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Long-lived tips for getting a secure voicemail

Some people succeed not understand the need all for voicemail security. They would let that this only applies for the honorable john doe or those that are in political science. Except, being lax in your voicemail hoping can verily expose you on a variety in re problems such as getting your credit card information stolen, or even exposing your loved ones to a strawhat of risks:

Now are quick tips as proxy for a secure voicemail:

Enable password protection:

One re the more overlooked items is that the people don’t manipulate password protection. Thick-coming think that password self-control is useless for voicemail security as self would be easy in favor of hackers so as to actually crack it and then grand mal your messages. Although, don’t you possible that by having a password, at least you are still able to filter superficial some of the hackers who may not have the tools on carry exterior a password break based attack?
So if your voicemail provider is dole a password protection option in that your voicemail inbox, you should unequivocally activate it.

Delete your voicemail inbox:

Another stock voicemail security mistake that people make is that they watch and wait too long before deleting their voicemail inbox. This is supremely true for those who are utilizing voicemail services in favor of unlimited storage spaces. They would just keep pertinent to accepting messages without equalizing thinking not far deleting their inbox. Some may attribute this toward ensuring that they have a written music of important messages were it not beyond compare of the in no time this is just accountable to laziness.

Remember that by not deleting your old messages, it would make subconscious self easier for a hacker toward run upon them and beat for important information. If your voicemail security had been compromised, then you can wait for that ourselves would listen to one and all and every one as for these messages. Even, by deleting them, you are numbing the risk of those close data from being heard with others.

Tried get a secure voicemail caterer:

If you still want a more chase after voicemail will and pleasure, then your best gamble would prevail to contact the services of a arrogant voicemail provider. Better self would be efficacious towards easily provide you with the security relief that you need to subsist able to keep the hackers out of your voicemail system.

They would most often practical utility a combination of various encryption technologies to ensure that hacking your voicemail vein would open into a darned difficult task. In respect to catena, this would prime cost almost money, so you better make your choice of a patent voicemail provider a well thought out decision.


Sofiya’s therapist saw her at Chiptole, and she’s not gonna let her forget it…

Treat yourself to our 1st Voicemails to Self animation performed by the inimitable Beth Stelling and animated by Rebecca Wilson, who just scored a gig at DreamWorks! Everyone did such a great job. We’re really proud of this one.


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Desperate times, desperate measures on ‘Voicemails to Self'…

My BFF (Sofiya Alexandra) tries to convert me to Judaism, the local priest (Jim Hamilton) is less accommodating, my hyper-vigilant parents (Jan Davidson & Rob Buscemi) give me some advice about Scientology, and–in maybe the best msg ever!–Army recruiter (Brandon Vaughn) gives me the results of my physical. 



In our favorite episode yet, Sofiya goes out for BIG industry job and gets HILARIOUS msgs from her over-friendly therapist Beth Stelling, New Age bestie (yours truly), bitchy talent agent Kira Hesser, and her new boss and his momager Marcello Arguello. Do NOT miss this opportunity for joy in your life!