this moment. I knew Nesta had renounced her title and basically refused for her children to become the sovereign but why was she lecturing me.  

“Nesta, what has that got to do with what I’m doing? Elain still exists you know,” I told her but something about her face told me the bad news was coming. 

“Feyre… Elain is getting married next Spring. She called to tell me this.” She said. 

“Elain and her children can still become the sovereign if she is married,” I remarked and I was getting upset. There was something she wasn’t telling me and I needed to know. Rhys. I had to factor Rhys into my life now because I knew that he would be important. I felt it.  

“You’ve always been the best of us Feyre. The most outspoken. The one who stands up for others no matter the situation. You have been the real queen out of all of us. Not me or Elain.” she remarked and I could feel my blood heating. She didn’t. 

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Our True Love - Chapter 11

A/N: Another long chapter~ Without further ado, please enjoy it! Let me know what you think. <3 (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 4,546
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

The living room is so lively that even my ears hurt.

Tony is showing his latest invention. A home-security device that shoot an electrical current towards anyone without an identification band. It is small enough and easy to install around the windows, doors and other places necessary.

“Sounds great, Tony. I would really love that for my home.” I say as I look over at Bucky who is sitting on the couch across from me. He lets out a scoff.

“I can beat any of your devices quite easily, Stark.” Bucky says flat out.

“Oh really? Why don’t we test it out on you right now?” Tony says, pointing the small device towards him. My heart drops and my eyes widen. God, please don’t, Tony.

“Tony if you don’t want to wake up with a bruised eye, I suggest you don’t.” Steve intervenes. I breathe out a sigh of relief.

“Though, it is quite a brilliant invention. Small enough yet quiet powerful.” Vision adds on while taking the device off Tony’s hands.

“Yes, and it also sends the address of the owner to the nearest police station. They have a different radio frequency and this device is able to locate that frequency and inform the police officers of the home-invasion as soon as it goes off. But I do have to tweak it a little.” Tony says grabbing his little device back and putting it into a basket.

“I’m sure that’s a good idea, Tony, but isn’t there a lot of home-security devices out there already?” Steve asks. Tony chuckles.

“But one that shoots out a paralyzing electric shock? It senses where the disturbance comes from and shoots out the small device. You’d capture the criminal right then and there. I imagine both of your wives would need these when you are out on a mission?” Tony points at the basket as he says that.

“I think they are doing fine without your odd inventions, tinman.” Bucky says. Tony raises an eyebrow.

“Well, in this case, Stardust here, is the one that needs protecting from you, Barnes. The nights you stayed here, you always like to break into her room right? Heck, even now you still break into her apartment. What kind of a friend really.” Tony places his hands on his waist after pointing at me. I only stay quiet.

If looks could murder, Tony would be dead by now. Twice. I have a feeling if I do say anything right now, I’d get the death stare too.

“Is that what you have been working on the whole time down in that basement?” Wanda asks, changing the subject.

“No, of course not. I switch around between inventions every now and then. I started this last week. Took me only two days to finish the prototype. All I need is a test subject.” Tony eyes over to Bucky. He replies equally with another death stare. I chuckle to myself.

I sip on my can of soda, watching Tony comparing how he would need to increase the volts for both Bucky and Steve because of their body size. That ignites a whole different argument between the three of them.

“You’re a mess again.” Wanda says to me. I look over at her before smiling.

“Mhm. I know I am.” I answer back.

“What is it this time?” She asks keeping her eyes on the three of them. Vision also joins into the argument since that device won’t work on him. I look up at Bucky as he listens to Steve talking to Tony.

“Just Bucky this time.” I say while finishing the can. Wanda scoffs.

“It’s always going to be Bucky until you both work things out properly.” She says. I cross my arms over my chest.

“I tried. But his mind is still a wreck. What can I do? He told me to wait for him. Wait until his mind is less of a mess and when his memories of us returns. But I doubt it.” I say, watching Tony and Vision arguing over a flaw in his device.

“Why is that?” I take a moment to answer. It does still hurt so much how Bucky mixed up his memories of me and Rosaline. But after he remembered a bit of it the other night, I do still have a little hope left for him.

“It’s fine. This is a battle Bucky needs to go through in order to work out our friendship again. It’s just a matter of time. If Bucky doesn’t remember me and our memories together, then I’ll leave him for good.” I say. The words were caught in my throat momentarily, but I pushed it out. It needed to be said. Wanda shoots me a look.

“No you can’t!” She yelled. I gasp when the other four turn their attention towards us.

“You can’t what?” Tony asks curious. Both of us look at them, scrambling through our minds to find an excuse.

“She wanted to go sky diving. I just said she can’t.” Wanda lies. My blood runs cold. That’s the worst excuse there is, Wanda. Tony raises an eyebrow, amused.

“We got parachutes. I have a jet. We can do that first thing tomorrow if you’d like. I’d be in my suit though, just so you know.” Tony offers. I shake my head quickly. No no no no no. The mere thought of jumping off a plane is enough to make my stomach twist and head dizzy.

“She was just kidding! Its fine, Tony. I don’t do well with heights.” I quickly say.

“You’ll get used to it once you do it.” I still refuse.

“No no no, please. No.” I say as I laugh nervously.

“But it’d be cool if you do it at night too. Don’t you love watching the stars?” Tony says as he comes over to sit down next to me. I blink a little.

“Well, yeah, but no reason for me to do it anyways. I’m happy watching the stars from the ground.” My heart is beating out of my chest. I’m still afraid of the idea.

“Anyways, why do you like to do that?” I look at Tony.

“Do what?”

“Watch the stars. I mean, what benefit is there watching the stars? Do you get brilliant ideas when you do? I was out there in space and wasn’t impressed as much.” I raise an eyebrow. Right, Tony almost didn’t return home because of that wormhole.

“I just find the beauty in them, that’s all. They give me peace.”

“Like a reminder of how small you really are compared to what’s out there?”

“Ach, Tony, you wouldn’t get it.” I wave him off.

“I wonder, how exactly do you watch them? They are dots sparkling in the sky after all.” Vision asks this time. I sigh out. Two people with no idea how to appreciate the little beauties in life. How do I explain it to them?

“Each stars have their own stories to tell. A cluster of them makes up one large story all together. Despite it being a billion of light years away, their light still arrives here on Earth to deliver that story. She is always intrigued by how people  interprets stories of the past through the stars. That’s why she loves watching the stars.” Bucky’s answers for me. I look at him in silent.

“Really? They are just balls of gas out scattered around. I’m more interested the way they work than the way they look or listening to old folk’s tale of…” I didn’t listen to the rest of Tony’s rant. My eyes were on Bucky. He remembers that. Every single word of what I told him before when he asked the same question.

I feel touched, happy and sad all at the same time. His memories of us are returning slowly, right? If he could remember all of that, then wouldn’t it mean that they are? I’m too afraid to ask. Afraid the answer he may give is not one that I was hoping for.

I get off from the couch to make my way into the kitchen. I toss the empty can into the trash while washing my hands. I look out the window into the night sky. I couldn’t see the stars because of the light. But I do see snow falling little by little, covering the city below in a white blanket.

“You seemed surprised that he remembers it.” Steve says as he tosses the can into the trash as well. I laugh a little.

“Of course I am. He forgot about our memories together, the last thing I’d expect is him to remember that.” I say, still eyes staring out into the lit up city.

“What do you mean he forgot?” Steve asks. I look over at him.

“You don’t know? He doesn’t remember anything about me after he married Rosaline. Other than the fact that we are friends. But the rest is a blur to him.” I say. Steve reads my facial expression with a furrowed brow.

“He said that to you?” Steve leans against the counter while crossing his arms over his chest. I nod slowly, brushing my hair away.

“Yeah. But the other night, he said that he knows it in his heart that there are more to us than what he remembers. He told me to wait for him.” I answer as I wipe my hands on the towel. Steve scoffs a little.

