My cardiologist: fighting off a faint won’t work. You’re better off getting to the ground quickly. Me:

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[gif: cat slowly falling asleep while standing, falling gently to lying down while asleep]
  • Dan: the next video is a big deal and I don't know if I'm ready for it
  • Phandom: HE'S COMING OUT
  • Dan: but its cheeky and you'll find it funny if you like seeing my life being turned into a joke
  • Phandom:

people in fandoms are so goddamn amazing. like people in any fandom are so incredibly talented like!! do you see that art that fan artist just did? it’s so gosh darn good! look at the colors! look at the style! look at how much work they put into it! can i even start on the fanfiction writers?? you’re so ineffably amazing at writing like look at that angst, you’re so good at writing that?? like how?! you’re so incredible! and the people who make graphics who add the perfect little details, look at the gif makers who can do anything, the people who are so funny who can make anyone laugh, the people who support those in fandoms for what they love! look at all the kind people in this fandom! if you say that fans are untalented and lazy, think again. think again after you see my fandom and how utterly talented, sweet, and funny everyone can be.