All 9 main characters have been assembled! Character visuals have been revealed at the event for all FMA fans!

Until now, all characters except for Ed and Al have been hidden behind a veil of mystery. At the exhibition on July 12th, an event for all FMA fans, the character visuals were revealed!

The visuals that were revealed to the public recently include those who believe in the brothers’ bond, Ed, Al, and Winry; Those who protect the brothers’ bond, Colonel Mustang, First Lieutenant Hawkeye, and Lieutenant Colonel Hughes; And those who destroy the brothers’ bond, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. Three sets of three people.

Wrapped in a red cloak with his real hair dyed yellow, showing off his familiar transmutation pose, the protagonist Ed is portrayed by Ryosuke Yamada. The armored younger brother Al, portrayed in CGI thanks to Director Sori’s skills, stands as if he’s really on the scene. Finally, Ed and Al’s childhood friend who is always by their side supporting them, the cute Tsubasa Honda portrays Winry with a truly Winry-like smile.

Next, dressed in stylish military uniforms, we have Dean Fujioka as Colonel Mustang, along with his family at the military’s eastern headquarters- Ryuta Sato with Hughes’ characteristic kind face, and the cool and composed Hawkeye played by Misako Renbutsu, debuting her blonde hair.

Finally, the three artificially created humans known as the “homunculi” make their appearance in a dark and imposing visual. Wearing a sexy and voluptous dress, Yasuko Matsuyuki is Lust the Lascivious, Envy the Jealous is played by Kanata Hongo, and Gluttony the Voracious is Shinji Uchiyama.

The high quality reproductions of the main characters’ full appearances have finally appeared!

(Source: FMA movie official Tumblr)


My favorite #underbustcorset by @sweetcarousel. This was part of my look for #rupaulbots last week.

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