if you ever feel that your country’s politics have become a joke just remember that in serbia a guy dressed fully in white riding a white horse leading a party called “you haven’t tried sarma” became the second strongest politicial option in his municipality without any campaigning and that he’s now running for the president

he was just trying to make fun of the government he didn’t think that people would actually vote for him but here we are

what is grosser (more gross)

1) spit valves (a beautiful constructed and efficient system)


2) having the saliva spill out:
the end (leaving large wet spots on your pants)
onto your hands (so you cant hold your instrument right)
through the keys (so the metal gets all wet and you have to wipe it down)

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  • Me: Ok, so I know we lost, but lemme go into the Voting Gaunlet and pick a new team ;v;
  • Voting Gauntlet: *brings up a picture of Alfonse over the final score, with bright red lettering* YOU LOSE
  • Me: ...Why. Why are you like this. Let us grieve in peace

alright yall, here’s what’s gonna happen

  • mac comes out this week
  • next week is ptsdee and we know this is the episode where dennis does his stripper dance for mac so like. that’s gonna be fuckin DIFFERENT since mac is out now
  • i’m 99% sure at this point that the gang tends bar is the valentine’s day episode so who knows where that’s gonna go
  • we don’t know SHIT about cricket’s tale except that it’s probably when they’re gonna blow up the range rover at this point ??
  • mac wants to pretend to be a couple with dennis in dennis’ double life, and given all the scenarios for possible romantic/sexual tension between the two in all these other episodes, it’s not a far fucking cry to guess that we might actually get a kiss
  • tmdc: CONFIRMED. it’s been a fun ride kids

Day 439 - GO VOTE! Tomorrow the people of the Netherlands get a say in who runs this country, and if I have ANY Dutch followers that somehow haven’t made up their minds, let me use my platform today to yell something important for a change: GO VOTE. 💪

Today’s Lego Acquisition

I picked up 2 Imperial Royal Guards, an Imperial Astromech Droid, and, a side bag… The guards didn’t come with weapons, but, I’m okay with that:

I designed a couple for them… now the question I have, and all of you should try and answer, is: Which one looks better? The pike on the left with the trans red 4L bar, or the one on the right with the solid black 3L bar for the top?


Guess who? It’s me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got my new wan- My new waaand! Oh, yeah and Marco’s okay. Say hi, Marco