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imagine Chase going to schneep for medical advice about his anxiety and schneep says "vell I sink ve schould probably open your skull to make schure everything is vorking properly" and Chase is like "we should what now"

and schneeplestein just gives him this face

like how can you not trust this face???


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Kurt Wagner x Reader


Author: Morgan

Prompt: Kurt always telling the reader how much he loves her in German then lying about what he said until one day Hank gives her a translator earpiece that Kurt doesn’t know about and oops I accidently gushed over you and confessed my undying love for you.

Note: Awwwwwwwwww!

“(Y/N), I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why exactly do you need a translator?” Hank asked, handing you the metal earpiece.

“Oh, it’s just for…things…” you told him. “Sometimes Kurt goes on German rants, and I don’t always catch all of it.”

“Ah. Well. Good luck with that,” he waved as you left the lab. You paused, pushing the piece into your ear and hiding it behind your hair. Now you were ready to figure out what the hell Kurt was saying.


“Hey blue, what’cha doing?” You asked walking into the living room. Kurt was spread out on the couch, a book of German fairytales in his hands.

“Reading,” he replied, smiling at you.

“Wanna read to me?” you asked him. He nodded eagerly, setting down his cup of tea. You walked over to the couch and laid on top of him. The first time you had done this, he had freaked out, but now he was accustomed to your presence, your warmth. He used his tail to gently stroke your hair while his hands held the book.

“Is German all right?” he asked. You nodded. “Okay.” Kurt cleared his throat. You reached up and tapped the button on the translator.

Once upon a time, zhere vas a little blue circus freak. He traveled from city to city vizh zhe circus, never quite finding a place he belonged. He began to feel like he belonged novhere. But one day, zhe little circus freak found a place to call home. It vas a great big mansion, full of people just like him. Zhese people didn’t make fun of him. Zhey didn’t…treat him like a freak. Zhey treated him like he belonged.” You sighed as Kurt told the story. He continued.

Vhile zhe little blue circus freak vas at zhe mansion, he met zhe most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And vhile he vas somevhat embarrassed by his appearance, she looked at him as zhough nozhing vas wrong vizh him. She made him feel…alive. She had zhe stars in her eyes, and every time she looked at him, touched him, he felt as zhough he might melt into a little blue puddle. And zhough he loved her vizh all of his heart, she vould never know. He couldn’t vork up zhe courage to tell her in a language she understood.” He paused. “The end,”

“That was a nice story,” you smiled softly. “But I think it has a happy ending,”

“Vhat do you-”

“I love you too, Kurt.” You stroked his cheek, tracing his scars gently. His amber eyes went wide.

“You speak German?” he asked, startled to say the least.

“No, but Hank loaned me a translator,” You pulled it out of your ear to show it to him.

“So you heard everyzhing?”

“I did,” you brushed tufts of blue and black hair out of his face. You decided to be bold and go for it, leaning forward to kiss his soft lips. His hands gingerly held your waist and he nervously kissed you back. When you pulled apart, he looked at you nervously. You could feel him shaking beneath you.

“You okay?” you checked. He nodded, gulping.

“Zhat vas my first kiss,” he confessed nervously.

“Was it everything you imagined?” You asked.

“Better,” he replied, smiling. “C-could I…vould you mind if I kissed you again?”

“Not at all,”

Night at the Museum

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Night at the Museum

Prompt: Kurt Wagner x reader where the students are on a trip to the local museum and Kurt absolutely loses. His. Ever. Loving. Mind. Like “wait water does that?? How does it do that??? Wait, what’s a meteor??? What’s a nucleus??? What are thermodynamics??? Why are you guys rolling your eyes this is amazing?!?!?!”


It was agreed by all of the mutants at X Mansion that field trips were the best way to spend the day. It was certainly safer to leave the campus in one big group that it was to leave in smaller, unsupervised groups to hang out at the mall.

Today, Hank was in charge of the field trip to the local museum of science and technology. It was safe to say that at this point, Kurt had no idea what he was getting himself into. But as soon as the group got off of the bus and walked in the front doors, he was in awe. Hanging from the ceiling in the main entrance hallway, there was a glittering display of planets and stars. He looked up, his red eyes wide and a bright smile on his face.

You were standing beside him, laughing a little at his excitement. You knew how worked up your teleporting friend could get about things. It was one of the reasons you were crushing on him so hard.

“Mein Gott,” he stated.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” You asked as Hank checked the group in. As you each passed through the line, an access bracelet was wrapped around your wrist.

“All right everyone. Meet back here in three hours. Understood?” Hank asked. The group nodded before heading off.

“Vhere is zhe tour guide?” Kurt asked.

“We don’t need one,” Scott told him. “We get to check out the place on our own.”

“Ve get to choose vhere to go?” He looked around, the idea just finally setting in. He would get to choose. He would get to explore this whole place.

“Yep,” you nodded, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, buddy. We don’t have all day,”

“Well zhen zhere’s no time to lose,” He grabbed your hand, causing you to blush, and raced up the stairs, straight into the middle of the ocean exhibit. A giant whale hung overhead, and there were several displays below of smaller sea creatures. Immediately, Kurt began popping around the room, taking you with him.


“Sharks have how many teeth??


“Starfish can regrow zheir limbs??”


“How do you even pronounce zhat??”

“Sea anemone,”

“Sea vhat??”


“Woah, woah, Kurt, slow down,” You held your head. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“Oh, sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just get so excited,”

“I don’t get what you like about it, Blue.” Peter looked around. “It’s science.”

“But it’s amazing!” He looked around. “God’s creation right in front of us. Learning how it vorks is one of zhe greatest gifts of all,”

“Yeah, yeah,” Peter put on his goggles. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be around messing with the innocents,” he sped away in a flash of silver and a gust of wind. Suddenly, there was a sticky note on Kurt’s back.

(Y/N), pretty sure Blue likes you.”

When you blinked, the note was replaced by another.

But you didn’t hear it from me,”

You smiled and stuck the note in your pocket.

“Come on, Kurt,” You grabbed his three-fingered hand. He smiled, his cheeks darkening and his heart racing. “Let’s go learn about God’s creation.”

“Zhat sounds vonderful.”