“That explains it.” He says. I blink at him.

“What do you mean?” Steve looks over at me.

“His sleep patterns are odd. Some nights he’d yell, some he won’t. On the morning of the nights he’d sleep peacefully, he’d tell me about memories of you and him at the tower, but with Rosaline instead. I was confused at first, thought maybe that he is talking about their past together. But now I understand.” He says as he makes his way to the fridge to take another can of soda. I watch him.

“So, he’s starting to believe it himself now, huh? That it was Rosaline and not me.” I say, a bit of defeat in my voice.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say that either.” Steve cracks open the drink.

“Even though he says it was Rosaline, he would always say your name in his sleep.” I widen my eyes as I look at him.

“What?” Steve walks over to pat my shoulder.

“He calls out your name in his sleep. I hear them.” He says. I look down to the floor. How am I supposed to react to that? Oh God, Rosaline must’ve heard them too. That’s why she asked me about our history together then.

“Also, the thing about forgetting you. I think the reason why he did was when that six months period when you were gone. He remembers things only because the person is there with him. He needs the physical evidence of you being there to remember things.” I blink while looking at him. Is that really the reason why he forgot about me? Just being gone for six months from him can cause that to happen?

“His memories are that bad?” I say while brushing my hands through my hair.

“After effects of brainwashing. He’s used to it. So every time something happens, he forgets because that’s how it is for him. His mind is used to forgetting so it does just that to him unconsciously. Though, his memories before the serum seems to be quite intact. It’s just after the whole Winter Soldier thing that his memories become like that.” He says, looking into the living room at Bucky.

“Which is also why he never forgot about you, because the memories of you two together were before the serum.” I say quietly to myself. Steve chuckles.

“Yeah. That too. But don’t worry. I know it in my heart that his memories will return soon. He’ll be able to remember everything.” My heart aches. I feel horrible now for accusing Bucky of not caring, when really it is just his mind playing tricks on him. I place my hand over my forehead.

“Do wait for him, Y/N. I have a feeling it won’t be long until he realizes his true feelings.” I glance over at Steve.

“True feelings?” I ask curious. Steve gives me a smile before heading out the door. I run after him.


“Hey, Stardust. Want a quick lesson on the types of gasses in a star and what happens when it explodes? That’s the real beauty behind them instead of that hullabaloo you believe in.” Tony appears out of nowhere, frightening me. I clutch my chest and breathe out.

“Geez, Tony, scaring me like that.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Let’s step into my office! Rogers, Maximoff, you come as well! And especially you Barnes. You need some intense lesson on these! Vision, be my assistant! Come!” He drags me along towards the elevator even before I could say anything.

• • •

I rest my forehead on the table, rolling my eyes at the endless babbles from Tony. He seems to forget that not every one of us can catch the things he says in an instance. But after an hour and a half of it, I got exhausted. I do have to admit, though, he did make it interesting with his holographic display. I was inside the galaxy itself, looking at stars up close as though I’m actually in space myself.

“Tony, I’m just gonna go and get some fresh air.”

“But we’re getting to the best part!” He protests while pointing at a particular star. I shake my head.

“I’ve heard enough of your lecture. I know most of the things you said already from school. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I just need to go get some air and watch the actual stars. Those seems more entertaining.” I say as I get up towards the elevator. I look over at Wanda and Steve to see if either of them wanted to join me, but they were busy listening to Vision instead. They are intrigued by this anyhow. I didn’t notice Bucky though after I stepped into the elevator.

When the door closes, that’s when he says something.

“I couldn’t stand another minute with that tinman.” He says. I can practically see my soul flying out of my body. I scream and leap forward into the door before looking at him. I look around the elevator.

“Ho… how did you…?” He lets out a sigh.

“You seem to forget that I was an assassin. My feet is light and I’m quick. As soon as you got up, I snuck up behind you and entered the elevator as well.” He brushes his fingers through his hair. I watch him before punching his arm a little. He looks at me surprised.

“Stop scaring the living daylights out of me! One day you’ll end up being the death of me. And being scared to death is not one of the ways I’d like to go.”

“You need to calm yourself. You’re so jumpy.” He says looking at me. I blink. Says someone who gets jumpy and overwhelmed when something happens. I turn away, hugging my body before sighing.

“Whatever. You’re just good at scaring people.” I say.

The elevator door opens up and a strong cold breeze brushes through me. I look up to see that we are at the rooftop. I blink before looking at the buttons. I thought I pressed the one to living room.

“What are you waiting for?” Bucky asks. I look at him.

“No, I thought I pressed to the living room. Not the rooftop.” I step out carefully. There’s a helicopter with Stark Industries on it sitting quietly in the cold and covered with snow. I wrap my arms around my body tighter. I left my coat downstairs.

I was only wearing a long sleeve t-shirt with jeans, so they aren’t exactly keeping me warm. Not when it just started snowing too. I take the first few steps on the freshly fallen snow. It is always the best feeling to leave fresh footprints in the snow. I giggle like a little girl.

“You always love the snow too.” Bucky says while looking up at the still falling snow. I look over at him, still holding my body tightly. I breathe out the cloud of air while rubbing my arms with my hands.

“You remember that?” I ask as I make another fresh footstep on the snow. I can feel his cold blue eyes on me.

“I suppose, I do.” He says. I sneak a glance at him. He’s wearing a short sleeved red t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Aren’t you freezing?” I ask him. His eyes fall on mine first before on himself.

“I was the Winter Soldier. I’m starting to wonder who’s the one having problems with their memories here.” He lets out a warm chuckle. I blush at the sound of it. It was so sweet and honest. I move a little closer to the edge of the rooftop, but keeping at least a 10 feet distance away from it.

The night life in the city always seems so busy. Even at night. A few police and ambulance sirens just went off. A fire truck just passed in front of the Stark tower. Cars honking at each other in the street. It was around ten at night and still very busy like day.

Though, I have to say, the snow makes the busy city look a bit peaceful. I smile a little as I gloss over the skyline of the city. I’ve always admired looking at them. If not the stars, the city lights would entertain me just as much.

“Wasn’t there one night like this when I just returned home from a mission?” He says all of the sudden. I look over at him. Is he remembering that night on the rooftop?

“What are you talking about?” He smiles as he brushes some of the snow off his hair.

“Something bad happened during a mission and I found you lying here on a picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars.” He continues. My heart beats against my ribcage. I look down at the exact spot where it had happened.

“Yeah. And you remembered what we talked about too.” I say. Does he even remember what he said to me before he passed out?

“Yeah. I remembered that. I don’t know why, but it just came out of me. I didn’t even know where it came from, but from your reaction, I could have guessed I was right.” He says while looking at me. I smile, feeling a little warm inside.

“Mhm. I was surprised, but glad you remembered it. Your memories are getting a little better.” I admit while looking back down at the city.

“And another day. A day when it just started snowing like this and we returned home from a mission that early morning. We went to get coffee and sat at the park together?” He says. My frozen cheeks turn warm rather quickly at the mention of it. I look down towards the park that he was talking about.

“Yeah, there was a day. You remembered that too?” I ask him, still keeping my eyes on the park. I can mostly see white there now.

“I remembered seeing your face, yes. But not so much what we talked about…” He says looking at his ice cold metal arm. The machine whirs. I smile a little.

“You said you wanted a family. Someone to come home to and share a life with. That’s what we were talking about.” I say quietly before squatting down to pick up the little snow on the floor. It melts quickly despite my freezing hands.

“Did you also say something that made me sad?” He asks me. I look up at him. Flakes were everywhere in his hair. Was there a lot on mine too?

“What do you mean?” I ask him.

“I don’t know why, but during that time, you said something that made me a little sad.” I think back to my memory of that morning. Did I even say anything to offend him?

