I’m going to do a oneshot series and I need your vote.

So I said a while ago that I would write a oneshot based on an imagine and I have decided to one based on my all time favourite imagine ‘Imagine being Cinderella’. Now how I’m going to do this is simple, I’m going to write a Cinderella AU with you fair readers as Cinders and the winner of the vote cast as the prince (with the rest of his fandom filling in for everyone else). There is also an other option and if a certain character gets enough mentions I will add them to the list. So get voting as I’m only keeping it up for a week.

Cinderella AU Vote

((Okay this is important to me and I need to know: What should Sun and Albas ship name be??? Heres what @volcaronadaily and I have come up with so far we need your opinion! Whichever has the most votes will be their official ship name unless you can come up with a better one!))

  1. Cold Sunshine
  2. Sulba
  3. Frozen Wings
  4. Warm Ice
  5. Icy Hot

((I will tally up the votes at the end of the day around midnight (bc i work late tonight)))

The Poll for a New Fall Show Is Still Open and It’s a Tight Race

There are just two days left to votes for the content of our newest radio here show. The show will be hosted by our station manager and contain the music and music history of a specific decade decided by YOU!

Right now, there is a tie!

THE 1990s

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THE 1980s

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