The cat and mouse game going on between the rebels and GMA about the bloggers style camp poll is all kinds of interesting. I’m sitting here with my popcorn watching it all unfold.
GMA: We want one winner for the female stunner award darn it!! Extend the poll now.
Rebels: GMA you evil dog. We will not fall for your lies about advocacies. It’s a tie, we won’t pick between them. Power vote rebels. Make them win with an even bigger margin.
GMA: Curse you rebels. Whhhhyyy?! Okay, add decimals. We will have one winner. Only one will be crowned GMA’s next female stunner.
Rebels: We ain’t scared of no decimals. Bring it on. Tie it up rebels, tie it up. Oh snap! Glaiza is .3% ahead of Rhian. *panic* Vote for Rhian. Vote for Rhian. *sigh* It’s all tied up now. Okay, stop voting. I repeat, stop voting. *6sec later* Why is Rhian now .1% ahead?! Who’s voting?! Stahhhhhp.
GMA: *evil laughter* We got you now. Here have some photos of the other love teams you have zero interest in.
Rebels: You’ll never win GMA. Alright rebels, assemble. Night shift voters, tie this thing up. *votes are tied*
The ball is now in GMA’s corner.


 I don’t know if you know this but…we’re loosing.





edited it to the new one, WE ARE WINNING NOW GUYS PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!


The Most Annoying Person in the World

Some people, man. Some people will make you angry just by looking at their big stupid face. Maybe they did something to deserve that hate, or maybe they just grate at you on some deep unfathomable level. CollegeHumor wants to find out who the most annoying, hatable person is with the biggest, stupidest face. Vote now.