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Do you think you can give us a short fanfic of how things would go down if Killua sees Gon with a new traveling partner.

For you, anon! I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind but I hope you like it anyway!

This is unedited cause I wrote all of it on the train ^^; I’ll fix everything later!

Canon universe, post killugon separation by about 3ish years.

The first time it happens it’s…weird.

Weird as in, Killua turns on his phone and makes the call expecting to see Gon’s freckled face smiling back at him, bits of brown hair falling into amber eyes and Killua’s heart will stutter and soar-

But that’s not what happens.

“Oh, hi!” says the stranger on Killua’s screen. She looks about a year younger than him, with long midnight black hair and soft, but bright, eyes. “Killua, right? Gon will be right back, he’s just getting a few mangos for me!”

That is something Killua doesn’t expect either. So he repeats haltingly, “A- a mango?”

The girl nods excitedly and his view of her face bounces up and down. “Yep! A mango! They come in all sorts of colors around here and even if you have only one your mouth turns into a rainbow!”

Killua is so startled he laughs. He can’t stop himself from picturing Gon with orange and black and green teeth, purple smudges around his mouth and the look of absolute horror on Mito’s face-


And then Gon is there, running towards the phone in the background with an armful of- yes, rainbow fruit because apparently the girl hadn’t been lying.

But Gon drops them all in favor of grabbing the phone from mystery-girl’s hands. He shoves his face into the camera and shouts into the phone, “ARE YOU OKAY, WHERE ARE YOU, I MISS YOUUUU!”

The blast of sound nearly makes Killua go deaf but it’s Gon so it’s good and fine and Killua’s cheeks ache from the stretch of his smile.

The girl, Gon quickly says, is named Vyolet. She’s a full time resident of this town he’s visiting while chasing after Killua and she knows all the best places to catch fish and find food and where to look at the stars or collect seashells and-

And and and.

Killua listens to Gon’s babble while his heart twists and pulls. He knows what he’s feeling but doesn’t want to name it. So instead he listens because it’s the only thing he really can do, besides occasionally speaking up or explaining something Gon doesn’t understand. Gon always beams like Killua just explained the mystery of the universe and tells Vyolet proudly, “Killua is the smartest person I know!”

Vyolet talks, too. She adds details and sense to Gon’s stories and has a laugh that sounds like chimes. She’s bright and carefree and reminds Killua a lot of Gon in more ways than one. She warms people, and Killua can tell that even at a distance of a thousand miles.

“She was traveling with Gon?” Alluka asks, brow furrowed, after Killua has hung up.

Killua shrugs. “Kinda? It’s only while Gon is in that area, I think.”

“Huh…” She peaks at him from the corner of her eye. The sunlight glistens on her hair, turning brown strands into dark red and gold. “And how do you feel about that?”

Bad, Killua’s mind automatically supplies. Bad and horrible and awful and it hurts because Killua should be the one at Gon’s side doing all that stuff with him, it should be him, not some random stranger Gon met half a day ago-

But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Killua isn’t there.

Killua lets out a long breath. “It’s- weird.”

“Weird,” Alluka repeats.

“Yeah. Like…” God, Killua does not want to do this. He hates talking about feelings and emotions but this is Alluka and he’s trying to get better.

Really, he is. He wants to be different when he and Gon meet up again.

So he starts again.

“It’s like, I’m so used to being with him when he goes on adventures, you know? To see him with someone else is kind of. It’s.”

He looks down at his sneakers, kicks a pebble on the sidewalk and watches it skitter away. The breeze off the ocean is low and the rumbling sound of the waves is something Killua will hear in his sleep for several nights. It can’t drown out the crashing and churning emotions warring inside him though.

“It kind of sucks,” he finishes lamely.

Alluka nudges him. “But?”

“But,” he says with a sigh. “It’s not fair of me to feel that way. I have you to travel with, it would be really selfish of me to get mad at Gon for going along with someone else. Gon needs to keep on living and making friends and I don’t- won’t- stop him.”

Alluka hums approvingly. “That’s good, Brother. But, you know…”

Killua stiffens, not at all liking the tone in her voice. “But, what?”

Alluka smiles slyly at him. “But, you know, even if Gon did meet this new girl…he still couldn’t keep his eyes off you, could he?”

Alluka squeals as Killua chucks his backpack into her side, his ears and cheeks and face burning-

And something light and giddy flutters inside his chest.

Miraculous LadyBug Bodysuit Tutorial - Part 4:Spots On!

I’m alive I promise.

Sorry guys, I’ve been either very busy or very sick. And I’m finally free enough and well enough to make the end of this thing! Also oh my gosh my tutorial has 268 notes all together so far?! And I’ve also seen some progress pictures and I just AHHH I’m so glad you all like it! Enough talking for now, lets get to it!