“I don’t know myself. I don’t think I said anything like that. You didn’t seem sad at all to me that day.” I say before turning back to make a small snow bunny. But since I didn’t have anything for the nose, eyes and ears, I turn it into a snowball. Ahhh shoot. Now my hand stings so much from the coldness.

“That’s weird.” He says simply. I pull my hands back and warm them up with my breath. Okay, I’m going to be frozen if I stay out like this.

“Let’s go back in. I’m freezing here.” I say as I pull my hair down to cover my neck. I can feel my body shivering so much.

“Let’s not yet.” He says to me with a pleading voice. I raise an eyebrow.

“You want me to freeze my butt off, Sergeant?” I ask him straight on. The smile he gives me was enough to make me warm. Without another word, he pulls me in for a tight hug. I yelp a little when his freezing cold metal arm press against my shirt.

“B…Bucky! Your arm! Your arm is freezing!” I say to him urgently. He looks at me before laughing. I widen my eyes. That is the first I’ve seen him really laugh in a while.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think about that.” He keeps his flesh arm around me while he rests his metal arm to his side. His shirt was cold, but his body underneath was warm. I stopped shivering after he held me tightly against him like that. His flesh hand constantly running up and down my arm to keep me warm.

My heart races within his embrace. I can feel the heat emitting from my face because of this. He rests his chin on top of my head. The snowflakes on my hair melted underneath his stubble. I close my eyes and rest my head against his chest. Despite the cold, I feel very at peace with him again.

“I missed this feeling…” Bucky says, still keeping me tight in his embrace. I look up at him to meet his light blue eyes. Is he remembering again?

“What feeling?” I ask, just curious to see what he might say.

“Just… holding you in my arms. We’ve done that before, right?” He asks. I smile, relishing in the relief and happiness within me.

I nod slowly, my hand finding its way down to his metal hand. It was freezing, but I held it until it warmed up against mine. I watch the way his blue eyes stare into mine. His intense gaze followed by his parted soft lips and hair covered in snow. I memorize every inch of his face under the dark sky with only the city light below illuminating us.

“So many times, that even I don’t remember how many.” I say, my heart aching a little. His metal hand rubbing the back of my hand gently.

I enjoy the sensation of his hand against mine again. His arm wrapping around me tightly and keeping me warm. I can feel the tears coming up behind my eyelids after unable to feel the comfort of being with Bucky like this for so long.

I feel like nothing else in the world really mattered at the moment. Just me, Bucky and the snow. I’ve always loved being in his arms. Wanda was right, Bucky knows how to keep my mind at peace.

But, as bitter as the cold is, reality pulls me back in. I run my finger sover the cold metal around his ring finger. I open my eyes and pull myself away from him. Again? How can I forgot that this man belongs to someone else?

Bucky looks at me surprised when I push myself away from him so suddenly. I feel the tears coming again at it. I had forgotten about his marriage momentarily when my mind was too concerned over his memories. I wanted him to remember me back; our nights together, our times with each other, but if he does, what will happen then?

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asks me, concerned. I shake my head and force on a smile.

“It’s too cold and I can’t stand it. Let’s go back inside, please?” I say while holding myself. He nods understandably and wrap an arm around my shoulder. He leads me back into the elevator and presses on the floor to the living room. I hold myself, feeling the sharp cold wrapping around me like a thousand needles.

I’m so conflicted. I want him to remember me. The nights we shared together were more than just a mere connection. We understood each other. We enjoyed our time with each other. I know that much. But if he does remember them, won’t things be different with Rosaline?

What am I talking about? Of course it won’t. Bucky loves Rosaline, not me. So even if those memories did return, it won’t be any different for him. If he considers me as a friend before, won’t he still feel the same even after his memories of us returns?

But what of the way he’s been treating me lately? Getting jealous when Richard is around. Being too over protective of me. Coming to me for comfort on the night when Steve wasn’t around. The way he held me so tightly as though he is afraid I’ll slip away from him. Saying that he will make me happy again no matter what. What do those mean?

I’m so confused.

“Y/N. I know that things are confusing right now.” Bucky starts as though he could read my mind. I don’t even dare to look at his face again right now. The snow covered hair and intense blue eyes still stuck within me.

“But keep having faith in me, no matter what. That’s all I ask from you right now.” I feel his flesh hand searching for mine. When he did find them, all I could feel was the painful coldness. I pull my hand away from his gently. I shouldn’t do this.

What should I even say? Should I even continue to hang on this hope that there may have been something between us than just mere friends after all? Is it even the right thing to do? Or am I just thinking too much out of it? What if he is just asking to keep faith in our friendship more than anything else?

The elevator door opens to Steve holding my coat. He exchanges glances between both of us. He must’ve read the sad atmosphere.

“I was going to look for you and send you home, Y/N.” Steve says handing me my coat. I take it gladly and wear it. Instant relief from the bitter coldness. Bucky exits the elevator and lets Steve in.

“Keep her safe for me, Steve.” He says. Steve nods. Before the door closes I yell out to him.

“Bucky.” He turns to look at me.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

★ ★ ★

A/N: I hope you truly enjoyed this chapter! We are nearing the end of the series, so yeah. No worries, I’m already working on another one at the same time. With Bucky as well. I also made a oneshot with Sebastian Stan. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading! Much love! <3 

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Aaron Carpenter - Go-kart

Request: Can you do an Aaron imagine for me. I don’t care what its about just something cute. Thanks!


Dating Aaron wasn’t an easy thing, but it was totally worth it. He was so nice and gentle, he was the perfect boyfriend. But I was too afraid of his fans, so we decided to keep our relationship a secret until I can learn how to handle his fame.

“Are you ready already?” he sighed with his eyes closed. We were about to go out with Cameron and the Dolan twins, they wanted to try out the new go-kart court. I was brave enough to go with four boys, but I told them not to bang me out of the court.

“Yes, we can go!” I stood proudly in front of him. He was waiting for me all morning, but now I was finally done.

He stood up and stepping closer kissed my temple.

We met the guys at Cam’s place, since Ethan and Grayson was staying there for the week. When we were out in the streets Aaron and I pretended like we were just two friends. I already got a lot of hate because people were expecting that we are more than that, and it really hurt me reading those mean messages, this is why we kept acting differently. But it was really hard, since we both wanted to be just like other couples, be able to hold each other’s hand or kiss. But Aaron understood my feelings and he supported me in everything.

When we got to the court a bunch of fangirls saw us. I immediately stepped away so they all could attack the boys and maybe they wouldn’t see me. I was totally fine with the fans taking the opportunity to talk to them, I just didn’t like it when they treated me like shit for being friends with them.

“Is she your girlfriend?” I heard someone asking Aaron. I immediately looked at him and my eyes met with his.

“Uhm, no, we are just very good friends.” He said exactly what we agreed on, but why did it feel so bad?

“Oh, okay,” the girl said and hugged him. She was hitting on him and wanted to know if he is single. I wanted them to know that he is taken so badly, but I knew I couldn’t handle the hate I would get, so I just kept silent.

When we finally could go to the karts I saw all the girls line up next to the court ready to cheer for the boys.

“Hey, are you okay?” Aaron asked quietly stepping next to me.

“Yeah, why?”

“You look a bit tensed,” he said looking up and down at me.

“Everything is fine,” I snapped at him sitting into my kart and putting on my helmet. I could feel all the envious stares on me, that I had the chance to race with them.

Aaron went back to his cart and while all the boys got ready I decided to show those girls how good I am.

Don’t ask me why I thought beating the boys in go-kart would change their attitude towards me, but right at that moment I was full with adrenaline and when one guy of the staff waved the flag signaling we can go, I just pushed the gas pedal hard.

I had a driving license and I was quite a good driver, but earlier I was scared the boys would go too hard on me. Now I was going hard on them. In the first round I was second behind Cam, but then I took over and ended up on the front. They tried to get in front of me, but I was faster then them and trickier, and when I saw the finish flag I couldn’t help but smile, because I won.

