Voltron Legendary Defender

  • Hunk: Keith, what’s wrong?
  • Keith: It’s nothing.
  • Hunk: Just tell me.
  • Keith: Why do you need to know so bad?
  • Hunk: So I can cheer you up!
  • Keith: It’s not your job to cheer me up.
  • Hunk: Yes, it is. Cheering you up is my job.
  • Keith: Well then, you’re fired.
  • Hunk: You can’t fire me. I’m union, bitch.

A collection of my all time favorite drawings of Keith on his birthday!!

The best part of drawing Keith is that his expression, most of the time, is completely sincere but at the same time he is a really reserved character, like he is trying to communicate more with his body language and expressions since he know he is not that good with words but not giving too much away at the same time…it is an interesting balance and really fun to try. 
I also adore how the jet black hair looks ‘v’

Out with a bang  -  New Uniform jacket - PJO Au  
Cosmic Wolf  -2018 bday - Taylor the Tailor  pt2
Hipo  - Hogwarts AU (pt4) - Speed Racer doodle
Another Hogwarts AU one