Finally made a proper tumblr header. Even if it’s apparently to small.

The first drawing is made by Lulu (my hunay fankid), the second one was drawn by Kaleb and Zachary (my klance kiddos), and the third one is Alfor (Allura’s son). Who must’ve inherited his mother’s bad drawing skills.😂

Edit: I just realized I forgot Cosmo and the mice. I am ashamed.


Part two of ( X )

 part 1 of the mini comic (X)

Finally i made the others lol i had the idea since long  time ago but well… Allura has her own lion bc in my imagination the Lions merge like steven universe to form voltron so, and she’s a paladin too so…

I have the sketches of some scenes to explain my headcanons that @arahir already knows. but i’ll paint them after the commissions

  • Also bonus Lotor with a cub :D (Maybe i just ship red and blue and they had a cub (?)) Just a crazy idea lol

Klance college au Part 2

Lance is the Master™ of subtlety


This au is a collaboration with @shanti-o because I can’t write a plot to save my life :D


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I love college aus and pizza delivery Keith so here ya go. Also give Keith the strength to deal with drunk lance.

Part 1 | Part 2


September 1st calls for a Harry Potter/Voltron AU! There’ll be more for this soon

…it’ll definitely turn into Klance at some point…

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8


Olympics AU!!




Pidge–Short track speed skating

Shiro–Figure Skating

ugh this took all week and im tired, but if I have time, I’ll definitely be making some comics based on these drawings ;)