“What the hell, you totally beat us!” Ethan claimed getting out of his kart.

“Feeling worthless that a girl won over you?” I asked grinning at him.

“Fuck yes!” Grayson spoke up.

“You asked us to go easy on you, Y/N, you liar!” Cameron laughed fixing his hair

“Baby, are you like a race car driver secretly?” Aaron asked coming up to me. I wanted to answer, but a girl interrupted us.

“Baby? You said you are not together!” It was the same girl that tried to hit on him earlier and now she was standing there with her minions looking like an evil witch. She wanted to hear our lies, because after this it was obvious that we were together, and Aaron started to stutter, but I had enough of this shit.

“No, stop Aaron, let’s just tell them,” I said looking right at the girl who seemed to be surprised about my reaction.

“Are you sure? There’s no going back after this,” he said quietly.

“I’m sick of hiding, we will deal with it, okay?” He smiled at me and then nodded.

“Shall I?” he asked and I nodded, so he turned to the girls, while putting one of his arms around my waist. “The thing is that we happened to be together, we just didn’t want to tell yet, but now it doesn’t matter.”

“Why didn’t you tell, are you ashamed of her?” Miss Evil Witch or should I say Bitch asked looking all innocent and shit.

“Of course not, we just…” Aaron started but I spoke up.

“No, we didn’t want haters to know about us so we can live our happiest life. People like you will always think the worst of us, and we wanted to avoid situations like that, but I guess we just have to ignore your bitchiness.”

For a minute I felt bad for being so mean with her, but it felt so good to tell her what I thought. I heard the guys laugh behind me on what I said and the girls were definitely taken aback now.

“It was a little harsh, Y/N,” Aaron said but even he was smiling. “But yeah, we kinda didn’t want the hate, but never mind, uhm, it was nice to meet you, see you later.” Now he was laughing, so we quickly turned around and got the hell out of the place.

“Oh my God, it was the best thing, you were so good Y/N!” Grayson laughed as we were out on the street.

“Her face was priceless!” Cam said giving me a high five.

“It was definitely bad ass,” Aaron said getting next to me.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked starting to feel bad.

“Of course I’m not mad, maybe you could be a bit nicer, but it was still funny.” He grinned at me and grabbed my hands pulling me to him.

We finally kissed publicly, and I was able to hold his hands as we headed to a fast-food restaurant.

“Can you imagine how long I have been waiting to do this?” he told me hugging me from behind as we were waiting for our food.

“It truly feels freeing,” I said laughing and rested my head on his shoulder.

“Aw, look at them, they finally look like a real couple!” Cam spoke up smiling at us and the twins literally started to clap.

“Oh my God,” I muttered turning around in Aaron’s arms, hiding my face into his neck. “Are they going to do this all day?” I asked whining.

“Probably,” he shrugged. “But I’m fine with it, as long as I will be able to do this,” he said and then pulled my face to his kissing me on the lips. In front of everyone.

taste of your own medicine.

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genre: angst/smut

Jeon Jungkook was known for sleeping around, the endless one night stands and relationships that lasted a month. Endless hearts of girls being broken, probably a few guys too. He didn’t realise the impact it had on those girls until he met her.

I was walking around the uni campus, listening to my best friend, Jaehyun, go on about his boyfriend. “Then we went to Jungkook’s party and got pissed and fucked in his roommate’s bedroom, I think.” “That’s kinda weird, Jaehyun.” “If you’re horny, you’re horny.”, he laughed. “You don’t have to tell me everything, you know?”, I chuckled. “Sure, anyway, when’s the last time you got laid?”, he asked me as we took a turn to get off campus. “It’s been a hot minute.”, I told him. “Back in high school, you got around, now look at you. You lil nerd.”, he joked. “I was different then.” “I bet you can still mess with guys if you really wanted to.”

“Of course I could, but I don’t want to. Not on purpose.”, I told him. “Fine, also where are we going?”, Jaehyun asked as he swung his arm around my neck. “Five guys.”, I told him. “Ooh, do you think anyone cute will be there?” “Jae, you literally have a boyfriend.”, I laughed. “I can still look though.”, he pouted. “If you say so.”

When we had gotten our food and sat ourselves down, I noticed Jeon Jungkook, the notorious fuckboy, walk in, with several hickeys on his neck. It was none of my business but I couldn’t help but stare. “What?”, he snapped at me when he caught me staring. “You’ve just got hickeys all over you.”, I replied bluntly. After your remark he tried to cover them more with his hoodie. “___, you can’t be saying shit like that. It could be embarrassing.”, Jaehyun replied. “Yeah, like you kept your mouth shut in high school.”, I muttered. Jungkook ordered his food and looked back at me, as if he wanted to sit down next to me.

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Could I request Trust is a rare thing part two (wedding, smut, baby) possibly

Okay so this isn’t completely what you requested, but I felt like I had to build it up more; so this is part 2 and I will post a part 3 with a wedding soon.

Trust is a rare thing

Part 2

“Charlie!” I exclaim as he repeats a swearword Arthur used the other day. Tommy just laughs while he sits at the table in the garden. It’s been four years since Grace passed away and about a year since I moved in with Tommy and Charles. After Tommy got me and Charles back from where we were hiding I started to come around and acted a bit like a nanny for Charles. After a while I started seeing someone and I actually completely forgot about the idea of getting with Tommy one day. Tommy however hadn’t forgotten and he was determined to show me he was the better party. He went to have a little ‘talk’ with the poor man and to this day I don’t know what he said or did, but the man never spoke to me again. At first I was angry; after all I did tell him I wouldn’t wait for him. But he told me I didn’t have to wait anymore and after he kissed me he asked if I wanted to move in. So now here we are; the three of us sitting in the garden. Charles and I are on a blanket on the grass and Tommy is sitting on a chair by the table smoking a cigarette.
Charlie looks at me like a scolded puppy after my exclamation.
“Don’t worry Charlie, your mother still thinks us Shelby’s can be brought up as decent men.” Tommy says to his son. The words roll of his tongue so effortlessly that I almost didn’t notice it. But he just said ‘your mother’, he has never called me that before. I have practically raised Charles like he is my own child, but Tommy has never referred to me as his mother and I have never wanted to take Grace’s place like that.
“Tommy-“ I start, but he won’t let me finish.
“Don’t y/n, you are his mother. You have been taking care of him for the past three years and you agreed to live here with me so you’ll be taking care of him for the rest of his life. So you deserve the name that comes with the job.” He explains it with what I like to call his business-voice; as if it’s some sort of a deal he’s making with me and I feel the need to reassure him that this isn’t some deal to me.
“It’s not just a job though.” When he doesn’t respond I stand up and walk to where he’s sitting. I wrap my arms around his neck from behind and place my chin on his shoulder. “Living with you is not a job, taking care of Charlie is not a job.” I press a kiss to his jaw before I continue. “This is my life now Tommy and I don’t want you to think that I’m here because I feel like I have to be, I want to be with you Tommy.” I assure him.
He turns his head so that we’re face to face. “Good.” He mutters before he presses his lips to mine briefly. “I wanted to ask you something.” He says as he stands up.
I straighten up as well and look up at him as he’s now standing in front of me. “What is it? Is something wrong?” I furrow my eyebrows. What if some of his business things went wrong and we have to leave again?
“No nothing’s wrong.” He says as he pulls a little box from his pocket. “I’ve had this for three months now, but I wasn’t sure how you would react.” His hauntingly blue eyes search my face for any form of panic, regret and maybe even refusal, but he won’t find any. I lock eyes with him and try to get the message across without actually using words. He seems to understand me as he takes a deep breath, opens the box and continues. “Y/n will you marry me?”
I smile at him and nod. “Yes.” I breath out. My answer causes a smile to spread across his face, a smile that I don’t see on his face very often. He places the ring on my finger and kisses me.
When he pulls away from the kiss he keeps my body close to his. “Your mother and I are getting married Charlie.”

hc that bucky loves to mess up with peter and one day he meets buckys s/o and is all flustered and bucky starts to tease him bc he’s checking out his best girl

oH M Y GOD. This is real. Bucky totally loves to tease the hell out of Peter. And he totally loves to keep calling him ‘kid’. And they’re totally pals and nO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE. So I obviously wrote something. Oops.

