“Kevin, join us in our jubilation.”

“I’ll pass, dude.”

Kevin has never been too fond of Rolf’s varying customs. He feels embarrassed or annoyed. Sure, they’re best friends, but Kevin needs to be more understanding towards Rolf’s culture.

By being friends Rolf and Kevin help understand the other. I love how Kevin is patient with Rolf. He’ll accept Rolf, but he won’t do this for the Eds who wishes to harass day after day. 

And the reason for that is because Kevin is jealous of Eddy. Eddy has many talents that impress others. Kevin fears that Eddy could become more popular then him, so he outcasts Eddy constantly making fun of him and his friends.

Like Eddy, Kevin also wears a mask because he is embarrassed by his true colors. He is a generous person. It’s hard for him to show that because he is confused by those feelings. 

I have a theory that Kevin’s parents are divorced and Kevin lives with his Dad. He barely gets to see his Mom due to a fight she had with his Dad. It’s hard for Kevin to express emotions. This is something very personal that has happened and currently has a negative effect on him.

“Son of a gun, you insult Rolf by denying the eels.”

Rolf is enraged once more. To me this is a bit out of character because Rolf does not beat people senseless when people go against his customs.

Rolf is still getting used to America’s customs in the early seasons trying to understand the kids. He doesn’t understand why he always has to take part in their social events. Rolf never got to experience what being a kid was like until he had to move to America. 

As we see in the flashback in No Speak Da Ed he looked as if he had to do chores even as a child. And he was alone a lot. 

Being around the kids help Rolf understand the social world and that making friends is very important.

But the fun thing about this is that Rolf beats Kevin with a fish offscreen!

Yay, Kevin punishment!