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If anyone here has a question they’d like to ask Stephen Russell (the voice actor of Codsworth, DiMA, and Nick Valentine) please let me know and I’ll relay it to my friend. She is currently in contact with him and he has graciously agreed to an interview. She’ll be sending him an e-mail tomorrow and she has offered to compile any questions from all of us here on Tumblr. :)

the moment when you realize that this angry fucking titan

has the same voice actor of this little uke

but also voices this sexy motherfucker

and this little sad cute sword

and this cute badass prince

but he voiced this idiot too

and this fucking cute king

and this cold guy

and this piece of shit

and the did nothing wrong

and the zetsuen bitch

Friendly reminder that...

Daisuke Ono, the voice actor of this guy:

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and this guy:

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and this guy:

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You’re welcome. You don’t have to thank me for ruining your childhood~


Hanae Natsuki aka Kaneki when he drinks too much(⌒▽⌒)

How to say gutter the right way and NamiDai getting a strike (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

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Matsufest 2016 Event Summary

Intro: The older three fight the younger three for who gets to do the title call. The voice actors came out in fighting mode. Sakurai had a battle flag, Nakamura had a gun and sunglasses, Kamiya had boxes of tissues taped to him like amour and he threw tissues around as an attack, Fukuyama was covered in dynamite, Ono was dressed in a crazy baseball outfit a bit like episode 25 and Irino had a cute parasol. In the end Iyami comes out and does the title call.

Looking back over the episodes talk: the cast chose episodes that they wanted to talk about. It was fairly standard voice actor event stuff. They talked a lot about the Sanematsu episode in the afternoon show. In the evening show they talked a lot about the last episode. The cast were nervous about doing episode 24 until they were told that the letter was going to burn up at the start of he next episode. We also learned that Irino voices all the cats in the show except for ESP Kitty.

Announcements: the only new thing of note is that there is going to be some kind of big exhibition type event in summer.

Live original episode. A slot machine showed the characters for the next skit and the voice actors came out and perform. This was the same for both afternoon and evening shows.

Skit 1: Okonomiyaki. Choromatsu makes a really big deal over flipping an okonomiyaki and Osomatsu gets angry.

Skit 2: Todomatsu is horrified by Dekapan’s attempts to hit on a drunk Totoko so he wakes up a sleeping Ichimatsu who proceeds to take a dump. Todomatsu is very pleased with himself for thinking of this.

Skit 3: Karamatsu is a prison guard and Jyushimatsu is a prisoner who keeps trying to escape. Each time he is caught, he promises not to do it and then tries again anyway. Karamatsu gets increasingly frustrated. It’s very similar to their skit in Jyushimatsu Matsuri. In the end Jyushimatsu convinces Karamatsu that he should be free. Jyushimatsu is shot as he escapes.

Skit 4: Interview 2 (I might have the order wrong after this point) Hatabou interviews Choromatsu (who does his Chororin thing from one of the episode previews) Hatabou says that he’s crazy and then hires him.

Skit 5: Ichimatsu is waiting for Jyushimatsu at the fishing place. Dayon is there and Ichimatsu tries to talk to him but he mostly just stares (the voice actor’s expression was amazing) and replies with Dayon at odd times freaking Ichimatsu out. Jyushimatsu gets there and talks to Dayon like he understands what he’s saying. Dayon leaves and Jyushi says he doesn’t understand a word of what he said.

Skit 6: Karamatsu’s Delivery Conto. Karamatsu makes a big deal about doing his first ever delivery conto with lots of English and dramatic gesturing. As he is about to start “really cool Urashima Taro,” he is dropped down a trap door.

Skit 7: Todomatsu asks Ichimatsu to solve some riddles but his solutions are very negative or dark. So Ichimatsu asks Todomatsu a riddle about waking up to a sea of blood. Totty says this is too scary. Ichimatsu asks him how he’d stand out at a mixer where the other men are on the same level as him. Todomatsu replies that he’d spread rumours about the others in order to increase his own appeal which terrifies Ichimatsu.

Skit 8: Iyami and Chibita’s Ore Ore Fraud (a kind of scam where you phone someone and say ‘It’s me’ and try to trick them into thinking you are someone they know in order to con them out of money.) Iyami and Chibita try to trick Osomatsu but he realises it’s them due to their catchphrases. So they get a drug to change their voices from Dekapan. They sound like Osomatsu and Choromatsu after taking it. (Sakurai and Kamiya are now on stage as Iyami and Chibita) They try the con again but this time the phone is answered by Jyushimatsu who also took the medicine and now sounds like Iyami. He passes the phone to Ichimatsu who sounds like Chibita. Then everyone comes out sounding like different characters. Karamatsu sounding like Hatabou was so cute. A lot of the actors were really good at impersonating each other.

