Vladimir Ivanov

vladimir ivanov.

by clicking ( here ), you will be able to find a total of #42 80x80 gif icons of the hot asf russian model vladimir ivanov. all of the gifs were made by me from scratch so it would mean the world to me if you didn’t redistributed them and claimed it as your own. this will be updated as i find more videos of him.

Vladimir Ivanov Gif Hunt

Below the cut are 287 small/medium, HQ gifs of Russian model Vladimir Ivanov for roleplaying purposes. None of these gifs are mine and credit goes to the respective makers; I only sharpened/cropped some of them. Special thanks to canadiansands and modelsgifs, who made a majority of the gifs. If you would like your gifs removed from the hunt, just drop it in my submit, and I’ll do so gladly. Please like/reblog if you found this useful!

[ last updated: 7/16/15 ]

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