Nicholas Winton, Who Saved Hundreds Of Jewish Children From The Holocaust, Dies Wednesday July 1st At 106. 

(pictured above: Winton in 2009.)

“Dubbed the “British Schindler,” Winton helped 669 Jewish children avoid a grim fate by smuggling them out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. 

Many might recall this video involving him.

His death was confirmed by the Rotary Club in the English town of Maidenhead, of which he was a former president. 

It is estimated some 6,000 people around the world have descended from the 669 Jewish children whose escape from the Nazis Winton helped to mastermind.

According to his local Maidenhead newspaper, Winton died exactly 76 years to the day that a train left Prague carrying 241 children he helped to save.” 

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