Live Delivery Conto: the voice actors improvised skits in randomly chosen pairs. They also randomly chose a theme, a setting and a final punchline. Apologies if some of these summaries don’t really make sense. They didn’t make sense to the people performing them either.


1- Osomatsu and Iyami on the roof having some sort of jumping battle. Ending with Iyami yelling Oh My God! The theme was high tension. It was judged to be the worst one of the session.

2 - Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu are the worst punks at school. They had to use a random prop from a box. It was a kettle so Karamatsu pours water on to Jyushimatsu to make him into a girl and he gives birth so they can use the line “It’s finally been born.”

3 - Chibita and Ichimatsu are on a deserted island. Chibita is bitten by a snake and is going to die unless Ichimatsu sucks out the poison. He can’t go through with it and says “let’s get married in the next world” as an apology when Chibita dies.

4 - Choromatsu and Todomatsu have to save the world using virgin/fappy power. They call on the audience to make a virgin-like pose and “thus the world was saved” Kamiya really didn’t want to do it and kept trying to run off stage.


1- Nakamura and Kamiya got the random prop box, a hospital and, “Let’s get married.” They started off trying to be Choroko and Karako but realised that they both couldn’t be girls and did Rock Paper Scissors. Kamiya won and in a panic chose to be Choroko and opened the box. It had two paper cups and two turnips in it. He put the box on his head leaving Nakamura to work out what to do. Nakamura taped the cups to Kamiya’s chest to look like boobs and they proceed to do a weird skit where Choroko is in hospital because of the box and Karamatsu says let’s get married in order to make her feel better. The turnips were some kind of present…..

2- Osomatsu and Hatabou talk about what to bring to a deserted island. They had the punchline “it’s finally been born” but I didn’t really understand how it fit sorry.

3- Irino and Dayon’s voice actor were a father and son in a volcano. They were working together to reach an object that can cure the father’s illness. The son uses his stretch powers to get it and his father says “it will be their heirloom.” Probably the most well done one although obviously not in character.

4- Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu are inside Dayon. They run around crazily as their theme is high tension. Ichimatsu sticks his fingers up Jyushimatsu’s butt to create enough force to free the Earth which had been swallowed by Dayon. “And thus the world was saved.” The voice actors enjoyed doing this one a lot.

The event ended with the cast singing the school song from episode 25. It had a second verse about enjoying the event and wanting to do a second season. There was no actual announcement of a second season.

Hetalia Fans:

Okay, so I was informed recently that the Hetalia English dub voice actor, Scott Freeman, had been arrested under charges of child pornography and the like. Funimation has recast all of his roles, and he will no longer be voice acting for them.  

Now, this post is not actually about Scott Freeman himself but rather a message to the Hetalia fandom. Please. 

Do. Not. Relate. The. Voice. Actor’s. Crimes. To. Aph. England.

We all know there are some messed up fans in this fandom (sadly) that may use this information as an excuse to AU aph England as being a pedophile, especially considering that he had raised so many young colonies/nations. Please, please, please do not be one of these people. I just want to prevent this before it happens. Do. Not. Make. England. A. Pedophile. Because. Of. What. His. Voice. Actor. May. Have. Done. This goes for Scott’s other roles as well. Just don’t do it.

Now, for those of you who want to know what happened, here are a few sources:  An iffy Funimation forum , An iffy rant that may explain more details though it’s more opinionated , And of course an official jail record.

It looks as if Scott has really been arrested, however this information is still up for debate. I am not personally saying whether or not this is true, for this post is not about what happened. Aph England’s dub voice is honestly one of my favorites, and I am really upset that Scott Freeman has been removed from Funimation; however…..I will not claim him as being innocent simply because I adore his talent. Child pornography is not something to be taken lightly, and no one should take his side simply because they like his characters and voice. Whether or not his charges are real, I do not know for certain, and because of this, I will not try to ruin his reputation any further. This post is not about whether he has or has not actually been accused and arrested.

This is about the Hetalia fans. I simply want to try and prevent any fans from using this information as some wacky reason to headcanon aph England as a pedophile. That’s it. Just please, do not relate Scott’s characters to any information you may find regarding this situation. The characters are not their voice actors, and they should not be treated as such. You ship USUK? Cool. Just don’t use this as a reason to give England romantic/sexual relations with young/chibi America. Or any of England’s old colonies. It’s disgusting, and I don’t want to see it in this fandom. That is all.