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Our winter hiatus has begun, and that means it’s time for the 8th bi-annual Swan Queen Week!

If you’re new to SWEN and/or this event, Swan Queen Week is an entire week dedicated to making fic, gifs, graphics, fanmixes, vids, etc., for our two favorite ladies. During the Week, our goal is to flood our dashboards with as much Swan Queen as we can handle.

Please continue on below the cut for more information on how to participate, what to expect, and a few housekeeping matters.

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anonymous asked:

hey, i remember a little while ago you mentioned that there were a couple of kids from this gen that you did Not want to win. now that voting is over, would you share who that was?

it was felix and oliver, they’re little turds when i play them but i still love them lol

When I went to vote this morning Hillary Clinton’s name appeared more than once on the ballot. Each time she was listed under a different party or issue - one box was titled ‘women’s rights’, another 'Democratic Party’.

However, the instructions on the ballot clearly indicated you should only pick ONE box. I found this very confusing, so I’m asking you to spread the word: 

 if your candidate appears more than once on a ballot, only pick them ONCE. ANY of the boxes with their name on it will count. 


 Thank you!

(Captions under cut because I forgot to do them D: )

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Little Mix just dropped one of the best catchiest singles of 2016 and they're actually getting the praise for it? People are actually enjoying the song and talking about the GIRLS rather than the exes that the song talks about. Huge step forward. They've managed to move past the stigma of being a girlband with no arguments or real pettiness between them. There's no obvious competitiveness between the girls and they all seem like genuine friends?? Every member gets their chance to shine and they all add something to the group. They were originally just seen as a band for tweens but they've grown and their music has grown and now they're universally liked across multiple markets? They consistently do well in the charts and have 3 multi-platinum albums and let's be real, Glory Days is going to be #4. Their music is empowering to girls everywhere and SOTME is no different, and I'm just so proud.

This article includes the phrase “mercifully fully clothed” and that is the best comment I’ve read about Boris in a while.