There’s this weekend where Steve is off on a mission with the new recruits and you and Bucky get the apartment all to yourselves, being free to do anything you want without having to worry about Steve or any companies at all. What you’re not really counting on is them arriving way earlier than you’re expecting.

You’re the first one to wake up in that Sunday, sneaking out of Bucky’s arms and the bed with still hooded eyes and messy bed hair, body clad just with a pair of black lacy panties and one of Bucky’s henleys.

Being already used to your surroundings, you don’t even look around the apartment before going straight to the kitchen and start to roam around the cupboards, searching for something to prepare breakfast.

That is, until you hear someone literally choking behind your back. Turning around slightly startled, you clutch your chest in surprise and let out a relieved sigh as you notice it’s only Peter.

“What the hell, Peter!” You chuckle breathlessly, resting your hip against the kitchen’s counter as he gaps at you. “You scared the crap out of me! What are you doing here?”

Peter doesn’t seem to have heard your question at all, his eyes glancing at every small piece of the apartment besides you, clearly unsure of what to say until you call him again and his finally eyes snap back to you.

“I’m just…Steve–I mean, Captain Rogers, he…” He stumbles through his words, cheeks flushing into a deep red and hands fumbling together as you raise your eyebrows at him, slightly amused at his clumsiness. “This is his apartment? I don’t think– uhm, he told me to wait?”

“Steve told you to wait here?” You ask with a small smile and hum in understanding as he nods nervously, turning back to the cupboard and starting to grab a few ingredients for pancakes. “Ok, good. How was the mission? Everything went good?”

You turn over your shoulder to look at him and notice his slightly stunned face, his mouth open as if he doesn’t know what to say and eyes roaming through your frame until he sees you’re looking at him.

“I…yeah! Everything’s fine. We, uh. Did it.” Peter nods firmly, pausing with a cough as you smile excitedly at him, turning around to the cupboard again as he feels a sudden burst of confidence. “We nailed it, actually.”

“That’s good! I’m glad you made it okay.” You beam up, turning on your heels and placing the ingredients over the conter before looking up at him again. “Look, I’m making breakfast for Bucky. Do you wanna join us?”

Before he can even open his mouth to reply, the loud thump of steps fill your ears, making you grin and Peter completely freeze on his spot, knowing exactly who it was before he even spoke up.

“What the hell are you doing, Parker?” Bucky calls out loudly once he enters the kitchen, pressing a quick kiss to your lips before glancing pointedly at Peter. “You ogling my girlfriend?”

“What? No, we’re just–I’m just…we’re talking!” Peter explains quickly, gesturing exaggeratedly with his hands almost as if he’s trying to protect himself, Bucky raising his eyebrows inquiringly as the boy just seems to get more nervous. “I’m not checking her out, dude, I swear!”

You pull yourself off Bucky’s arms and glance indignantly at him, throwing a punch to his chest as he grins smugly with a shrug while Peter just looks generally terrified.

“We’re just talking, you asshole!” You chuckle curtly, leaning back against his chest again and feeling his arms wrapping around your waist as you glance apologetic at Peter. “He’s joining us for breakfast. He just came back from a successful mission with Steve.”

“No shit? That’s awesome, kid.” Bucky grins at him and reaches out his metal hand, Peter momentarily easing up as he approaches you two and gives the soldier a rather strong high five. “How good was it?”

Peter beams up a smile and shrugs nonchalantly, though you can see that he’s pretty proud of his first real mission going well. He looks so confident and cocky out of a sudden that you and Bucky can’t help but laugh.

“Pretty good, yeah.” He replies excitedly, a wide grin curving his lips as he leans over the counter, nearly dropping a plate before quickly apologizing. “Didn’t have to call Aunt May.”

“Hence why he can stay with us for breakfast.” You singsong with a smile, raising your eyebrows at both of them as Bucky glances pointedly at you and Peter starts to open his mouth to (probably) deny it. “Or we’re calling aunt May.”

Bucky just laughs and gives Peter’s shoulder a punch, almost making him fall as he lets out a small ouch.

“No more ogling my girlfriend, Parker.”

Cameron Dallas - Patient


I had always been a careerist woman, I think it started around primary school when I wanted to become the president of the class and I made my campaign, I didn’t sleep for two days because I was making glittery posters. I won the title even though there was no such thing as class president in my school… My work ethic did not vanish through the years and I always wanted to be the best in everything. I didn’t let anything to distract me from whatever I wanted. My biggest dream was to be an actress and when I got my first role in a series when I was seventeen, I knew I wouldn’t stop until an Oscar. Typical me, what can I say? Anyway, the point is that I was determined to only concentrate on my career. I got famous over a year, everything happened so fast and I didn’t even had time for other things that girls at my age did. While they were crazy about prom, I was going from casting to casting. When they were moving to other cities to start college I was attending Hollywood parties because my movie just premiered the other week. And dating? I didn’t even know what it meant to go on a date, let alone have a boyfriend. I even thought that I didn’t need anyone, not even a man in my life, but then… then Cameron Dallas came into my life.

I met him at an after party, he just came up to me, I didn’t even know who he was, I thought he was going to just leave me when I told him I didn’t know him, but he just smiled and introduced himself to me.

“I’m sorry, I just…” I started to explain myself, but he just stopped me.

“No problem. I don’t expect people to know me, it’s totally fine. And I get that you don’t have enough time to pay attention to everything.”

I shyly smiled at him, I was thankful for his understanding and I felt less awkward. We talked almost all night and he asked me out for a coffee. I really enjoyed the night with him, but I didn’t even have time for a coffee in the next few weeks. But he told me he would wait. And he did. He waited two entire weeks to grab a cup of coffee with me. He was the most patient guy I had ever known. He didn’t care if we only had ten minutes between two of my takes, or we could only talk on the phone, and it impressed me a lot. I had troubles with balancing my time and surprise! Work always won over everything. But with Cam it was different.

At first I didn’t think much of our “relationship”, we were just spending some (quite little) time together, but then our rendezvouses started to become more often. The media claimed that we were a couple but we always denied it, mostly because it made me anxious to even think about it. I know, it sounds crazy, but I thought that it would distract me from my career, so I just ignored this whole thing that slowly became a huge part of my life without me noticing it. Cam became someone important to me, more than just a friend, but I was too ignorant to see it, and oddly, he waited until I realized it. But when that moment came… God, that was the most complicated moment in my life.

He and I went to party together, and as usual, people were asking us if we were together, or just simply told us how cute we were. We told everyone that we weren’t together, just good friends, and maybe after the hundredth time I was a bit too harsh when I denied it, and Cam started to act weird.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when we went outside to the fresh air.

“Nothing,” he said shaking his head but did not look at me.

“Cam, I know that something is wrong.”

“And what do you want to do about it? Shout out that we are not together?” he exclaimed suddenly throwing his hands to the air.

“What?” I asked quietly.

“It’s just… You don’t have to react that harsh when someone asks about us. Besides, they ask for a reason, Y/N.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I immediately said shifting my gaze away from him while I knew exactly what he meant by that.

“Y/N, I’m patient, you know that, but you have to admit that this is something more.” He pointed towards me and then hem. “I’m here for you, you know that, but you can’t do this forever.”

I felt the tears form in the corner of my eyes. I knew that he was right, but I didn’t want to admit it. I had feelings for him, that was for sure, but I thought that I wasn’t ready to express them and I didn’t know if I could handle a relationship.

He stepped closer to him and took my hands in his.

