W.C. Fields

A rather haunting photo of Louise taken in Florida during the filming of “It’s the Old Army Game” with W.C. Fields in 1926. This picture was supposedly discovered in the attic of a private residence where portions of the movie were filmed. There was a great affection and admiration between Louise and Fields, in no way hampered by their mutual love of bootleg gin. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4229106208843&set=gm.10150851512747694&type=1&theater

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‘taint fit night out for man nor beast…



Local artist and friend Daniel Rutis recently started a new series of art works featuring Nintendo characters depicting various icons from the golden age of Hollywood: W.C. Fields, Emmet Kelly, Gene Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock and more.  

I hope he plans on making more in this series and that he’s able to start offering these prints for sale in the future, especially the Alfred Hitchcock one.