I’m going to do a oneshot series and I need your vote.

So I said a while ago that I would write a oneshot based on an imagine and I have decided to one based on my all time favourite imagine ‘Imagine being Cinderella’. Now how I’m going to do this is simple, I’m going to write a Cinderella AU with you fair readers as Cinders and the winner of the vote cast as the prince (with the rest of his fandom filling in for everyone else). There is also an other option and if a certain character gets enough mentions I will add them to the list. So get voting as I’m only keeping it up for a week.

Cinderella AU Vote


Ugh! Orchestra is having a fundraiser tomorrow night. $60 a plate and I’m playing in a quintet with a bunch of band directors and I’m feeling out of my league! But, I never dress up unless it’s my tux. I don’t own nice clothes. So these are a few things I thru together under my one sweater I own. I’m leaning towards the turtleneck, but not sure. It’s more of a laid back event. So no tux. Ugh!

I was loyal to the Coalition… I’ve come around since the past couple days.

When I let  you go, Lord Z nearly beat  me out of existence and put me on suspension. I couldn’t take it, I split apart. Part of me escaped to these woods, and the other expended all of my remaining energy to clear the seal Lord Z put on Toyland. That escaped part of me met a special someone who convinced me to put myself back together and, well, rebel. He told me what your mission was.

But all of that left me very weak. A lot of my abilities don’t work. And worst of all… well…

Short of it, I’m dying now. 

And when you’re dying, you start thinking about your life choices. My job was to pump corpses full of corruption until they lived again. I should’ve never agreed to it. I could’ve been destroyed then and there and let someone else be created to do that job, but I didn’t. I followed orders I knew were wrong until the end.

I’ve fucked up, little girl. Everything about me is fucked up. My actions, my existence, my mind… And now I’m fading. I only have a limited amount of time to make this right again.

That’s why I looked for you. You’re special, and right now I can’t tell you why. If I do, well… you might lose it. Heh.

If I can die stopping what I helped put into motion, I’d say my life wasn’t a total waste.

…And of course, it doesn’t hurt to be able to see Stanley again. If you can’t understand why I’m here, maybe you’ll at least understand that. Have you ever lost someone you loved with all your heart?

If anything, I’d be able to see that silly sod one last time. And that’s enough for me to give my life alone. I’d… I’d even tolerate Heinrich’s presence for it.

Believe me, I’m saying a LOT with that.