VOLUME1 was SPRING themed. Happy, light, simple, delightful and fun.

VOLUME2 was SUMMER themed. Strong, passionate, adventurous and mature.

VOLUME3 was FALL themed. As we have seen, it was dark and sad. It had a gloomy atmosphere and it was even more mature than the earlier volume.

VOLUME4 is going to be WINTER themed. I predict it’s going to be even darker.. Like, a horrifying level of darkness.

KAZÉ - the german publisher of Tokyo Ghoul - was credited in Volume 6 of Tokyo Ghoul:re as Kazé Germany and now explained why here. It was pretty obvious, but whatever:

We were allowed to help Sui Ishida with a little translation for Volume 6. One of the characters seems to have german roots. :)

This explains why Karren’s german was pretty good compared to Ishida’s previous attempts.