Vanitas no Carte 7 - Bonus

A new type of child leash (adult version) is all the rage in Altus!!

From now on we can rely on the alluring child leash.

The countess Dominique de Sade was the instigator!!

Who is that young man!?

Dignified yet sturdy, it will prevent your beloved ones from getting lost.

It’s up to you how to use it, it’s perfect for any circumstance, even for night games if that’s what you’re into ❤

Newspaper: Daily Altus

Nox & Manet: Really, those guys

Nox & Manet: What the hell are they doing…

I couldn’t get this done before today, sorry for the delay! Picture credit goes to @namanari. 

I’ve really wanted to post this for a while, I was so glad that we got 1 page of Nox & Manet content this month~