LEGO Digital Camera

Teach your offspring the joys of photography from an early age with the LEGO digital camera. This unique 3 mega pixel camera holds up to 80 photos, comes with a built in flash and features a vibrant LEGO brick frame designed to make photography fun for everyone.


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3t2 Easy Does It Shirt (requested by anon)

Okay, I should have finished it a long time ago, but I couldn’t figure out the blurriness, so I decided to make it unicolor. Sorry. If anyone could make better recolors, please do, here’s the PSD

The mesh turned out quite nice I think, it has all morphs, and just small clipping issues. I hope you like it anyways! :)

Swatch is included

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A bumpy ride. Part 2

Hi guys so here’s part 2, a lot of this fic will be from Finn’s pov. I’ll be writing this and (Across the ocean) at the same time, I’m not sure which one I will post each night or whenever I post, it depends on which one I’m in the mood to write, I hope that’s ok. As always I hope you like this. :) xxxx                                                    


                                         A bumpy ride part 2

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