Why was his heart racing? How could you have such an effect on him? As you walked towards him, a shy smile on your face, Ota thought back to the day he first saw you. He never imagined you’d be wearing a gown he designed. Yeah, there were some bumps along the way… such as him getting distracted by your body as he took your measurements. His mother almost walking in on you two getting hot and heavy. His smile grew wider at that memory. Still, there were many things he overcame in the last couple of years, together with you. That was it. Together. He could survive without you, but he wouldn’t be living. He held his hand out to you, noting the tears that threatened to spill onto your cheeks. He needed you, more than he ever needed anyone else. 

Those were happy tears. Silly Koro. You were going to make him cry, just like he did when he proposed to you. Bringing his hand up to your cheeks, he brushed them aside. Ota smiled at you, barely containing his happy tears. Ah, this wasn’t how he pictured it. His mother was supposed to be the one crying. A quick glance showed that she was dabbing at her eyes. Well, he never thought that’d happen based on the first time she met you. As he lifted your hand to slip the ring onto your finger, Ota marvelled at the way you managed to change his life. How he grew, because of you. As your trembling hands almost dropped his ring, he chuckled as you blushed. Your soft pink lips invited him in for a kiss, and he pulled you closer as the audience cheered.

“You know me better than anyone else in this world, and somehow still you manage to love me for me, not for what I’ve done. These vows are not promises. They are privileges. It is my privilege to be amused by you. I get to play with you. I get to blow dry your hair. I get to hold your hand. I get to have you as my model, as my muse. I get to live my life with you. You celebrate my triumphs, and you love me more for my failures. As long as you’re with me, I don’t need anything else. You are my one and only bluebird. I love you.


Chara Expo Singapore 2016 @ Singapore Expo - Hall 7 Part Three (VOLTAGE) 

So, this is the booth, the picture right at the start of this post. Small… But the queue was so looong in the morning! Check out the second picture ;) From the third picture onwards are the mech I bought and the freebies I have gotten there. Met a fellow Voltage fan whom I chatted with on FB, I let her join me in the position in the queue as she was far at the back and I was already in front (queue was still moving slowly because from where I was I can see the cashier machine filled up with tons of fifty bucks notes, people buying tons of stuff). 

Third picture would be the knapsack I have gotten along with my purchase. I have two extras, wondering if I should sell them. It is plastic tho. 

Fourth and fifth picture are the snapshots of the fan I have gotten by trying out the apps’ demo at the booth. Same fan, different printing on both sides. 

Sixth picture is actually the snapshot of the mini poster I received by completing their survey when I was in the queue. One of the booth staff approached us and asked if we could help with the survey. We obliged to give our opinions for three reasons: 1. Free poster of EOS; 2. For Voltage to set up a booth in SG exhibits again; 3. Sell more mech in the future exhibits in SG 

Seventh picture shows the key charms I have bought. Bought an extra to sell it to someone out there who is unable to attend. Only bought SCM, I have limited funds hey >< 

Last two pictures will be the tapestry I got from there at SGD55 each. Fabric feels nice <3 I was all smiles seeing the print of my beloved Masamune so close *still smiling like a fool here* 

Disappointed that they didn’t bring in those two limited edition SCM Leon and Scorpio illustration portraits to here but well, Voltage isn’t sure of the fan base in SG/MY afterall. Really wanted those two because they are bloody gorgeous! And the body pillow with Scorpio print >< Argh! Although that small disappointment, I am still pretty happy from the haul (: 

Happy valentines day ! part 1

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