I saw a few seconds of this and didn’t think much of it, now seeing the whole video though, I have to give her credit for being able to condense such a high level of bullshit into a 2 minute segment.

The first point she makes is pure fabrication; that recent protest about police shootings have been centered around an idea that “black lives matter more”. That hasn’t been a feature of any protest. Black Lives Matter is such a simple concept that to misrepresent or misunderstand it requires an embarrassing level of voluntary ignorance. 

Her points about the performance not being about equality but about ‘ramrodding an aggressive agenda down our throats’ and ‘getting attention’ sound more like a description of her own speech and others alike. This whole thing felt like an audition tape for FOX News.

Her third point is the really telling one though; that the black panthers weren’t about equality but overthrowing white domination. It’s so strange because in another video she states that she ‘isn’t a racist’, yet here the idea that a group of black people tried to abolish white supremacy makes her visibly upset. As much as it angers me, it’s also genuinely sad to see someone who has been conditioned to believe that to be in favour of social justice and equality is ‘anti-white’, though in a way she’s not wrong; being for racial equality does mean being against whiteness - as it is currently known and experienced, because whiteness as we know it, that socio-economic advantage white people have today, was built on (and continues to be built on) the genocide, slavery or oppression  of virtually every other ‘race’.

Regarding her fourth point; I really, really would like to understand the logic behind criticising a social justice movement for apparently ‘not believing in change through peace but through violence instead’, and then finishing that same speech by saying God bless the country that has spent $1.7 trillion dollars on war in just over the last decade, how does that work out exactly? Peep the hypocrisy; an entire culture, perpetuates the oppression of a group of people for hundreds of years, and it’s not okay for a very small number of those people to turn to violence. Alternatively; a small number of people commit an act of terrorism on one day and it is okay for an entire alliance of countries to invade or support the invasion of the middle-east resulting in millions of deaths.

Her fifth point I have heard before; that people who talk about racism, are the ones who ‘aren’t letting America heal’, that they’re the reason racism still exists. As stupid as this sounds, it isn’t an arbitrary reaction, and this is where a person really pronounces their racism; because this is part of a cultural habit of blaming black people for their own oppression - and it’s also linked to this individualistic view of society (most prominent in the U.S) which states that no matter the constraints you will succeed if you work hard. Here’s the implication; you take an issue like the mass incarceration of black men, ask someone like her to explain it, they will probably tell you it’s because the black family has broken down and black fathers aren’t sticking around, or its black culture in general or simply: ‘black people just commit more crime’. Now, by virtue of ignoring the relevant history and contemporary social issues and patterns, the underlying idea is: ‘Black people are simply born morally or mentally deficient and white people are simply born more intelligent’. So she can claim to not be a racist all she wants, but the signs are there. 

Her comment about Beyoncé playing the victim and not being a cultural leader obviously stems from the fact that she isn’t coming out with a narrative that suits the prolongation of white supremacy; had she come out and said something like ‘black on black crime is the real problem with our community’ then Lahren would have been full of praise because, again, that narrative doesn’t acknowledge a historical context consisting of a systematised and successfully enacted plan to push black Americans into spaces where crime and drug dependency could thrive. Being a cultural leader to her, in this case, means blaming your own culture for the damage actually done by another, what could be more convenient for someone like her.

You do not take things lightly
It is a luxury you can’t afford
So you take something like “I don’t swing” at face value
And threaten to carve your way into someone’s ribs
Regardless of their relation to you

Touch is a treacherous means to a violent end
And you would sooner handcuff them to a bedpost
Than risk your skin being unstitched again

You will take what is given but never, ever
Without asking first
Because you won’t turn the same blade that hurt you
against anyone else

His trust is an unnerving concept to wrap your head around
But you think perhaps you like it
(you are not supposed to care)

He is a problem you willingly commit to
A warning sign in technicolor

It is the first time you break a promise, and it nearly breaks you in return

You are not used to being a rock in anyone’s foundation
But you would tear the world apart piece by piece
To keep him

if you’re not from Jersey, you’re not worth shit

black coffee stings but it’s a close friend of mine, keeping me up all night so i can sort myself out
i’m sorry my teeth are so stained, it must be all the joe. the blood doesn’t help either

you’re so pretty, sugar. i hope you don’t mind i borrow your smile

i promised to keep the .45 locked in the closet but the tapping on the door is pissing me off
i’ll wait until you’re ready though

liquor store parking lot, sharing a cig with the local band’s drummer
it’s a fuckin bummer they’ll all be dead by 25

wash your hair, you’re an adult now
wipe the cum off your pants, you’re an adult now
put down the knife, you’re an adult now
you can carve as many smiles as you want but you’ll still sleep alone

autumn’s never smelled better than through the haze of young love, but love ain’t true if you can’t agree on the goddamn radio station

you’ve moved out but you haven’t moved on

do you remember the color of your fathers eyes?
your mothers nose perched on your face, broken in a bar fight

mommy aint here to clean up the blood
mommy aint here to tie up your Chucks

you’re on your own, punk

so zip up your leather, pack your bags and head on east
because if you’re not from Jersey, you’re not worth shit

Chouette à lunettes / A Spectacled Owl in Manizales, Caldas, Colombia.

Pulsatrix perspicillata (Latham, 1790) : Chouette à lunettes / Spectacled owl / Lechuzón de anteojos / Brillenkauz /  メガネフクロウ…

Ordre : Strigiformes / Famille : Strigidés - Strigidae / Genre : Pulsatrix ;
Espèce : perspicillata.

Six sous-espèces :
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata boliviana (s Bolivia, n Argentina)  ;
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata chapmani (e Costa Rica to nw Peru)  ;
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata perspicillata (s Mexico to ne Argentina) ;
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata pulsatrix (Paraguay, e Brazil, ne Argentina) ;
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata saturata (s Mexico to w Panama)  ;
       - Pulsatrix perspicillata trinitatis (Trinidad).

Julian Londono from Manizales, Colombia - Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata) Uploaded by Snowmanradio / CC BY-SA 2.0

** ♥