Voldemort Cosplay


Lord Voldemort Makeup

by Youtube user KlairedelysArt

The Cursed Child ask game
  1. Exploding pumpkin pasty or sharp spikes 
  2. “Dog diggity” or “Isn’t everyone so naughty”
  3. Death Eater Cedric or DADA teacher Hermione
  4. Voldemort’s penis or Draco’s ponytail
  5. “I wear it better” or “At least I’m not married to him”
  6. Blood ball or Voldemort day
  7. Non-existing Teddy or annoying Rose
  8. Ron being drunk at his wedding or Harry going on a sugar-free diet
  9. “It is lonely, being Draco Malfoy” or “Mainly I wanted to be happy”
  10. Comic relief Ron or emo Albus
  11. Everyone wanting to cosplay Voldemort or Harry being afraid of pigeons
  12. Plot holes or forced heteronormativity
  13. Harry suddenly speaking parseltongue or Time-Turners existing again
  14. “ Thank Dumbledore ” or “No way José” 
  15. Cedric being naked on a purple broom or Cedric flying like a balloon
  16. Ron being married to Padma or Albus having a crush on Delphi
  17. Albus kissing Hermione or Voldemort fucking Bellatrix
  18. The scorpion king or THE SCORPION KING

Potter-GO! (Pokemon-GO + Harry Potter Parody Mashup) ⚡️🔴🤓 Gotta cast ‘em all!