I’ve been playing this game called Black Closet lately, which is about a lesbian student council at an all-girls boarding school, and it’s fantastic. I’ve only beaten it once out of like six times so far, but it’s a lot of fun, if endlessly frustrating.

Anyways, this is Vonne, she is adorable but maybe a little too attached to the MC for her own good. 

Hankering after some exclusive pieces straight off the Arise runway?

Lusting for some new wardrobe candy?

Join us on Saturday 31st of March for some music, drinks and SHOPPING HEAVEN, as Re Bahia, VLR, Vonne and Toju Foyeh dazzle us with pieces for sale from their collections just shown at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week!


19a Olosa Street 

Off Karimu Kotun, VI


See you there! ;)