volcanic-panic-deactivated20160  asked:

What are your top-10 favourite pokemon? Or 15, or 20, whatever you want :)

I was originally going to say ‘oh god don’t ask me to do 20 I’ll never be able to do it’ but then I went through the pokedex really quick and I realized that I COULD do 20 so I’ll do that!

To be clear, these are pokemon I like just because hell yeah pokemon. Not necessarily that I think they’re the best battlers or anything like that. Though I’ll often keep them on my teams in the games just because hell yeah pokemon. I’ll give little explanations that might not be explanations at all and they will probably have bad grammar.

Hold on for a long post!

20. Starmie - I dunno why but I always loved this one ever since I saw it in the anime

19. Dewgong - It’s so simple and pretty I could see it as a real animal

18. Lapras - Ash’s Lapras was adorable and it’s basically the lockness monster so yeah it’s awesome.

17. Vulpix - Need I explain? Adorable!

16. Squirtle - Ash’s Squirtle spoke to me on a spiritual level. He was a complete sassy smartass who looked awesome in sunglasses.

15. Totodile - So Silver was the first game i ever owned and Totodile was the first pokemon I ever used. Plus Ash’s Totodile was so cheerful and hilarious, I fell in love with it. 

14. Victini - I never caught this little shit. Never. It made me sad because I love it. It’s cute and was really the only redeeming factor of the movie it was in. Well that and the whole Ash dying scene because that was morbidly well done.

13. Lugia - The freaking beast of the sea do you wanna fight with it don’t even get me going on the shadow version.

12. Altaria - Apparently Swablu and Altaria are my spirit pokemon? It’s a flying cloud that’s also a dragon.

11. Eevee - mandatory pokemon is mandatory. Be whoever you want to be Eevee, but I love you as is.

10. Garchomp - It’s a land shark how is that not awesome?

9. Articuno - Sparkly with a long and swishy tail.

8. Milotic - So pretty and can be surprisingly badass (I love my shiny one)

7. Vivillon - I have a love/hate relationship with this one since it took me forever to find all the freaking patterns. After I got them all though it became almost my pride and joy for a while so I hate this little assholes but I also love them to death.

6. Lucario - Overrated and amazing. I used my Lucario in B2 more than my starter (it was the second pokemon I caught, because I went looking for it to deal with the Normal gym) and I loved it sense.

5. Amaura/Aurorus - Story time. I did school projects on dinosaurs. I had books. I had movies. I had toys and posters and when people said it was for boys I laughed at them. I wanted to be a palaeontologist to the point where I was 5 and could tell you what that meant. I loved dinosaurs as a child. Littlefoot from Land Before Time was my favourite so this one spoke to me a lot. Hardest decision ever between this and the next one but…

4. Tyrunt/Tyrantrum - Above dinosaur speil but with the addition of: It’s a freaking T-Rex and that is awesome! I kept mine on my team in X since I got it and it’s easily one of my strongest and favourite pokemon. Sorry Littlefoot, I ended up liking ‘sharptooth’ more.

3. Charizard - Charizard is one of the most popular pokemon out there, and people seem to think he’s overrated (they’re probably right) but ever since he appeared in the anime because he was pissed off at an Aerodactyl and evolved because holy shit he was going to fly after that fucker if it was the last thing he did, I loved him. Ash’s Charizard as an arrogant asshole but the way Ash never once gave up on him, kept him on his team the entire time, was almost inspiring. It’s silly, but as a kid this actually inspired me to not give up when things frustrated me. So thank you Ash and Charizard. Always wanted a shiny one.

2. Dratini - Adorable and the last thing you’d expect to end up being a powerhouse of sorts. I love Dragonair too (not as much of a fan of Dragonite) but Dratini is always one of two that come to mind when I’m asked what my favourite pokemon is.

1. Mew - Oh god Mew. So cute. So powerful. So HARD TO FIND I NEVER GOT A LEGIT ONE. I love Mew so much. Other people had wanted Pikachu shirts but I wanted Mew even though my mom couldn’t get it and ended up getting me Squirtle. Still, I love Mew.