“Just take a deep breath and for once in your life, do what your heart wants to do.” His voice was quiet and tender, but I was too nervous to calm down.

“I can’t,” I whispered shaking my head.


“Because I’m terrified of what would happen if I do so.” He chuckled and cupped my face in the palm of his left hand.

“Believe me when I say, that nothing bad will happen.” He leaned closer, my breathing fastened and his face was dangerously close to mine. “Let me show you.”

In the next moment his lips were on mine and he was gently kissing me giving me the chance to pull away anytime. But I didn’t. It felt so amazing to kiss him, and I thought I could do this for a long-long time. We probably looked like two silly teenagers making out in a party, but I didn’t really care. He was the first one to pull away, resting his forehead against mine we stayed quiet for a short minute.

“See? Nothing bad happened,” he whispered pecking my lips.

“But what are we going to do now?” I asked scared.

“I don’t know,” he said the only thing I hated to hear.

“That’s not something I can deal with.”

“Then we will figure everything out. Okay?”

Not knowing what else to say I just nodded and hid my face in his neck. That was the first time in my life when I didn’t know what to do or what was the best thing to do. I was lost and my head was saying to me to just run, but my heart told me I was right where I belonged. With Cam.

We Meet Again (Derek Luh imagine/ requested)

A Derek Luh imagine as requested,
This is not as smutty as I would make it but I hope you like it, let me know if you maybe want me to do a pt. Two

“Hurry we gotta go, you’ll miss your flight Y/N!!”
My mom was yelling while I was putting my jacket on and pulling my suitcase downstairs.
Today is the day, I’m going to live my dream, I was moving to L.A. to proceed my carieer as a singer, I know this guy there at whos place I’m staying, he actually discovered me on YouTube and invited me to Los Angeles, his name is Nate Maloley but they call Him Skate. He is. actually quite an amazing artist and is going on tour soon so I’m happy to be working with such a sucsessful musician.

Finally I’m on the plane, I will miss my family but I am one step closer to my dream. I decided to watch a movie until we land

As soon as we landed I called Skate to see where to wait for him because he said he will pick me up, he told me to wait for him he because he went to pick up his friend who was in town for a day before he goes back for the tour.
Finally they got there in Skates famous Nissan which he’s obsessed with. As I got into the car I introduced myself

“Hi, I’m Y/N and I’m 18” I said with a smile
“Hey I’m Jack, I heard a lot about you Nate says you’re really talented” Jack said
I smiled and stared at his jaw which is more structured then my life
“thanks, it really means to me” I replied

while we were driving Skate was explaining to me where can I go if I’m ever bored or need a quiet place to think or write songs and how far are those places from his place.

As soon as I left my stuff in the guest room, where I was staying we headed to the studio for me to meet the squad.

“Y/N, how was your flight btw” Jack asked before we got into the studio. As I was about to answer I got cut off by Tez he came up to me to I troduce himself and after him I found myself greeting and meeting everyone.

“Nate I really like it here everyone is so nice” I said
“Thats lit, because you’ll be spending everyday here…” Skate replied “…you didn’t meet everyone tho, Dillon and Derek won’t be here for the next few days so you that’s when you’ll meet the whole family” Nate said grinning.

“Oh Jesus it’s only been three days and I am this exhausted from all this work, maybe I’m not prepared for this…” I was mumbling to myself while I was dramatically throwing myself on the bed. “Dont be so harsh on yourself, we all felt the same when we started” a familiar voice said which was coming from the other side of my door. I refused to get up so I just lifted my head up from the pillow an said “thanks for cheering up, but it would make it easier for me if I knew to who to thank”
“we haven’t officialy met I’m Derek, they’ve told you about me, I just got back from my trip and I thought I heard something when I came in to look for Nate and I heard you, can I come in”
“Um sure.. I guess”

My face was under my blanket so he couldn’t see me but as he got into the room and started talking I realised where do I. know that voice from. I slowly uncovered my head and asked “Derek as Derek Luh?” “Yeah, why?” asked as. I took the blanked of my face and tried to talk but he cut me off “Y/N?!!”
Derek is my ex, we were dating before he moved to L.A. that was actually the reason of our break up. “Y/N, what in the world are you doing here??” “Well when you left I was really hurt so I started writing songs and it was actually going for me so I started posting my songs and covers on YouTube and Skate discovered me so now I’m here.”
“Well this will be weird…” he said grinning. I smiled and asked “We cool?”
“We cool.” he smiled back.

After this weird happening I decided to take a shower and clear my head.
in the middle of my shower I realised I still have feelings for him, I mean i pushed off so many guys because of him, but I don’t think he likes me back, he probably has a girlfriend.

I got out of the shower and I was trying to decide what to wear I mean tonight is the guys night in at Nates place and they invited me so I wanna try , let’s say, seduce Derek with provocative clothing.
Maybe I should wear an oversized hoodie, a super tight short shorts, knee socks and adidas sneaks because it’s a chill hang out.

Nate and Derek went to pick up the Jacks, Swazz, Tez and Sammy. Twenty minutes after I heard a a door bell. I put my hear in a messy bun and rushed to open the door. I got really happy to see that Jack brought Madison I really wanted to meet her. Everyone got in except Derek, I turned to the living room facing my back to the door just to check if he is there so I can lock the door and in that second somebody slapped my ass and got into the house. I opened my mouth and eyes as wide as I could in shock and he just turned around and made that devilish smile.

I was actually pretty glad that happened but I acted like I was suprised and shocked. I decidet to act chill and let it slide, but imma play dirty too, I’m going to make him want like he never did before.

“Guys what do you want to drink?” I asked
“GIVE US JACK!” Derek said
“Ohh shit that’s Dereks sex drink” Johnson said and the guys started cheering.
“Who are you gonna fuck after this you badass” Nate asked.
“Who says it’s for me?” Derek answered and they all turned to Mads and Jack I started laughing and hurried up to the kitchen to get glasses and Jack Daniels. I poured some into all of the glasses and decided to spread them up. I stood next to Derek and leaned over the table to give the glasses to everyone else, making my but pop out looking, especially, revealed and calling him out. When I got up I looked at him noticing he spilled his drink looking at me.

“Derek what’s that on your pants? you got them a bit, let’s say, dirty” I said with a smirk
he looked down and realised what has happened, got up and rushed to the bathroom.

“Y/N can you come and help me clean this?!” I heard Derek yelling from the bathroom
“I’m busy now, Nathan can help you” I said laughing
“Y/N, liar liar, she’s just sitting and laughing Derek, Y/N go help the poor guy” Sammy said smirking.
“Seriously Samuel?” I wishpered grinning.

I went to the bathroom to help Derek but when I got in I couldn’t see him. Few seconds after I heard someone closing and locking the door as I turned around I saw Derek
“What the hell are you doing Derek?”
“God, Y/N I forgot how sexy you are” he said trough his teeth getting my hair off of my face.
“You’re not so bad yourself” I said while starting to breathe heavily
“Jump on me mami” Derek said right before he kissed me. I jumped as he told me to and he stuck me up against the wall and slowly started kissing my collar bone. As he started to get his hands under my sweater we got interrupted by Johnson.
“Everything okay there guys?”
“Yeah we’re fine Y/N is just helping me clean my pants” Derek said putting me down.

“We should do this more often, but we’ll have to keep it a secret, deal?”
“Deal” Derek said giving me one last kiss before leaving the bathroom.

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I feel like Shiro throughout the pilot was just thinkin “god this short kid looks familiar idk my memory’s still kinda fucked I’m sure it’ll come to me”. And he he finds out who Pidge is he thinks “wait wait wait that’s Katie Matt’s told me about her why she up here pretending to be a boy and usin a fake name and fightin aliens isn’t she like 10”.

anonymous asked:

snowbaz fic quote: started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

Thank you so much for sending this in! :)

It’s their 7th year at Watford and, well, we’re pretending Agatha and Simon aren’t a thing.
This one is so long, wow (it’s 1453 words).  I hope you like it! 


