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Advancing pahoehoe lobe in timelapse view - watch how the crust gets crinkled up into the ropy pahoehoe texture.


Timelapse views of advancing surface lava flow lobes, Kilauea, Hawaii


Hawaii lava breakout, pahoehoe flow lobe, filmed in real time.


Taking samples from active lava flows, Hawaii

It’s been a remarkable year for lava activity at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The astounding power of nature can be easy seen at lava lakes, surface flows and the Kamokuna ocean entry, where lava is streaming out into the Pacific, creating huge clouds of gas and steam. The lava entering the ocean is beginning to rebuild a large delta, forming new land. While there’s something mesmerizing about the movement of molten rock, visitors should always pay attention to their surroundings and stay out of closed areas as they explore Kīlauea – the world’s most active volcano. Photo by Janice Wei, National Park Service.