Paint yer own voodoos are here! We have a small number available right now, and I’ll be putting them in the shop as soon as this is posted.

  • ‘Church’ is the regal feline fellow, and stands roughly 4" tall, and about 2" across his base.
  • 'Thinbone’ is his tiny kitten companion. At about 2" long and 1.25" tall he’s a shortie!
  • 'Lawrence’ is the odd man out here… well, he’s a bird not a man, so I suppose he’s the odd bird out. He’s about 3" long and 1.5" tall.

These guys are cast resin from out original sculpts, and are available in 3 tones - white, medium grey & dark grey.

Want a free one?

If you can be the first to tell us where the inspiration for each name comes from, we’ll send you a free jerk paint your own of your choice.
You have to get all three right to win - send us a fanmail with your guesses.
No reblogging hints please!

And the winner is: http://derangedhyena-soulless.tumblr.com/

The answers were;
Church - Winston Churchill the cat from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, brough back to life by the ‘sour ground’. I loved this book as a kid.
Thinbone - Thinbone the cat from Tad William’s novel “Tailchaser’s Song”.
Lawrence - Named for D. H. Lawrence who wrote, “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

There were some seriously clever answers for Lawrence in particular! We will be running another contest this coming Friday to give others a chance - look for a post about it Friday evening.
Thanks for playing along guys!

Clair's List of Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Horror/Scary Makeup

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[NEWS] 150127 VIXX, Comeback in Feb. with Remake Album 'Turnaround Concept'

Idol group VIXX will be making a lightning comeback with a remake album this February.

VIXX’s comeback in February has been confirmed, and the album is currently being worked on. The reason why VIXX’s comeback has become such a topic is that they will be making a top transformation for their concept.

The word is that after having received a lot of love for their dark concepts like cyborgs, zombies, voodoo dolls, etc., VIXX will be making a big transformation through a concept with a bright feeling to it. Moreover, the song will be a remake of a very famous song that anybody can recognize.

Successful cases of male idols releasing remakes are Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ (Originally Lee Moonse) in 2008 and B1A4’s 'With You’ (Originally The Blu) in 2013.

VIXX have built a fandom as the concept-dols in the music industry through releases 'On and On’, 'hyde’, 'VOODOO’, 'Eternity’, and 'Error’. As singers who have differentiated themselves with concepts like zombies, voodoo dolls, and cyborgs that have never done before among idol groups, it is expected that VIXX will garner a lot of attention from their fans and of course the music industry with this remake and an image of a 'bright VIXX’.

Source: OSEN
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

Amor Psycho
  • Amor Psycho
  • Demo Del Horror

VOODOO ZOMBIE - “Amor Psycho”

Si, no, si, amor psycho
Si, no, si, amor psycho

Sangrar, comer lo de ellos es extraño
Ella una vampireza y el un zombie
Sus labios rojos le piden sangre y él su corazón sólo saborear.

Ella sabe de entrega, sabe de seducción
Hay cosas que no son manejables
Él busca su alimento, quiere satisfacción
Muertxs y vivxs no hay placer culpable

Ella quiere hacerlo sangrar y él quiere su carne mascar
En el lecho pueden expresar que ésto si que es AMOR PSYCHOOOO!

Sexo violento,
Sexo apasionado
Sus cuerpos arden, se están quemando
Sus pechos en su rostro y sus uñas en sus nalgas
Piernas enredadas que se desangran

Orgasmos desenfrenados,
Hedor corporal, deseos plenos
Ella incó sus dientes en el cuello del miedo
Pero su corazón él se está comiendo

Sus ojos van perdiendo el brillo mientras él ve a su amor herido
En el lecho pudieron demostrar que ésto si que es AMOR PSYCHO!