I remember I was crying that night, the night when it all started. The worst part was that it had been Baz who had made me cry that night. 

Baz had been incredibly cruel; confronting me with things I didn’t want to think about, such as not being the right person to be the chosen one. “You can’t even control your own magic” Baz had said. He didn’t stop there. He went on about me being a pathetic danger to the World of Mages, that my failure would cost ‘oh so many deaths’ and that Baz maybe should just kill me right there to spare the world from all the problems I would bring. But he told me he would wait; he would wait for my failure and then kill me. That way he would be the hero in the end of the story.

I had been really close to hitting him there, if it weren’t for the Anathema. It’s really not fair. I’m not good with words and Baz is the master of words, which means that when we’re in our room he is always able to hurt me but I can never hurt him back. 

Sadly, his speech didn’t stop at killing me. No, Baz always tries to go for the lowest blow. I was on the point of choking when he starter about my parents. Or rather, about me having no parents. About them not wanting me. About me being the biggest mistake in the history of Mages.  

It had been hard to hold my tears whilst he was still in the room. As soon as the door had closed behind him my sobs came out. 

I hadn’t expected he would be back as quick as he had been. I was a broken sob mess, curled up on my bed when he walked back into the room. 

I remember I tried to stop crying as soon as he had walked in, but it only made my sobs louder. 

I was too embarrassed to look at Baz, but I felt his eyes on me, taking it all in. I was just lying there, tears streaming down my face onto my pillow, waiting for Baz to make a cruel comment.


I remember the night when it all started very clearly. 

I had been miserable that night. Snow had actually been kind of nice to me that evening, which killed me. I couldn’t handle it. 

The power that boy held over me wasn’t fair. The way he could hurt me by just being there, by just being nice. My heart would skip a beat, but then quickly hurt because my feelings for him we’re hopeless. I could never be something else than an enemy to him. 

Every time Snow would say something that was even close to being nice I had to push him away. That night I went to far. 

I remember walking out of our room, hoping he would follow me, hoping he would shout and scream at me, hoping he would go off. But he didn’t follow me. I went to the catacombs, but I was restless. 

It had been very anti-climactic, talking down on Snow without him even pushing back a little. I was walking out of the catacombs, back to our room, without even emptying a rat for that night. 

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I walked back into our room, but I definitely hadn’t thought I would walk into a sobbing Simon Snow. 

He was lying on his bed. He was curled up into a little human ball and broken noises came from his mouth. 

My heart dropped to the ground and I felt very sick all of a sudden. It wasn’t the first time I had made Snow cry, but I had never seen him this vulnerable. He looked like he was completely falling apart and, no matter how much I like to deny this; my heart broke for him.


“Snow,” I heard Baz choke out. 

I tensed my muscles, I was braising myself for what was coming, but nothing came. Baz had kept his mouth shut after that. He was completely silent. I didn’t even hear him move. I gathered up all my courage and lifted my head to look at Baz. Our eyes met and to my surprise his eyes were full of pain. 

I remember that I didn’t know what to with it. What was he trying to do? Why did he look like he was the one suffering? For some reason it just had made me cry harder. 

“Simon,” Baz said and my heart had stopped for a second. 

He had said my name, my first name.  And suddenly I want him to comfort me. I hated that I wanted it, but I still wanted it.   

The power that boy held over me wasn’t fair. He could break me and then make me want him. 

“Baz,” had been my only verbal response, still sobbing. 

Then Baz moved towards me and took me in his arms. I tensed and panicked at first, thinking he was going to bite me. I hadn’t realized Baz had been hugging me until a few seconds in. 

In some way one thing led to the other and before we both knew it we were kissing. I don’t even remember who had kissed the other and I don’t think it matters because we had both wanted it. 

He had never said he was sorry though, for the things he’d said that night.

Right now, we’re both lying in our own beds. It has been about a month since we first kissed. I remember the next morning had been awkward. I didn’t know if Baz had actually felt something or if he had just kissed my out of pity. 

I hadn’t even known if the kiss meant something to me. I just told Baz (and myself) that I had wanted to be comforted, that’s all. I said that for about a week until I started to realize how big of a lie that was. 

I had wanted Baz. I still want him.

Baz and I are staring at each other now from across the room, in the dark, both staying in our own bed. 

After I found out I didn’t just snog with Baz because I wanted comfort I sort of panicked. I didn’t know if Baz felt the same way. Baz was awfully quiet after I told him it was just for comfort and it had been one of the scariest things ever to ask him if I could kiss him again. For real this time. 

First Baz had reacted distant when I asked him if I could kiss him for real, but then he gave in and we kissed. 

The next day we kissed again. 

From there our relationship started to grow. I don’t know how or why, but I like Baz. I like knowing he’s there. I like having him close to me. 

Now he’s lying in his bed, we’re still staring at each other. We like to stare.

We had wanted to push our beds together, but decided not to do this. I told him I didn’t want this because it made me nervous, but I actually didn’t do this because sometimes Penny dares to come into my room when Baz is playing football. For some reason I’m not ready for her to know it yet. I’ve been having a hard time accepting it myself, same for Baz. 

I guess you could say our relationship, as if for now, is quite angsty, but also full of soft moments. We’re just still figuring it all our. But I like this better than fighting.

Baz breaks our stare and rolls on his back. 

“Simon,” he whispers, he’s been calling me that more often, though he still calls me Snow as well, “can you come here?”


“It kills me that you’re so close but that I can’t touch you.”

I can’t help but smile and I get out of my bed. I walk over to Baz and stand over him. He looks up at me with a lazy grin on his face. He shuffles to the side to make room for me.

Still on his back he spreads his arms out. “Come here,” he says, and I crawl into his arms. 

Before I lay my head on his chest I plant a kiss on his lips. His lips feel familiar to me now. 

We went from enemies to boyfriends. Sometimes I wonder if we’re still enemies, if we still have to kill each other in the end. I won’t kill him though. 

It’s crazy how we got here, how this happened. But I’m glad it did.

Send me a quote and I’ll write a short snowbaz fic/blurb!!

Crying Princess

“He’s only been here for a day, but you already love him more than me, daddy. Mommy does too”

The loud pitter patter of a pair of feet echoed through the house, as well as an excited scream as you entered your home. Andy followed behind you, a bag slung over his shoulder and a carrycot in his hands. Inside of the said carrycot, was his newborn child, only a day old. A healthy boy who they named Leo.

“Mommy! Daddy!”, you smiled softly, yet tiredly, as your daughter, Mina, came crushing into your legs, hugging them tightly. “I missed you so much! Is Leo finally here? Can I see him?!”, you bent down to hug your little princess tightly. “Talk a bit quieter, okay? Leo is sleeping”, Mina nodded and struggled out of your arms to greet her father, but as soon as her eyes set on the small baby inside the carrycot, she stopped.

“Is that my brother?”, she whispered in awe and raised her hand to touch his cheek, but before her skin could even graze his, the stern voice of her grandmother made her back away slightly. “Don’t!”, all of you looked towards the living room where your mother was leaning against the door frame, an angry expression on her face. “Don’t disturb him, he’s sleeping”

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A Mother's Love

I started writing this for OQ Week, but the week was unexpectedly busy and I never got the chance to finish it–plus, so many amazing things were posted that week and it was too much fun reading what everyone else wrote to actually write anything of my own. (I still have quite a long reading list, actually.)

Anyway, this is based on Second Chances, a fic I wrote earlier this summer. You don’t have to read it to follow along with this, but it’s set in the same world.

Summary: When Hope asks Regina if she’s her ‘real mom,’ Regina explains what it means to be a mother.

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Miss you -Josh dun

Requested by @nenagomezsg

A/n: hope you like it

It had been three months since I last saw josh. We called and Skyped but it was only for a few minutes when he won’t busy. Don’t get me wrong I loved when he is on tour doing what he loves but I miss him and he still has four months left before a break. I was now eating lunch and watching tv when my phone ringed.