Reference Images I Used:

Front View

Side/Front/Full View

Back View 

And One more, but I couldn’t find it without getting a gif which I tried to avoid but there is one gif, so sorry if its yours! There are many ways you can get the dots on there, but I prefer sewing them on, you can do whatever you’d like though I would suggest still following along with the pattern I made for this! I stayed as canon as possible with them.

Now we get to use all that black fabric! So fold the fabric in half once                 -whichever way floats your boat- use some chalk or a fabric marker and something to make circles-try not to make them too big or small! (Ft. help from my friend Vyolet) We used an empty wet wipes container our art teacher didn’t need anymore, but you can use whatever you’d like, as long as its a circle of course! 

As you see, I’ve made smaller/larger dots(pus since you folded it that means more dots) DO NOT throw away the scrapes !!! You might need them in case you need to make more dots! 

Side note: use the smaller dots at first, as you see its about the size of my palm (I have smol hands so)

Now time to trace out the collar! As you see I had to do it a few times before I traced it onto a FOLDED piece of the black fabric! I traced the ends o the shirt and when from there.

Now you have two pieces cut out! Now pin and  sew it onto the collar!

Tadaaaa! Now onto the hell fun part!

Now lets start nice and easy so its not so overwhelming. We start with the chest! As you see it looks kind of like a cross, not a diamond shape. Like I said you can use a no stitch method or any you’d like but I myself sewed all of them by hand!

I stuck a writing board that I usually use to bare down on to do stuff on! Use anything were it can’t poke through the back, like cardboard or something! Then you can pin and sew it down. I also added the other three dots, as you see it makes a pattern in a way. A center dot at top&bottom of your chest, stomach,hands&feet, then go on from that. Make sure its all even before pinning it down! I took this at a weird angle so sorry heh ;-;

Now all you have to do is sew them in circles, make sure whatever you have inside the suit isn’t easy to poke into and has support! It might seem like a long time, but it’s easier done than said and can go by pretty fast! Now if you want- and I suggest-you can take the parts day by day like I did, section it off like so: front torso. arms, legs, and back. 

Now don’t forget the sides! It should really only take 2-4 dots, depending on the size.

Now what I did was kind of stupid, but what I suggest is cutting a piece of cardboard long enough for the arm and then pinning it down. I was just making sure the dots were in the right place before pinning them. I basically placed the dots on the fabric and it stuck pretty okay, I then slowly took it off my arm and pinned them, or had help pinning them when they were on my arm. The choice is yours. The arms were probably the hardest part because I was basically going in a circle, so just try it on every few dots and always look at reference pictures! And please, do not hesitate to send me an ask if you need help on this part!!(well any part really, but this is the hardest)

Okay, at this point you are about 50% done! Yay!! Now for the lovely legs.The pegs are like the torso, so it can go in a zig-zag form. I took the board out (do that for the arms too duh) and cute two medium sized pieces of cardboard for them and stuck them into the legs. After that, pin them down, you know the pattern by now kids. Go for the front and back first.

Just a few extra pictures on that, side note: I did two at a time! 

Do like the torso and sew dots onto the sides, and then you should be done! Now would be a good check point and look at your reference pictures to make sure everything is right.

You’re 75% done now! Yay! But back to business, It’s time for the back. As you see I chose a green zipper(I am ladynoir trash rip)but you can totally pick a red one, I in fact recommend it! I just did it because it reminded me of Chat lol, but if you want to follow in my path with that, I will also be showing on how to cover it up for pictures and such! As you see, I’ve pinned down the dots, and stick the board back in. It’s basically like the front, but with dots in the middle. Also The two dots at the bottom of her bottom (heh I’m punny) that as you see make a triangle like shape!

These are some close up shots of what I did for the back. As you can hopefully see, I set two dots on the zipper and cut them close enough to cover the zipper. After that, sewing time! With the ones in the middle I sewed it just close enough to the zipper, but gave myself room to be able to zip/unzip the suit.

Sooo close to being done! Now onto the hands and feet. I did like I did with the sleeves, but since I only sewed half way so I can take them off if needed (you do not have to do that, that is just an extra step!) so I easily pinned it down, just stick a piece of cardboard in if you don’t want to do that though.

It was pretty easy to pin down on the feet, all I had to do was pinch the part I was pinning, and made sure not to stick myself. There’s one on the front, and two on the ankles. Side note # 2 or 3: I made it to wear it’s covering the stitch some. You know the deal by now, sew it on down!

Now what I did to have a solid and safer feeling on the feet was I ripped out the soles of some old shoes. It was a little hard, but all I did was rip out some of the missing pieces and glued them in place with hot glue. Thankfully, I only had to do that for one. I then just simply stuck them to the bottom of the suit, and tried it on to make sure they were on the right way.

And here’s the final product!

(Ugh gross my face) Some extra/ close up shot, I hope this tutorial helped you and please feel free to message me or ask me any questions if you need any extra advice! :) Have a miraculous day/night!

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