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restless heartlessness.
greyish blurry paintings.
debussy and monotonous blues.
cheap cherry wine and rootbeer, cigarettes, lollipops. my vomit is pink, the clouds are violet and my shredded wings have turned into ash and nothing grows from it. I scare off the monsters with jarring creams; cruel teenage queen, listen to my butchered innocence

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(3) I never had to lie when I wrote about Nathalie because her freckles really were geometric and she really was an angel and not just when we spread our limbs in the snow but every single second she was alive. Sometimes the sun is so bright that you can see its warmth even when you close your eyes. She existed in the same way, and oh god, you should have seen her.

part three

oh my god i just sat in silence for like five minutes and reread these over and over again??? i cant
literally speechless this is so lovely im…….i feel like apologizing? oh god im sorry ahhhah wow thank you so much i am. wow

is my body still mine
when it changes?
this summer i fell in love
with every boy who let me sit in his car.
by which i mean
they all gutted my mouth open
the way one does
with a fish.

by which i mean:
they all saw my body change.

for a long time my worst fear
was of having boys touch me
as though i were the antlers of a deer.
the problem was that i couldn’t live
without the feeling
of my hipbones bending
underneath their weight.

there was one night in july
when i sat in the passenger seat of your car.
both of our bodies smelled
of chlorine & nakedness.
i couldn’t stop picturing my face
curled & bruised
on the side of some road.

when i dream of a boy
a shudder that feels
like a long scream
drains through my body.

afterwards everything goes dark;
i belong only to dirty feet.

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lmao Sometimes we make people up inside our heads. You know the drill: meet a girl who wears rings on all her fingers and has a cute nose and dark eyes. Girl holds your hand once and suddenly you're hanging on everything she does, everything she says. Then comes the glorification. The romanticization. And then the all too familiar letdown and it's 2:00am and you hate yourself and you're reading the poems you wrote about her as one last attempt to convince yourself you weren't wrong but you were.

part one

We feed on grief to replace our own,

it’s a car wreck and you are the bystander. You know should avert your eyes but you end up looking anyhow to satisfy your curiosity. When you have that inkling of intuition and it’s found to be proven true you feel like a rotten tooth has been finally plucked from that cavity. Taking out the bad and replacing it with void. In the end, did that make you feel any better? The truth of your world will destroy you but you have to know. You wanted to know. Enjoy your sorrow.