Me: hey Tyler, what’s up?
Tyler: it’s Josh, he’s been down lately I think he misses you to much
Me: I understand, I miss him too, we knew this would be difficult
Tyler: you could fly out here and surprise him! We’ll take care of it
Me: you don’t have to do that
Tyler: yes I do! He needs you here. Your flight is at 7 am, see you soon!

He hung up and I put down my phone, that boy. I got up putting my plate in the sink and headed to my room to pack. I had to admit I was so excited to fly and see josh. After packing I figured what time I needed to get up and leave.


I heard my alarm and got up and ready to leave. Luckily my friend (y/f/n) didn’t mind driving me to the airport. Once there I hugged her bye and went through the process. I found my spot on the plane and sat down texting Tyler I was on the plane.

Once the plane landed I got off and headed to get my bag. Once I found it I headed to look for my ride, I found Tyler waiting and went up to him “it’s good to see you” I said hugging him “you too, Josh is going to be so happy” he said “where does he thank you’re at now?” I asked “picking up some food” he laughed “well we better get going” I said. When we reached back to where they were staying Tyler told me to walk far behind him so I could wait to “pop” out when he told me. When we reached the bus I waited outside but I heard them when Tyler went in. “I’m back” Tyler said “hey” Josh replied sounding down “got any food?” Josh added “no” Tyler replied and I heard Josh sigh “but I got something that’ll cheer you up” Tyler said “like…” Josh asked as Tyler opened the door. I walked in and up the three steps to see Josh, he smiled causing me to smile. “(Y/n)!” He yelled getting up and running over to hugging me “I missed you so much” he said before I kissed him “I’ve missed you too” I said, “Tyler, thanks man” Josh said “no problem you needed it” he said “now I’m going to give you guys some time together” Tyler said and left. “How have you been? How’s the job going? How the cats?” He asked as we sat on the couch “I’ve been ok, better now that I get to see you. The jobs doing good and the cats are fine” I laughed “tonight after the show how about we watch our movie” he said “that’ll be great” I said leaning on the couch facing him. “It’s so great to have you here” he said “and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon” I smiled.

Killian Jones's Mates For Life: Belle French

Please note this meta may contain vague but popular spoilers/speculations.

Now that Emma is no longer playing for team hero it is creating, or reinforcing, a lot of fun friendships and alliances that, given the possibility of a sacrifice made by a certain dashing pirate in the near future, might be pretty important in the storyline to come.

These newfound friendships make me very, very, emotional for several reasons and the family group dynamic lately has made me love this show even more than I thought possible. I’ve started to enjoy characters I never previously enjoyed. I think that a lot of that is because of Killian Jones and I wonder if that might be what the writers are trying to convey?

Emma is a force of divide this half of the season, no one is quite syncing up on the best way of saving her and there is a clear separation in the storytelling.

Killian’s actions seem to be the force that starts to unite everyone through these new and old friendships, and that’s pretty incredible considering where he started, and also incredibly interesting given some of the spoilers we have regarding unity and separation and Killian possibly working alone in later episodes.

Killian is a person who I don’t think actually likes to be alone. He surrounds himself with people at every opportunity. Even if he separates himself from them he still makes sure he is within a group or at least in a crowded, lively space.

There are very few occasions where we come upon Killian alone, when he wasn’t specifically told to wait somewhere (“Don’t follow me. Wait 5 minutes, get some fire wood or something”) or where wasn’t forced to leave to keep up appearances or go on a mission of some sort (Outrunning the curse for instance).

That’s is why the scene with the prostitute is even more poignant for me, because not only did Killian turn her down because of his love for Emma, he was forced to leave the group setting where he was much more comfortable and actually be alone with his thoughts (or he would have been if not for Ariel).

In flashbacks he is always in a tavern rather than on his ship where he enjoys spacious private quarters. He seeks out these taverns even if he happens to be drinking alone.

In Storybrooke, most of the times we see him, he is hanging out in Granny’s at the bar, or with the group in Charmings apartment, even though he has a separate location to call his own. Very rarely is Killian approached in his own space, when he wasn’t explicitly directed to be there.

Killian likes people, and watching people and that’s a large part of why he’s “quite perceptive” and why he can read them so easily.

He might not always interact with them, but he likes people to be around him, that much is clear.

One of the things that I really wanted for this season was for Killian to make a real, solid connection to the town and the people in it, and we are slowly but surely seeing these friendships develop or strengthen.

I would even argue that Killian, is the most unifying person this season and he might give up everything to protect these new elements to his life.

I wanted to examine and explore each of Killian’s relationships, one at a time because they are so, so important to me and I thought it might be fun, starting with:

Captain Book/Beauty -

I consider Belle Killian’s closest friend at this point, after Emma. It’s clear they have a bond, and even if their past is colored by vengeance and violence they have both moved past it.

Belle is one of the few people to exclusively call him Killian, and they openly and freely discuss their personal relationships and emotions with one another, and at the same time they have a casual camaraderie that I love.

If there is a situation in 5B where Killian might be in danger or in need of a rescue I think that Belle would be at the forefront of that effort. Or at least she should be.

She is also one of the keys to swaying Rumple for his assistance (assuming he still needs that extra push by then).

Belle is often on the fringe of the group, outside but not apart of it. She usually (sadly) takes the role of convenient plot device who has the needed answer or information at just the right time. She is not clear friends with anyone but Killian and Ruby (who is not here yet) and her positive social interactions with people other than those two are scarce and without substance if she’s not babysitting Baby Neal.

Killian is one of the few characters that talks to Belle as an individual outside of the larger storyline and plot.

This season she is still kind of in the background looking at books for most of her scenes, excepting those that involve Killian:

She educates him on the “TLK with a Dark One” mechanics, she drinks with him at the bar during a very crucial voiceover regarding Dark One motivations, she accompanies the group to Dark Swan’s house to investigate Killian’s locked door, and finds both Excalibur and evidence of a missing Rumple, she is even part of “Mission Fuck Shit Up” down in the Camelot dungeons.

Killian is not her explicit reason for being in any of these situations, and she’ll be more involved in her own separate storyline later from what we’ve seen, but from a writing standpoint so far this season it appears she is most active and involved during scenes involving either Killian, whereas she is more background, color commentary, in scenes where Killian is missing.

Belle also seems to be the most aware of the reality of her own relationship when she is near Killian. He was, after all, the main event that lead to the revelation that Rumple was not quite done with his pursuit of power.

Even as far back as S2 Belle was beginning to doubt Rumple was telling her the truth about Milah because of Killian, and he showed her a glimpse into Rumple’s truer, darker, violent side during their interaction on the Jolly Roger. Had he not shot her and taken her memories it might have planted a seed of doubt and forced her to think about her relationship slightly more realistically earlier on.

In all their conversations after they became friends, rather than aggressor/victim, Belle is more pragmatic about the problems in her relationship than she has been for the entire series, and it is only through Killian, so far, that we’ve seen that clear sightedness.

When Belle is with Rumple she tends to revert back to the enabling, all forgiving Belle she’s always been, but when talking to Killian we see her true feelings show through: she loves Rumple, but she recognizes there are issues with that love that need to be addressed.

Her conversation with Killian regarding True Love’s Kiss not working is a strong contrast in both tone and feeling to her conversation with Rumple on the floor right before the darkness takes over his heart.

Grounding her in reality is crucial for her character development throughout the season, for healthy development for her relationship, and these conversations help inform Killian’s actions as well.

I love that Killian can be that sounding board for her true feelings and I love that her voice of experience and knowledge are helping Killian to make better choices in his own Dark One situation.

I adore the Belle and Killian friendship a lot and I’m happy we’ve gotten more development with them this season and further proof that they are really and truly friends.

Next up: Hooked Queen