- Vulcan, Alberta -

  Vulcan is just about an hour south of Calgary  The town was named in 1915 after the roman god of fire, and the original streets were named after various roman deities. Somewhere along the way, somebody in the community made the Star Trek connection, and the local tourism board ran with it, in a big way. 

  Aside from the Trek themed tourism information building, the street signs are all Trek themed, the county admin building has trek themed signage, there is a Trek museum, and murals depicting Star Trek characters all over town. There is an annual Star Trek convention called Spock Days.

Vulcan Terms of Endearment & Sentiment

ashal-veh- darling; person (noun)

ashayam- beloved; a beloved person (noun)

ashalik- darling; beloved (noun)

tal-kam- dear (noun)

k'diwa- beloved (noun)

t'hy'la- friend; soulmate; brother; lover (noun)

taluhk nash-veh k'dular- i cherish thee (phrase)

taluhk- precious; dear; beloved

shok-tor- to kiss

ozh'esta- to finger kiss/finger embrace

el'ru'esta- hand embrace/hold hands

nartau- to embrace

ashau- to love (verb)

ashaya- love (noun)

teraya-martaya- to hug (verb)

shon-ha-lak- love at first sight