¿Te has enamorado alguna vez? ¿No es horrible? Te hace tan vulnerable. Abre tu pecho y abre tu corazón y significa que alguien puede entrar en ti y deshacerte.
—  «Las benévolas»
-Neil Gaiman.
Just be the freaking person who cares more. Be the person who tries harder, loves stronger, gives more of a shit than all of the half-alive people who surround them. Be the person who answers their messages, shows up to their commitments and doesn’t leave others hanging or guessing at their eternally vague intentions. Be the person you wish you were dating. If you’re sick of the game then stop playing it. If you’re tired of the bullshit, then cut it.
—  Heidi Priebe for Thought Catalogue
Here’s to the girl who’s far from perfect. The one who’s confident yet completely insecure at the same time. Here’s to the girl who cares just a little too much. She loves with all of her heart yet pretends to have no emotions. She has her bad days and her really bad days, but most days are good and she’s thankful for that. She loves her family and friends, and she’s learning to love herself too. This girl is so extremely passionate, more than it even comes across. It is often her strength and her downfall. She wants to be swept off her feet, but will never be taken advantage of. She’s strong, but vulnerable in ways some will ever know. She’s opinionated and a perfectionist and her mind is filled with the most beautifully outrageous dreams. So here’s to the girl who’s still trying to figure things out. The one who people might not know as well as they think they do.
—  Kiannah Joylinn (i’m in love with this. by far one of the most personal things i’ve ever written)

Dear 2017,

I’m ready for you. I’m welcoming you with open arms. I hope you treat me better than 2016 treated me. With you, I will treat myself better, with love and with kindness. And this time, I know the importance of loving myself. This time I will be happy. So, 2017, I hope you are ready for me.

—  N.C. // this time I’m okay. I’m ready.